Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
231 Favoritism toward this “Dessert“ Called Pei Ge
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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231 Favoritism toward this “Dessert“ Called Pei Ge

Since no dessert store was near the hospital, Pei Ge decided to window-shop, instead. She bought a few extremely sweet pastries from a normal bakery to eat while she strolled along the street.

She thought of Mu Heng's words and resolved to lay it all out with Pei Shishi soon. It was better to get a clear explanation for everything.

After finishing the pastries, she slowly made her way back to Ji Ziming's private ward.

Once she got back to the ward, she saw Ji Ziming reading a book alone inside. Mu Heng had already left.

"Come here," he called out to her when he saw her enter.

She was already used to his cold commanding tone, so she walked toward him with only a tug at her lips.

"Where did you go?" He, who was holding a thick book in his hand, asked this with faux nonchalance.

"Oh, I didn't go anywhere far. I just strolled around the area." She walked over and gave him this offhanded reply.

Reaching his side, she saw the man raise an eyebrow at her.

"You went to eat desserts again, didn't you?" His eyes shone with amusement. Although he had phrased it as a question, his tone was one of certainty.

She was taken aback by his confidence and reflexively asked, "How did you know?"

"You smell sweet." The color of his eyes deepened at the mention of the word 'sweet'. Images of those times that they were entangled together uncontrollably surfaced from his memories.

She had a sweet fragrance that was uniquely hers. He, who hated anything sweet, was actually not repulsed by her sweet smell and, instead, liked this 'dessert' only.

"Really?" She lowered her head to smell herself.

However, even after sniffing herself for quite some time, she still did not smell the sweetness on her body that he spoke of.

"I don't smell it. Why don't I smell anything sweet?" she wondered. She regarded the man weirdly and thought to herself, What a dog's nose you have.

"Sit. Half of the morning has passed already. I'll check your study progress in Greek." Noticing the lively way her doe eyes regarded him, he said this with a light smile on his lips.

"Oh, okay!" She perked up at the mention of her Greek study.

After learning Greek from him for a few days, her interest in the language grew stronger. Thus, she no longer felt frustrated at having to accompany the man at the hospital every day and, instead, hoped that time would pass more slowly. That way, she would have more time to learn Greek.

Unbeknown even to himself, he was gazing at the woman, who was sitting hunched down beside him and doing Greek, with such gentleness.

This woman was like a treasure box. The longer one interacted with her and the more one found out about her, the more one liked her.

Although she was average-looking in every aspect, she was very pleasing to him in every way.

"CEO Ji… CEO Ji?" After spiritedly writing out the Greek words that he had taught her, she raised her head and was met with an extremely gentle gaze.

She looked straight into the pair of gentle and doting dark irises and felt herself drowning in them.

She had never imagined that this man's pair of chilly eyes could actually look this gentle and loving.

If didn't know better, I'd really think he has fallen in love with me!

"CEO Ji?" she lightly called out again when he did not respond and even seemed to still be in a daze.

At this moment, she exasperatedly sighed inside, Fortunately, I overheard this annoying fellow saying he is not the least bit interested in me earlier. If weren't for that, I would really be too narcissistic and think that he likes me!

He finally regained his senses, and when he saw that Pei Ge's pair of clear and bright eyes was on him, a slight crease formed on his forehead. His face then returned to its usual impassive look. It was as if all the emotions and expressions he had displayed moments ago were but illusions.

"Mhm," he coldly hummed as he shifted his gaze away from her.

Damn it! I actually spaced out while looking at this dumb woman!

"I'm done writing." She was taken aback by his suddenly frosty attitude. Now, she was more certain that the man liking her was impossible.

"Mhm," he coldly hummed again, as though he cared not whether she had finished writing or not.

Tsk! The person who said he wants to check my progress is him, yet he's now treating me like air and not caring at all about my work. This annoying fellow is really more temperamental than a woman! After muttering this inside her, she realized that it was already quite late and subsequently stood up.

"CEO Ji, I will prepare your lunch now."

When he nodded without sparing her a glance, she resolutely left the ward and walked toward the kitchen.

Her figure soon vanished from his sight.

Sniffing the sweet fragrance from her body that lingered in the air, he pursed his lips and proceeded to pick up the notebook she had just been writing on.

In the ensuing moment, he uncontrollably chuckled at the sight of the elegant and delicate handwriting on the page.

People said that one could tell a person's personality from their handwriting, but the handwriting on this paper was totally unlike Pei Ge's personality.

She was clearly a slightly plump lady with a fiery personality, yet her written words were so delicate that saying a sweet- and weak-looking girl had written them would be more believable. They were so exquisite they seemed to have been written by the daughter of a prestigious family.

He rubbed his fingers lightly against the neat handwriting on the paper, yet the image that appeared in his mind was the woman's fiery and lively look.

It is totally unlike her…

His upturned lips and smiling eyes indicated his good mood.

Pei Ge returned in time to witness the man caressing the Greek words she had written from memory just then. Blinking her eyes in confusion, she muttered inwardly, What kind of craziness is this annoying fellow up to now?

As expected, the moment he noticed her presence, the smile on his face vanished.

Fine! What did I even do to annoy him? He never smiles when I'm here.

Forget it; forget it. It's the same whether he smiles at me or not.

"Didn't you go to prepare lunch?" He put down the notebook and looked at her expressionlessly.

"Oh, I just want to ask what you feel like eating today." She blinked her eyes and informed.

"Up to you." He turned around after giving this cold reply.

"Okay, I understand," she said with a nod and a smile before quickly leaving the ward.

However, she, who had already turned around and left, did not notice that a certain someone's ears were extremely red.

Damn it! Why did I space out while looking at that dumb woman's handwriting?!


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