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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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245 CEO Ji... is in a relationship?

Bathed in the sun's warm glow at that moment, Pei Ge looked as if she were a light-emitting body. Everyone's gazes could not help but be drawn on her.

Pei Ge's stunning features and seductive figure were accentuated by her evening gown and caused everyone in the banquet hall to be awed.

"How stunning!"


"Who is that lady? Why is she with CEO Ji?"

"I don't know. She looks new."

"She looks pretty and stylish. Maybe she's the young mistress of an affluent family that recently returned from overseas?"

"That's possible!"

"Still, I'm more curious of her relationship with Young Master Ji."

Hearing the crowd's mutterings, Pei Ge lowered her head in distress and looked at the evening gown she was wearing.

Only when she saw that the black gown was twinkling like the stars did she realize that small crystals were sewn to it.

Seeing that the whole gown was liberally decorated with these crystals, she was left speechless.

The hell?! No wonder Lily got mad when I criticized this gown! Apparently, it's worth a bomb!

They actually made a mere gown this extravagant. They are crystals to boot! I am actually wearing crystals in this banquet! The most important thing here, though, is that I don't want to stand out right now!

As the surrounding people continued to talk about her, she really felt like crying. She just wanted to enter the venue in a low-key manner so that she could hide in a corner and secretly pig out on food.

However… With such an attention-grabbing gown, everyone will surely notice me wherever I go in this room as long as there is sunlight.

Ji Ziming noticed the forlorn look of the woman holding on to his arm, and although he did not know why she was feeling depressed, his lips still curled up at the corner to indicate his good mood.

"What's with the long face?"

"It's all the fault of this gown! How am I supposed to secretly pig out on food in a corner now?" Pei Ge, who was deep in her thoughts, reflexively answered his question truthfully.

"Heh!" Her answer amused him to no end, causing his eyes to crinkle at the corner.

Pei Ge belatedly realized that she had spoken her thoughts out, but when she spotted his amused smile, she pouted indignantly.

"What are you smiling at? I am really very hungry right now, you know?!" She had never been this famish before. In fact, she was so hungry she was certain she could finish a whole table of food by herself.

"Let's go in and I'll bring you to get some food." He consoled the aggrieved Pei Ge with this as he looked at her dotingly.

"That's the least you can do…" She immediately perked up upon knowing that she could eat so soon.

While the pair was in high spirits, all the other guests, male or female, were currently dumbstruck.

They looked weirdly at the pair without batting their eyelids.

Their gazes were actually on Ji Ziming, who was looking at the woman beside him with upturned lips and gentle eyes…

Aiyo, what the hell?! I must be hallucinating! Definitely hallucinating! How can the infamous poker-face king in our circle reveal such a loving expression?! It's even toward a woman! Someone must be playing jokes here!

Although they were unwilling to believe their eyes, with so many witnesses around, they could only reluctantly accept this sight of Ji Ziming, which was the complete opposite of his usual apathetic personality.

They were all wondering inside, Is CEO Ji… in a relationship?

When this thought flashed through their minds, the guests, whose hearts had just received a huge shock, were suddenly overflowing with curiosity.

Who was Ji Ziming? Everyone knew that he had never brought anyone with him to banquets like this before. More importantly, there had never been any news of him being in a committed relationship all these years. He was a clean man through and through.

The people around him were men, as though women did not exist in his world.

However, for the first time, he actually brought a female companion to such an important gathering. Their actions were even intimate. It was truly a shock.

Pei Ge, whose arm was held by the man, felt the hot gazes on her and was slightly spooked.

"CEO Ji, why are all these people staring at us?" Unable to hold it in, she whispered this question to the man.

Ji Ziming could, of course, feel the fervent gazes of those around them. If it were in the past, he would shoot these people a glare to stop them from staring.

However, today, with this woman by his side, he did not feel repulsed by the surrounding people's gazes and was, instead, actually enjoying their attention.

"Ignore them," he said casually.

"…" Pei Ge's mouth twitched at his uncaring reply.

Damn! I am not usually as conspicuous as this annoying fellow, so it is truly a first for me to be under the fervent gazes of so many people. At this rate, I doubt I can swallow my food properly when I start eating!

As she was incessantly complaining about Ji Ziming inside, a man in a suit suddenly appeared before them. The man's female companion was holding onto his left arm as he held a wine glass in his right hand.

"CEO Ji, your female companion is really beautiful. I've never seen her before, so I wonder which family's daughter she is from."

Hearing his question, she reflexively wanted to reply that she was not from any rich family, but was just a normal female secretary.

However, before she could say anything, Ji Ziming's composed yet arrogant voice sounded, "Scram. You're blocking the way."

"…" Oh, boy. Ji Ziming must have taken the wrong medicine today. Isn't this a business gathering?! Is it really okay for this annoying fellow to be this arrogant?

It seemed that the man also did not expect Ji Ziming not to give him face, as his expression froze for a moment before he smiled stiffly and gracefully moved out of their way.

Ji Ziming glared at the man and then guided Pei Ge to a long table filled with different cuisines.

Although the food looked very palatable to her, she could not help but think of his action moments ago.

"CEO Ji, is it really okay for you to act like that? Haven't you just offended him by doing that?"


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