Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
257 Who is this annoying fellow“s girlfriend?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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257 Who is this annoying fellow“s girlfriend?!

"Mhm." Ji Ziming no longer continued feigning ignorance and, with a light smile on his lips, put her down.

Relief coursed through her body the moment her feet touched the ground, and she ignored the bit of desolation she felt inside her at this.

Once she steadied her footing, she immediately put distance between her and Ji Ziming in the cramped elevator.

He is releasing plenty of pheromones! I should stay far away from him, or I'll be dead meat if I fall for him!

Displeasure flashed through the man's eyes at her act of moving away from him.

"Why? Am I some type of bacteria?" He coldly harrumphed, his upturned lips curling downward.

Seeing the man getting angry, she muttered inside, He is indeed more temperamental than a woman!

"No, no. Of course, not, CEO Ji. I just thought that leaning against the wall is more secure. After all, my heels are too tall!" she explained with a grin.

He merely snorted at her explanation.

He then wordlessly took a few steps in her direction.

Her eyes helplessly widened when the man moved closer to her. Inside, she muttered, What is this annoying fellow up to again? He can't possibly be intending to hit me, right?

Unexpectedly, when he reached her side, he promptly held her hand and pulled her into his embrace.

"You will feel more secure like this."

His clear and low voice drifted into her ears from above.

Her heart once more pounded erratically at this.

He – He – He is definitely making a pass at me!

She lifted her head to look at the man with wide eyes, unable to fathom his reason for saying such words.

By right, since there were only the two of them in the elevator, he should not need to continue with the farce.

The elevator reached the first floor while Pei Ge's mind was running wild.

Ding! When the elevator doors parted open, they saw the service staff standing outside with their outer coats in hand.

The pair quickly put on their outer coats and departed from the lobby of the building, which she still did not know the name of.

When Du Wen saw the pair exit the place, he quickly got off the car that was parked by the entrance and opened the door for them.

She recalled that the banquet was still in full swing when she got into the car.

"That… CEO Ji, it seems that the banquet hasn't ended yet?" she asked while blinking her eyes.

"It's fine. My business in this place has been settled," he replied indifferently.

"Oh…" She nodded her head and then asked, "Are we heading to Lily's salon now?"

"Why?" He turned to regard her with his deep-set eyes.

"Oh. It's just that my clothes and handbag are still at his place," she answered.

"Hmm. Let's drop by there, then." He eyed her clothes. Although the chest area was covered by a shawl, he still found the evening gown rather distasteful.

She should indeed change into another outfit.

The car drove toward the stylist salon that they had been to earlier.

"Yo! CEO Ji, why are you two back again?" The two heard Lily's singsong voice the moment they entered the salon.

Before Ji Ziming could speak, Pei Ge beat him to the punch.

"I came to change my clothes. Where are they?"

"Clothes?" Lily was a little stunned by her question. "You still want those tattered clothes? I threw them away long ago."

"What?! You threw them away?!" she exclaimed in disbelief.

"That's right; I threw them away. Such cheap clothes belong to the garbage bin!" Lily nodded his head emphatically, not understanding her agitation.

"Where did you throw them to?! Also, who gave you permission to throw them away?!" She felt that she was about to faint from anger.

Although that outfit did not cost her much, she just bought it recently and had only worn it four or five times. It was still ninety percent new!

Now, this person was saying that her recently bought clothes had been thrown away?

"Don't tell me you also threw my handbag away?!"

"That's right. I indeed threw them away together into the rubbish bin." He nodded his head calmly.

"…" She was speechless from anger at his matter-of-fact look and could only stare daggers at him.

Only then did Lily realize that she seemed to be mad.

He was actually not afraid of this woman getting angry, but the man beside her was a different matter altogether.

He shifted his gaze on to Ji Ziming, and when he saw the man's displeasure, he quickly raised his lotus-like fingers and pacified, "Miss Pei, can I just compensate you with a new set of outfit and handbag, instead?"

She pursed her lips at Lily's sissy attitude and did not reply. She was still angry inside.

"Oh, my! My good little sister, your elder sister here made a mistake. Don't be angry anymore. The outfit sister will compensate you with is definitely better and prettier than your original set. Heads will definitely turn your way a hundred percent!" Lily tried hard to butter up to her.

However, for some reason, he felt that his buttering up to her was making things worse. Why do I feel that CEO Ji is getting angrier, instead? Mhm! It must be because I haven't laid it on thick enough!

"Who is your little sister?" Her anger dissipated at Lily's ingratiating look. She was not the type to hold grudges in the first place.

Moreover, she did not have the will to keep up her anger under Lily's incessant apologies and bootlicking.

Sensing that her tone had softened, Lily sighed in relief and smiled, "Then… Miss Pei, follow me to change your clothes. I will give you a casual style."

She nodded her head, recalling the date that she was about to have tonight.

"CEO Ji, you can leave first. I will take a taxi home after I am done changing," she said softly to Ji Ziming, who was standing beside her.

Rather than reply to her, the man peered at Lily and ordered icily, "The clothes shouldn't be revealing."

This was when Lily finally realized why CEO Ji seemed to get angrier the more he fawned at Pei Ge.

He was actually jealous!

Tsk, tsk, tsk! I almost forgot that CEO Ji has a possessive streak far stronger than the average person!

"CEO Ji, please be at ease; I will definitely give your girlfriend a makeover, such that she will look as heavenly as daffodils!"

F*ck, who is this annoying fellow's girlfriend?! Why does everyone think this way?!


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