Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
241 The Prince Who Is Willing to Put on Glass Shoes for Her
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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241 The Prince Who Is Willing to Put on Glass Shoes for Her

Pei Ge fondly stared at Ji Ziming, whose eyes were filled with nervousness.

"I am not made of glass, so I am not that fragile." She looked amusedly at him. "Fool."

He sighed in relief at her response and then put on a cold face.

"Why are you crying, then?" His forehead creased as he coldly questioned her while looking into her glistening eyes.

"Cry? I wasn't crying! I was just a little touched." Pei Ge lowered her head to look at him with a smile in her eyes.

"Touched?" He was puzzled. He could not understand what she would feel touched about.

"You are actually helping me put on my shoes!" She stared at him with glistening eyes. Although she did not know his reason for helping her put on the shoes, she was still happy over his gentlemanly action.

"Don't you think this is almost like a fairy tale?" she cheerfully asked.

This scene strongly reminded her of the Cinderella story her father used to read to her when she was young.

'The prince bent down and, with gentle movements, helped Cinderella put on the glass shoes she had lost…'

'Wah! Cinderella is so lucky!'

'In the future, my good daughter will also meet a prince who is willing to bend down and help you wear your glass shoes.'

'Dad, how long will I have to wait?'

'Hmm… You will meet him after you enter college.'

'College… Dad, that is so long!'

'It's not too far off. Our little princess will not meet her prince before college, so a good child like you should not get into a relationship early.'

'Yes, yes!'

'Good girl!'



'How about, before I meet my prince, a king like you help the Cinderella me put on my shoes?! He he…'

'You little lass… What should I do with you?'

'He he! I just want to experience being a Cinderella!'

'Alright, my cute little princess.'

Unknowingly, a bright smile blossomed on her face. This smile was the one she always wore when she acted cutesy to her father.

It was filled with bliss, happiness, indulgence, and a tinge of adorable craftiness.

Ji Ziming was stunned by her guileless smile and promptly discarded thoughts of calling her childish.

She returned from her sweet and blissful memories after a long while.

She then realized that he was actually staring at her unblinkingly.

For some reason, the sight of him like this reminded Pei Ge of her father's words.

'In the future, my good daughter will also meet a prince who is willing to bend down and help you wear your glass shoes.'

Besides her father, Ji Ziming was the first man who willingly bent down to carefully put on her shoes for her.

She observed his features. Thinking that he was more handsome than a prince, a dark light flashed through her eyes.

Dad, you were wrong. This man who willingly knelt down for me is not meant to be my prince…

Even if I wear shoes prettier than glass shoes and no matter how gorgeous I look today, I will still never become Cinderella.

Ji Ziming will also never be my prince.

Forget that he doesn't even like me – if we compare our family backgrounds and stations in life – we are not suitable for each other.

He, who was still staring at her, saw her face darken and frowned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just didn't expect you to help me put on my shoes." She gave him a polite smile and shook off the bit of flutter she felt in her heart.

Pei Ge, wake up! This annoying fellow is not someone you can fall in love with! You can like anyone but him!

"Oh." His lips curled up a little.

However, this curl immediately vanished at her next words.

"The way you helped me put on my shoes reminded me of my dad," she said softly. Her voice was filled with longing.

"…" His face immediately fell at that.

How am I like her father?! Shouldn't I be more like a prince?!

The quick-tempered Ji Ziming also started acting childish.

"Thank you, CEO Ji," she gratefully said.

He nodded his head with a stifle in his heart and quickly helped put on her other shoe. Although his movements were quick, they were still very gentle.

Only after he had finished putting the two shoes on her feet did she realize that the two of them were alone in the room. Lily had long since left.

"Alright, let's go," he coldly said as he stood up.

"Mhm." She nodded her head. The moment she stood up, she immediately felt uncomfortable, as though she were standing on stilts.

When she carefully tried to take a small step forward—

"Ahh!" she shrieked, her balance faltering.

He quickly pulled her into his embrace.

"Be careful. You are too stupid," he coldly said with a reproachful look.

"This pair of shoes is too hard to balance in…" she complained aggrievedly.

I am not stupid! It is just that these shoes are too hard to walk in! If you think you can do it, why don't you, annoying fellow, try wearing them, instead?! And then we'll see who the stupid one is! she muttered inside, feeling stifled.

"Hook your hand around my arm," he lightly said while peering at her.

Even without him saying that, she would still hold on to him! She had no choice, after all. If she did not want to fall down and risk embarrassing herself, she had better hold on to someone.

She obediently wound her hand around his arm and took careful steps forward.

Unbeknown to Pei Ge, Ji Ziming's lips were slightly upturned as he guided her, who was nervously and carefully leaning onto him, out of the salon.

The pair quickly attracted the whole street's attention when they appeared outside. Du Wen was completely dumbstruck that the cigarette between his lips dropped to the floor.

No matter if it was Pei Ge's appearance or the way she intimately held on to Ji Ziming, it was all too unbelievable to this assistant.

Du Wen could totally not believe his eyes!

Clearly, when he brought her in this location earlier, she was still a little fleshy and dressed a little drably.

Now, when his boss brought her out, she actually turned into a super sexy stunner!

Her figure was so perfect one could not bear to shift their eyes away.


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