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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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230 CEO, you have met your nemesis!

"What do you want me to do, then?"

As though angered by something, Ji Ziming merely glanced at Pei Ge emotionlessly.

Sensing the man's anger, she looked downward. Her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her puffy eyes and made her look more pitiful.

The anger in his heart dissipated at such a vulnerable-looking Pei Ge, leaving only heartache for her.

"I - I understand that you are just feeling wronged for me and is doing this for my good." She knew that her words just then were a little callous.

Despite not having any relationship with her, he still offered to help her get revenge, yet she actually rejected his kind intention!

"Hmph!" Although he coldly harrumphed, he no longer felt displeased with her.

Mu Heng's eyes wrinkled at the corner upon seeing the pair's interaction.

Tsk, tsk, tsk… These two really suit each other… If only Little Chili is a little skinnier, they will look even better together! Of course, if Ziming prefers her this way, her weight won't matter!

"But… The person who sinned is my cousin alone. Her deed has got nothing to do with my second uncle's family, so you can't harm my relatives just to get revenge for me…" Muttering this, she raised her head and cautiously peeked at Ji Ziming. When she saw that he did not seem angry anymore, she mustered up her courage and pouted. "My second uncle is a good man. He hasn't done anything wrong, so please don't do anything harmful to him…"

"Puh!" Mu Heng burst into peals of uncontrollable laughter at Pei Ge's attempt to haggle with Ji Ziming.

This woman is really showing how fearless an ignorant person can be. Practically none of those who know Ziming will dare to haggle with him.

Plus, when Ziming's offer to help was callously rejected by this foolish young lady, he actually did not get angry.

Ha ha! There is truly a counterpart for everything! He's done for! Done for! Look now; my dearest best friend is really done for this time around!

Ji Ziming completely ignored his best friend's amused laughter, looked Pei Ge in the eyes, and easily agreed, "… I understand."

She sighed in relief when the man agreed.

While Pei Shishi was in the wrong, her second uncle's family actually did nothing untoward to her.

"Ha ha! Little Chili, you were listening on us just then, huh!" Mu Heng teased upon seeing the two's awkward interaction.

She blinked her eyes at Mu Heng who had pointed out her lie. She did not bother to deny it and, instead, said innocently, "I only accidentally overheard it…"

"I see. You accidentally overheard it, hm?" He nodded his head before continuing with a laugh, "Then, you probably heard your CEO Ji say—"

Before he could finish his words, Ji Ziming kicked him on the shin.

"Shut up," he said coldly, giving Mu Heng an icy glare.

Mu Heng painfully howled inside as he looked accusingly at his best friend, who was pretending as if he had only kicked him lightly.

This scoundrel is really capable of throwing his friends away in the face of love! How could he not hold back when hitting me, his best friend?!

Pei Ge did not notice any of these, however. Currently, she was feeling relaxed after having this conversation with Ji Ziming and Mu Heng, whom she now considered as quite pleasing to look at.

Seeing the smile on her face, Mu Heng could not resist teasing her. He endured the pain in his shin and grinned. "Little Chili, since you know that your cousin is scheming against you, how do you plan to deal with her?"

"I don't plan to do anything to her," she nonchalantly replied.

They were relatives, after all. She only wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with Pei Shishi to give the latter a chance to explain herself.

"Tsk. This is unlike you…" He regarded the composed her with wonder. He initially assumed that she would find Pei Shishi to exact vengeance.

She rolled her eyes at him and muttered exasperatedly, "Excuse me. We are not that close, right?" You don't even understand my personality.

"Aye! Little Chili, is it that you don't want to confront her because she is your cousin?" he teased her again with a smile.

The corners of her mouth twitched ever so slightly at that. Inside, she was flabbergasted that this Casanova had accurately guessed her thoughts again.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Actually, if I say that the big princess has never treated you as her sister, will you believe me?" He nudged his lips and shrugged his shoulders.

She was stunned for a moment and then subconsciously shook her head.

While she admitted that her cousin had indeed changed a lot, she did not want to admit that her cousin had never treated her as her sister. At the very least, her cousin had treated her sincerely a few years back. That was a fact that could not be denied.

Ji Ziming frowned slightly at her denial.

This dumb woman is actually still thinking positively of someone who already bullied her like that.

Noticing the weird atmosphere in the room, she shifted her gaze between Mu Heng and Ji Ziming and, feeling slightly awkward inside, said, "That… CEO Ji, you guys can continue chatting; I'll go out to buy something."

I'll buy myself a dessert to calm my nerves.

"Mhm," he hummed in agreement.

Once she departed, only the two men remained in the room.

Mu Heng lazily leaned on the chair and commented, "Little Chili looks pretty fiery, but her heart is actually softer than anyone else."

Ji Ziming did not comment on that and merely stood by the floor-to-ceiling window to look at the scenery outside.

Mu Heng lightly chuckled when his best friend remained silent. With a ghost of a smile, he asked Ji Ziming, "Are you really planning to let Pei Shishi, that woman, off just like that?"

"… What do you think?" Ji Ziming's eyes glinted darkly at the mention of that repulsive name.

"What do I think? Of course, you won't." Mu Heng laughed and then continued, "Little Chili was already bullied like that; you are not that kind to easily let off those people who harm your person." Mu Heng sat up straight at this point. "Also, the project that Pei family and Zhou family are bidding for is actually something Chenguang Real Estate is also after."

Ji Ziming looked over his shoulder coldly. "I do want to take this project, but I have my own way of acquiring it."

Tsk, tsk, tsk… Looks like Pei Shishi, that conceited big princess, will be met with a calamity this time!


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