Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
238 CEO Ji, where are you putting your hands on?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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238 CEO Ji, where are you putting your hands on?!

"CEO – CEO Ji, why – why are you here?!"

Pei Ge stared at the man who had appeared behind her with wide eyes. Although her face remained expressionless, her gaze betrayed her anxiety.

He merely continued to regard her wordlessly.

"CEO Ji?" She felt goosebumps on her skin from his penetrating gaze. Gulping, she softly called out.

"Mhm." He lowered his gaze and saw her snow-white voluminous chest. Her deep cleavage was visible with this V-shaped gown.

This damn woman! Who is she trying to seduce by wearing this revealing dress?!

She self-consciously hugged her chest the moment she felt his hot gaze on it and then turned around.

What she did not know was that her back view was also a tempting sight.

Although her bare back was covered by her long, wavy hair, one could still see glimpses of her smooth and snow-white skin beneath every time the wind blew.

These occasional glimpses of her back were actually more tantalizing than a totally exposed back.

Sensing the hot gaze on her back, she faced away from the man and softly requested, "Tha - That… CEO Ji, can you please go out for now…"

Ji Ziming's face flashed with displeasure when he heard that.

"Why do I have to go out?" He lightly harrumphed.

"…" She pressed her lips together as she started cursing him inwardly, Do you think you can do as you please just because you are rich?! Just because you are my superior?! With your perpetual black face, you always threaten to dock my pay when you're unhappy! This young lady here really wants to quit…

She had not finished her internal monologue when she felt something cold around her neck.

She was so frightened she regained her senses.

A pair of hands was helping her put on from the back a white gold chain necklace with a jade ornament.

The owner of the hands was, of course, Ji Ziming.

"Wha - What are you doing?" She widened her eyes, an ineffable feeling rising from her chest. She felt as if someone were embracing her as light breaths fanned her ear.

"Don't move!" he lightly ordered.

She instinctively stood still at his command.

He, who was putting on a necklace for her, had gentleness in his eyes that the two of them did not notice. Lightly pinching the necklace, his pair of slender palms moved gently around her neck.

His movements were very careful, as if he had something precious in his embrace that would easily shatter with a bit more force.

Pei Ge's cheeks, for some reason, turned pink when she felt his caress.

Her heart also started pounding fast.

He successfully put the necklace around her neck. Following this, with slow and smooth actions, he lifted her seaweed-like hair.

Her fair and smooth back was revealed to him in that moment, and he could not shift his gaze away from it.

His movements halted as his gaze slowly traveled from her white neck and her well-proportioned spine, which resembled white jade, to her small waist…

He could not resist caressing her back.

Her back was just as he had expected: soft and smooth. It felt more comfortable than caressing a piece of warm jade.

"Ah!" Pei Ge, whose heart was still pounding hard, felt goosebumps on her skin at the cold and smooth touch on her bare back.

"CEO Ji, where are you putting your hand on?!" Her mind cleared up, she quickly fled his embrace and put on a guarded expression.

He inexplicably felt disappointed when the warm and smooth feeling on his palm vanished.

When he caught sight of her guarded expression, displeasure rose on his face, and he coldly interrogated her, "Who said you could wear this kind of clothing?!"

"…" She was rendered speechless by his accusation. This culprit actually dares to put the blame on me? Does he think that I chose this outfit for myself?! He's really a lunatic!

"Do you think I want to wear this?! If not for you, I wouldn't even be here!" she snapped back and glared at him heatedly.

"What did you say?" He lightly frowned.

Pei Ge huffed. Totally forgetting to cover her chest, she accusingly pointed at him, "Hmph! Didn't you say you'll dock my pay if I don't cooperate?! Why? Have you suddenly contracted dementia and forgot about it?!"

"…" His frown deepened at her accusation.

I seem to have told Du Wen something along that line…

"Hmph! Ji Ziming, I'm warning you not to go overboard. Don't assume that just because you are my boss – just because you saved me before – I will listen to your every request! Let me tell you I—" He interrupted her words at this point.

"I was the negligent one," he readily admitted his mistake as he gazed into her eyes.

"Huh?" She was stunned into silence by his apology and forcefully swallowed her angry words.

Pak! While the two were at a loss for words and were simply staring at each other, the door was once more opened from the outside.

The person who had come in this time was finally Lily. He was holding a translucent gold-black fabric, which seemed to function as a shawl.

"Miss Pei, you will definitely be satisfied with this." Lily walked in with a grin, belatedly realizing that Ji Ziming was standing behind Pei Ge.

"CEO Ji?! When did you arrive?" Lily's eyes lit up at the sight of the man, his face filling with a flattering expression.

"Hmph!" Glaring at Lily, he coldly harrumphed and then asked in a displeased tone, "You picked this outfit?"

"Er… That's right, CEO Ji." Lily had this nagging feeling that something was amiss with the man.

"It's too revealing. Change it." He shot Lily a cold look and ordered this.

"Cha - Change it?!" Lily was struck dumb. He originally thought that Pei Ge was already super conservative, but who knew that the great CEO Ji, who was in the upper strata of society and was already accustomed to seeing this type of clothing, would be even more conservative?!

Aiyo, the hell?! Which madam and little mistress attending a banquet don't wear something like this nowadays?! The evening gowns in our salon have the same style as those found in others, so where can I get an evening gown that will satisfy these two's conservativeness?!


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