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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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254 Cousin, you have really changed.

Much like the banquet hall, the washroom had lavish furnishings.

The obsidian and moon-white colored marbles complemented the bland design of the washroom and made it look grand and magnificent.

With the faucets and basins being made of real gold and silver, the washroom did not feel like a lavatory at all.

"Cousin," she lightly called out to Pei Shishi, who was currently touching up her makeup while facing the large mirror of the washroom.

As though she had only noticed her presence, Pei Shishi slowly turned her head to look at her with a smile. "Ge Ge, are you here to touch up your makeup, too? You look really beautiful today."

"No, I'm not here to touch up my makeup. I followed you in." She lightly shook her head and came closer to Pei Shishi.

Pei Shishi, who was watching her move nearer, put down the foundation in her hand with a smile. Despite the smile on her lips, the eyes she used to look at Pei Ge were complex. Pei Ge could not guess what her cousin was thinking at all.

"The friend who accompanied you to the gynecologist before is Ji Ziming, right?"

"Yes." Pei Ge nodded her head, not intending to cover it up.

"Why did you lie to me back then?" Pei Shishi stared unblinkingly at her. She only realized now that Pei Ge's five features were still as beautiful and exquisite as they were when she was younger.

"Cousin, you were too much that day. Nothing clearly happened, yet you made it seem as though there's something. If I admitted to it back then, what do you think my mother would think?" she lightly accused.

"Nothing happened? Isn't Ji Ziming your boyfriend?" Faint mocking could be detected from Pei Shishi's voice.

Since she was aware now of Pei Shishi's feelings for Ji Ziming, she did not deny her assumption but simply cleared her throat. "Cousin, I just want to ask you something; why… why did you help Liu Yue do that to me? Aren't we sisters?"

Finally, the question she had long been planning to ask was asked.

Pei Shishi froze for a moment at her question. She then put a confused expression on her face. "Ge Ge, what are you talking about? Which Liu Yue?"

A strong feeling of disappointment rose from Pei Ge's heart at her cousin's denial.

"Cousin, I saw you having a meal with Liu Yue."

"Oh, are you referring to that Liu Yue from your company? I coincidentally met her on the street the last time I was out shopping. She said she is your colleague and used to be my schoolmate, so I invited her for a meal. What's wrong with that?" Pei Shishi looked innocently at her. If it were not for the evidence Bi Zheng had previously given her, Pei Ge would really believe her acting right now.

After all, her cousin's performance was perfect and flawless.

"He he…" While a light smile appeared on her face, Pei Ge's eyes were filled sorrow.

Pei Shishi inexplicably felt guilty when faced with such a lonely smile.

"Cousin, stop making up one lie after another. I know all about it. You probably haven't been informed about this, but Liu Yue lost the job you had recommended her to." The lonely smile on Pei Ge's face gradually turned cold.

Liu Yue lost her job?!

Hearing this name, Pei Shishi pursed her lips and looked at Pei Ge's frosty expression. She suddenly realized that her cousin was no longer that gullible person from her memories. Right now, she even seemed a little foreign.

"Cousin, you've changed. Ever since your return to the country, the feeling you keep giving me is increasingly more foreign…" Pei Ge stared at the exquisite-looking woman in front of her. She still looked exactly the same as before, but she felt like a total stranger to her now…

'Little sis, hurry and get well! I will give you all my candies if you get well!

'Little sis, although I can't compare to Big Uncle, I… I will give you many more times the love! I will love and dote on you just like Big Uncle used to do! Wuu… I may not be as rich as Big Uncle, though.

'Little sis, I brought your favorite ice-cream cake today! Smile for me if you want to eat it! Alright, alright. Forget it if you don't feel like smiling. Here, you can have the cake.'

She still remembered how her cousin, Pei Shishi, had accompanied and consoled her upon her father's death.

Her cousin's smile was like the bright sun, slowly chasing away the darkness in her heart.

'Little sis, even if Big Uncle is no longer here, the number of people who loves and dotes on you is still the same! I will treat you really well from here on just like Big Uncle used to do!'

'You don't look like my dad at all. You are not as tall and handsome as my dad. You also don't know how to read bedtime stories to me.'

'… Aiya, you are so stupid! I didn't say that I look like Big Uncle. Forget it; forget it if you can't understand! Anyway, you only need to remember that I will treat you really, really well!'


'That is my obedient girl!'

'Then, Cousin, read me a bedtime story tonight!'

'… You are this old already, yet you still want to listen to bedtime stories?! Childish!'

'You're not keeping your promise!'

'Alright, alright. I understand; I understand. I will read to you tonight. Are you satisfied now?! Do you want to listen to Cinderella or Snow White?'

'Cousin, you are so childish. I am already this old. Those stories are for little kids!'

'… I say, why are you so picky?! I won't read any if you are this picky!'

'Alright, then. You can read whatever you like.'

Pei Ge's eyes filled with tears at the thought of their precious memories together. She gazed at Pei Shishi with sorrow.

"Cousin, you've really changed. Do you still remember what you promised me in the past? You said that you will treat me really, really well like my father used to do." She choked with emotion. She tried hard to control the tears that threatened to spill onto the floor from her eyes.

Pei Shishi's expression froze at Pei Ge's sorrowful look and went into a slight trance.

I have changed…

"Cousin, do you still remember our bedtime story?" To stop her tears from falling, Pei Ge raised her head slightly to stare at the golden carvings on the washroom ceiling.

However, even when she tilted her head upward, it still did not prevent her tears from falling.

Clear teardrops rolled down the side of her eyes, flowing down to her chin and finally dripping silently onto the floor.

Cousin, do you still remember how close we were before? Why… did you change?


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