Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
232 You must not let such a good man go!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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232 You must not let such a good man go!

The days went by in a blur as Pei Ge took care of Ji Ziming in the hospital ward daily. She had led very fulfilling days since he started teaching her Greek.

Once he finally got discharged from the hospital, she managed to take a much-anticipated break from work.

He 'very generously' approved a two-day leave for her on the night he got discharged.

However, before she could enjoy her break, frustrating things just had to crop up.

She had just decided to stay coop up home these two days when she was once more shoved into another blind date.

"Mom, I already told you that I don't want to go on a blind date for a while." Ever since she had that encounter with the 'good guy' Chen Zhengchu, she felt wary of anything that had to do with blind dates.

Something in the eight characters of my name must be incompatible with this so-called 'blind date'. If not, would all the men I met only be either eccentrics or jerks? Simply put, none of my blind dates was ever successful and none of the partners was ever normal.

"What are you saying? You are almost 27, yet you don't even have a proper date. Look at your cousin; she is about to settle down." Zhang Manhua frowned and reprimanded her daughter upon noting her unwillingness to go on a blind date.

Everything was fine and dandy if Zhang Manhua did not mention Pei Shishi, but when she did, Pei Ge immediately felt uncomfortable.

"Mom, what's wrong with not having a date at 27? I just haven't met the right one." She felt stifled inside. She was actually properly dating Chen Zhengchu last time, but look at what had happened?

"You child, I'm just saying this and you are already getting mad." Her tone softened when she saw her daughter getting slightly affected.

She knew her dear daughter's personality well. She was the type that could only be persuaded by reason and could not be cowed by force.

"I am not angry. I only don't want to go on a blind date now. Maybe some time later." She pursed her lips with her tone softening as well.

"Ge Ge, Mom doesn't want to force you, but the blind date that your Auntie Chen recommended this time is really great! After seeing your photo, the man said he would like to meet you because he thinks you are a good girl." Zhang Manhua carefully observed her daughter, afraid she would get mad at her for giving away a photo of Pei Ge without permission.

Pei Ge's eyes instantly widened and she exclaimed with exasperation, "Mom, why didn't you tell me about this?!"

"You were always preoccupied, so I forgot to tell you," Zhang Manhua replied sheepishly.

Pei Ge looked at her mother and felt a little depressed inside. A man choosing to date her based on a photo did not really sit well with her.

"Is this still considered as a blind date? Why do I feel that it is more like an emperor choosing his concubine?" she spat, feeling vexed.

Zhang Manhua hastily waved her hands at that and smiled. "Nothing like that. It is now the trend to exchange photos before arranging a blind date. That way, both parties will only meet if they find each other appealing."

"Tsk!" she huffed at her mother's remark and then pouted in distaste. Although she was keeping her silence on the outside, she was actually ridiculing the idea on the inside, What is one photo good for these days? Cameras with filters and beautifying tools, like Meitu Xiuxiu, are all so common now. Even if a girl is ugly, as long as she is patient, she can still make herself look beautiful in a photo. Arranging a blind date based on a photo? Hur hur! It's more like a recipe for disaster!

"My good daughter, the blind date partner this time is really not shabby. He is apparently part of the upper management of one of the top 200 companies worldwide. He is only 33 years old this year, yet he is already an accomplished man. More importantly, he is a true bachelor!" Zhang Manhua's smile deepened as she introduced this blind date partner to her daughter. From her twinkling eyes, one could tell that she was very satisfied with the man.

Pei Ge looked at her mother's smiling face with confusion and asked suspiciously, "Mom, have you seen this man already?"

"Yes, I've seen him once. I asked your Auntie Chen to let me see the man secretly. This is to prevent a repeat of what happened with Dr. Chen." Zhang Manhua's smile broadened at the mention of this.

Pei Ge was left utterly speechless by her mother's admittance.

She had yet to decide if she was going to participate in this blind date, yet her mother had already taken the first move by seeing the man.

"This Mr. Wen seems to be an extremely good man, or at least he appears that way to me. He is very cultured, easygoing, and also a gentleman." She continued promoting the man to her daughter.

She became hesitant when she heard her mother's description of the man.

He truly seems to be a good man based on my mom's description of him, but…

"Mom, how did such a good man take interest in me?" She pouted and muttered inside, He'd better not be another Chen Zhengchu.

"You child! How can you say that about yourself? How are you not good enough? Don't depreciate your self's value like this! Mr. Wen himself decided on you the moment he saw your picture," her mother said smugly.

"You don't understand; your Auntie Chen introduced other girls to Mr. Wen, but he only took an interest in you!"

"… And you still dared to claim that this isn't a case of an emperor choosing his concubine," she mumbled. However, her curiosity toward this 'Wen' man was still piqued.

"You little lass." Zhang Manhua glared at her daughter and whipped out her phone to find a picture of the man. She then showed it to Pei Ge and excitedly continued, "I'll let you have a look. This Mr. Wen is so handsome and poise. Why don't we give this blind date a go?"

Pei Ge checked the photo and felt more and more that the man was the second Chen Zhengchu in the making.

Although the photo was slightly blurry, she could still tell that the man's attire was a cut above the rest.

Not only is he tall and handsome, he even gives off a gentlemanly vibe. More importantly, he looks mature and reliable! Such a good man took interest in me at first sight? Are they kidding me?! That's totally unbelievable!

"For him to take interest in me, I think something is fishy with him, Mom," she firmly said as she looked at her mother solemnly.

"…" Zhang Manhua's lips twitched and then she replied with exasperation, "Don't be ridiculous. What is there to scheme about in a blind date? Anyway, I already arranged for you to meet him tomorrow night! You must not let such a good man go!"

Seeing her mother's excitement, she knew it would be useless to say anything and merely nodded her head depressingly.

Forget it; forget it. I'll just meet with Mr. Wen tomorrow, and no matter how he turns out to be, I'm going to tell mom we aren't compatible!


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