Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
240 The Man Who Is Willing to Bend His Dignified Body for Her
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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240 The Man Who Is Willing to Bend His Dignified Body for Her

"Wait!" Pei Ge was about to be pulled out of the room by Ji Ziming when Lily suddenly called out to them. "CEO Ji, Miss Pei, please wait!"

The two halted their footsteps and turned to look at him.

"What's wrong?" she asked Lily with a confused look.

"Miss Pei, you forgot to change your slippers into the high heels I had prepared for you!" Lily exasperatedly informed her.

I don't know what to say about Miss Pei… Didn't she notice she's still wearing slippers and not high heels?

"Ehm?" She blinked and asked wonderingly, "I can't wear this pair on my feet?"

"That goes without saying! Those are slippers for our salon! How can you wear that pair to attend a banquet?!" Lily gave Pei Ge an incredulous look, finally figuring her level of understanding – or lack thereof – when it came to fashion.

"Ah? These are just slippers, huh." She widened her eyes at this knowledge. She really did not expect that the pair of shoes on her feet was actually just considered as slippers.

"Of course! The high heels I prepared for you are over here. Hurry and change into them!" Lily forgot to pass them to Pei Ge earlier because of Ji Ziming's arrival.

He only remembered about the high heels when he caught a glimpse of the slippers underneath the long hemline of Pei Ge's evening gown as the two were leaving!

"This pair?!" She looked aghast when Lily passed the high heels to her.

The pair of high heels had a very nice design. It was the strappy kind in a shiny golden color – a very beautiful pair of footwear, indeed.

However, the heels were ten centimeters and were the skinny-type of stilettos!

Thus, to someone like Pei Ge who usually wore thick sole heels or thick pumps, these ten-centimeter high heels were extremely demanding to wear!

"Yes, aren't they beautiful? This is the hottest pair of shoes in this year's fashion week!" he gushed with upturned mouth.

"… Can I not wear them? The heels are too high and skinny. I cannot balance in them." She shook her head vigorously and refused to wear this exquisite pair of high heels that was definitely uncomfortable to the feet.

"…" Lily's smile froze when he saw her shake her head like a drum.

"Nope. You must wear this pair; anything else won't match your outfit." Lily sucked in a deep breath and suppressed his urge to roll his eyes.

"There's no way I can wear that." She could feel pain in her feet just from looking at this pair of high heels.

It was one thing to look pretty in this pair of high heels, it was another thing to get hurt because of wearing them!

"CEO Ji, I have never worn this kind of high heels before, and I don't want to wear them." The quick-witted Pei Ge turned to seek the help of Ji Ziming who was standing beside her.

Ji Ziming eyed the pair of high heels in Lily's hands and moved to speak, but the latter beat him to it.

"Miss Pei, these heels are really not that intolerable. CEO Ji can support you if you have any problem walking. If you are afraid of falling down, you can just tightly hold CEO Ji's hand and lean on him." Lily gave Ji Ziming an amorous look as he muttered to himself, I've already hinted this much, so CEO Ji shouldn't want me to change this pair into another, right?!

Indeed, Ji Ziming's expression slackened for a moment after Lily finished saying this. His eyebrows twitched a little and then he coldly spoke, "It's fine; you can just sit down since we are only attending a banquet."

She could only depressingly receive the pair of heels from Lily at that. Proceeding to sit in a chair, she bent down to wear the heels.

What she did not know was that her voluminous chest became exposed to Ji Ziming and Lily when she bent down.

She had just lifted her hemline and was about to wear the heels when a pair of hands pressed on her shoulder blades and pushed her backward, making her sit straight up.

"What are you doing?" She looked at his grim face with puzzlement.

"Sit down properly and don't bend down." He regarded her coldly and said this in a tone that seemed to harbor deep fire.

"Huh? How am I supposed to wear these heels, then?" She failed to notice that she just had a wardrobe malfunction.

"… Shut up." Looking at her clueless face, he felt anger boil inside him.

This woman! Does she not know how to protect herself?! She should be more careful when wearing something like this!

Pei Ge should not be blamed for this, though.

She was just an average woman to many, and none had paid her extra attention before.

She was somewhat tomboyish as well, so it was not in her character to wear something revealing. Her clothes were extremely conservative, so scenes where she would have a wardrobe malfunction from bending down had never happened in the past.

Therefore, how could she have the awareness not to bend down and subconsciously avoid having a wardrobe malfunction?

"I'm being logical here. If you don't let me bend down, how will I wear—" Her words came to an abrupt halt because of Ji Ziming's following action.

Oh, my god! Why is this annoying fellow squatting down and lowering his head?! It couldn't be what I'm currently thinking! He's not kneeling down to help me wear my shoes, right?! No, no, no! That's impossible!

However, in the next second, she received a great shock when he indeed did what she was thinking.

He held her ankle with one hand and one of the golden high heels in another hand.

Am I dreaming? This high and mighty man is actually kneeling down to help me put on my shoes!

For some reason, she felt conflicted inside.

Although her heart was pounding hard and fluttering with joy, she still felt an inexplicable urge to flee.

She looked at the man who was focusing deeply on his action and a layer of vapor uncontrollably formed in her eyes.

He seemed to have sensed something amiss with her as he raised his head once he put on the shoe on her left feet.

Pei Ge's red and tear-filled eyes immediately entered his sight.

"What's wrong?" He frowned. Not noticing the nervousness in his eyes, he asked a silly follow-up question, "Did I hurt you anywhere?"

"Puh!" She burst into laughter at his comical question.


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