Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
237 A Person that Can Make One Have a Nosebleed
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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237 A Person that Can Make One Have a Nosebleed

Pak! The sound of a door opening echoed in the room.

Everyone immediately turned to place their gazes on the fitting room door and was dumbstruck at the woman who had sauntered out of it.

The black evening gown perfectly accentuated Pei Ge's figure, making her look well-proportioned but not plump. Her voluminous breasts and slim-looking waist totally did not give anyone the impression that she was fat and, instead, made her look like the embodiment of sexiness.

Pearly white, tender-looking, full breasts could slightly be seen from the V-shaped neckline of the gown. Any man would surely have a nosebleed if they saw this.

Pei Ge could feel everyone's gazes stagnating on her, so she indignantly glared back at them and self-consciously covered her chest area with her hands.

"What are you guys looking at?! Where's the shawl?!" She continued to glare with displeasure at the fashion experts that were ogling her.

"Oh, the shawl. There's no rush. Let's match some accessories first." Lily retracted his admiring gaze and strode toward her with a light smile.

She was less guarded with Lily as this man felt more like a woman.

"Why are there still accessories to be worn…?" she muttered as she thought with despair, I won't attend any banquet with that annoying fellow ever again. Everything is too troublesome. For instance, I'm forced to wear this outfit that I feel extremely uncomfortable in! Putting aside the chest and hip areas, this corset is making me feel constricted! I feel like the corset at my waist will just rip apart if I so much as take a deep breath.

"You must wear accessories. After all, you are attending this banquet as CEO Ji's plus one." Lily then signaled his assistant to bring over the box of accessories.

Seeing that Lily knew his stuff, she did not rebuke him. Wearing accessories was more acceptable to her than wearing revealing clothes, anyway.

Lily beamed at her being obedient on a rare occasion. "Miss Pei, can you not block your chest with your arms? You have to wear a necklace."

She petulantly frowned when Lily reached his arm over. "No, you must give me the shawl first!"

She felt totally exposed, as though she were naked, wearing this outfit.

I haven't even worn a swimsuit as revealing as this at the pool!

"I have yet to find the correct shawl. Let's just put on the accessories first." Lily had an eyebrow raised as he gave this reason.

"No." She refused to be swayed by Lily's placating words as she thought to herself, If worst comes to worst, then I can just not do all this.

Before she wore this evening gown, she could still tolerate being forced to attend the banquet, but after being forcibly made to wear this gown, she did not even dare to take a step out the door.

She was worried that the nipple pads would drop or that the corset would burst from breathing too deeply. The most important thing was that the chest and back of hers were too exposed, alright?!

As though he had read her thoughts, Lily's eyeballs turned and he quickly suggested, "How about this, Miss Pei; I will have everyone leave and go fetch a shawl for you. Are you satisfied with that?"

"Yes." Pei Ge nodded her head listlessly.

Lily laid the box full of accessories on the table beside Pei Ge and signaled everyone to follow him out with his hand.

Soon, only she remained in the spacious room.

Sitting lazily in the chair, she moved to get her hand phone from her handbag when she realized that her nails were actually shining.

"… Sh*t." She almost did not recognize her hands. Every nail of hers was proportionally trimmed and smeared with rose-gold polish.

"Isn't it just a banquet? Why is there a need to make a fuss about everything?" she mumbled. Suddenly thinking of something, she immediately turned her gaze on her feet.

Don't tell me that they even did my feet?!

She hurriedly lifted the mermaid tail of her gown to look at her feet and was once more stunned by what she saw.

Her clean toenails were painted in the same color as her fingernails.

Her feet looked smaller and more delicate because of the pedicure. They even gave off an exquisite feeling.

"…" She stared dazedly at her feet.

Pak! In the time that she was in a daze, the door was opened from the outside.

She regained her senses at the noise of the door being opened but did not turn around and, instead, continued to inspect her feet.

"Lily, you guys are really too fussy about everything – even giving me a pedicure! This is so much effort!" she started commenting on Lily the moment the door was opened.

"I am just attending a banquet; do you guys have to be this meticulous? From my hairstyle and makeup to clothes – oh, and the accessories, too! Don't you guys feel tired?" She cheered while she looked at her pretty feet pedicure.

Every woman liked to look beautiful. Although she did not like putting effort into dressing up, she still found pretty things desirable.

"Lily, why aren't you speaking? Did you really get me a shawl? You're not trying to bluff me into wearing this outfit like this, are you? I am telling you now that I won't fall for your tricks!"

As she continued to chatter, the person who had come in already made it to her back.

If she turned around at this moment, the person standing behind her would definitely give her a fright.

This was of course because the person behind her was not the stylist Lily but someone whom an average person could not compare in terms of presence and poise.

"Hm? Weird. Why does it feel a little cold?" Frowning, she prepared to sit up and raise her head.

This was when a pair of icy-cold palms rested on her delicate and fair neck.

"Ssss!" Feeling the coldness on her neck, she uncontrollably sucked in a deep breath and complained with displeasure, "Lily, what are you doing?!"

She looked over her shoulder to confront the person behind her, but she instantly froze up, instead.

The person standing behind her was none other than Ji Ziming.

The man was looking at her darkly as his palm slowly moved away from her neck.

"CEO – CEO Ji, why – why are you here?!"


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