Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
249 A slut matching a dog – truly a couple blessed by the heavens.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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249 A slut matching a dog – truly a couple blessed by the heavens.

"Ge Ge, I know that you are still hung up on him, but you are not getting any younger. You should let go now. You've gone on so many blind dates all these years and even dated many men. I really think it is time for you to settle down." Pei Shishi's expression turned gentler by the second as she gave this advice.

Hearing her kind words, Pei Ge only felt that her cousin was acting very odd today.

Why do her words sound so weird?

"After all, it's not good for your reputation to go on so many blind dates." When Pei Ge maintained her silence, Pei Shishi continued to persuade her.

While she was unable to figure out her cousin's goal for saying all those things to her, she could tell that her words were ill-intentioned.

If Mu Heng had not pointed out her cousin's role in that Liu Yue incident, the careless her would not have detected the malice in Pei Shishi's seemingly caring words.

What did my cousin mean by 'gone on so many blind dates' and 'dated many men'? And what's with the 'bad for your reputation' line?

It's so laughable! I, Pei Ge, have only ever been in a truly committed relationship with Zhou Zhuoyang.

Also, haven't I gone on so many blind dates because she recommended all those jerks to me? Does she really think I want to go on so many blind dates?

Thinking of all this, Pei Ge's mood soured as her heart ached. She truly treated Pei Shishi as her real sister and would think of her whenever she encountered anything good.

Unfortunately, her cousin, whom she cherished a lot, was actually treating her like this.

After all the disappointments, she had long lost her tolerance for her cousin.

"Cousin, who am I still hung up on? Who have I not gotten over?" She curled her lips into a bitter smile and stared at her cousin with nonchalance.

"I admit that before he appeared in front of me, I was indeed still hung up on him. After all, he's my first love and he left without a word back then. However, ever since he became your fiancé, he no longer existed in my heart.

"No matter how lacking I, Pei Ge, am for a man, I won't ever touch my cousin's man and another person's fiancé."

The moment she finished saying this, her cousin's smile froze.

"Cousin, you said that I've gone on so many blind dates, but I felt really wronged regarding this. I consider you as my sister, so I am a little reluctant to tell you that all the men you've introduced to me are either jerks or eccentrics. I really don't know what kind of friends you hang out with. If it's just a scattered few, I can still understand it. After all, there are all sorts of people in this world, and it is still normal for you to meet a few jerks here and there. Still, for every man you set me up with to be a jerk or an eccentric, I can't help but feel puzzled by it.

"Cousin, please remember to bring your eyes and brain with you the next time you make friends," she lightly advised with a slight smile on her face.

Pei Shishi's smile turned askew as her eyes became filled with barely suppressed anger and guilt.

"Oh, right. I actually didn't date many men. I wanted to try dating a few of those guys, but they were unfortunately not suitable for me! Cousin, I really think you misunderstood me big time." Pei Ge continued to smile at Pei Shishi, as if she did not notice the latter's ghastly face and furious gaze.

Still, while she was smiling on the outside, her heart was actually bleeding on the inside.

She had never imagined that the two sisters of the Pei family would one day go at each other like this.

"Hmph! 'Try dating with a few guys'?" Ji Ziming, who was standing silently beside Pei Ge this whole time, coldly harrumphed once the latter stopped talking and repeated her words with displeasure.

She only regained her senses when she heard his disdainful remark.

Looking at the man's handsome and flawless features, she only felt disgruntled inside.

It's because of this man! This freak-level beguiling man! If not for him, I wouldn't end up like this with my cousin!

This annoying fellow is to be blamed for everything! It's his fault! Why is he so handsome for no good reason?! It's fine if he is handsome, but why did he have to come ruffle my feathers! He clearly doesn't like me, yet he still ruffles my feathers like this! He is so detestable and annoying!

He narrowed his eyes at her enraged glare at him and coldly questioned, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He disliked the gaze this dumb woman was giving him.

"Hmph!" she deeply harrumphed and retorted, "Because you are so handsome!"

"…" Ji Ziming lightly frowned at her words. Is this woman angry? And it is… at me?

Pei Ge was evidently acting mad at Ji Ziming, but Pei Shishi only thought that the pair's actions resembled that of a lover's exchange. In fact, she believed that Pei Ge was showing off at her.

She surreptitiously gnashed her teeth. However, in the next moment, she noticed Zhou Zhuoyang walking over with two glasses of cocktail in his hands.

Her eyes glinted coldly. Mocking Pei Ge inside, she schooled her expression.

Her face, which was originally white from anger, turned into a pitiful one. She then imploringly stared at Pei Ge with misty eyes.

"Ge Ge, I'm sorry. It is sister's fault, so please don't be mad at me."

Pei Ge, who was still throwing a tantrum at Ji Ziming, was stunned by her apologetic words.

When she noticed Pei Shishi's gentle expression, as though she were the reincarnation of Sister Lin from the folklores, she felt more baffled.

Did I say anything harsh enough to give her a huge blow just then? Wasn't I just speaking the truth?

"I know that you still hate me for snatching Zhuoyang; that's why… that's why you are saying this about me." With her voice shaking, Pei Shishi stared sorrowfully at Pei Ge.

"…" What has this got to do with that jerk?! I already said I don't care about that jerk! What are you going on about again?!

She was about to speak up for herself when her cousin continued crying aggrievedly, "I – I really thought you no longer liked Zhuoyang back then, so I got together with him. If I knew that you still have feelings for him, I would definitely not take him from you despite liking him as well. You are my sister, after all…" Pei Shishi cupped her palm over her mouth and stared at Pei Ge with red eyes. It was as though she were suffering from a huge grievance.

However, Pei Ge, right now, had the strong urge to shake and shout at her cousin for acting like a Sister Lin. Cousin, what the hell are you talking about?! Your sister here doesn't understand a word you're saying!

She soon realized why her cousin was doing this, though.

"Pei Ge, you are too shameless! I already said that I don't need a vain woman like you! Don't always harp on Shishi and bully her just because she is kind! Let me make it clear to you: The person that I, Zhou Zhuoyang, love will only be Shishi!"

Hur hur hur hur. Damn you. Who the hell needs you?! This saying is indeed very apt: 'A slut matching a dog – truly a couple blessed by the heavens.'

F*ck! What did I even do to provoke them when I am just here for the food?!


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