Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
258 CEO Ji and I are really innocent!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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258 CEO Ji and I are really innocent!

When Pei Ge opened her eyes and saw the reflection in the mirror, she almost did not recognize that the little beauty, whose skin looked as if water could be drawn from it, was her.

Lily was actually not lying to Ji Ziming just then. He was indeed capable of delivering what he promised to deliver.

He truly made her look so heavenly… Ugh! Just like daffodils.

Her originally thick, wavy hair was straightened; her seductive makeup was also removed and in its place was light makeup, which complemented her natural linen brown hair.

Time seemed to have turned back seven or eight years ago for her, making her look like her student self.

Innocent, simple, and beautiful.

She resembled a pure daffodil that had just blossomed in water.

"How is it? Is it to your satisfaction?" Lily asked proudly while looking at her with smiling eyes.

Miss Pei is exactly as I've imagined. Her features are easy to manipulate into pulling off any style I give her. She's the ideal type of model every stylist wants!

Pei Ge could not help but touch her smooth and tender cheeks, softly saying with a nod of her head, "Satisfied!"

"Sister here is not bragging, but sister's skills are among the best in the capital! Forget about those A-rank celebrities, high-ranking and rich socialites from influential families in the capital are just my regular patrons," Lily proudly declared at her awed look.

If it were not for the unusual circumstance, a small fry like Pei Ge would not even be allowed to step through the doors of his salon, much less being served directly by him, the boss.

However, although Lily only serviced her due to Ji Ziming at first, her personality was really to his liking.

"Wahhh! Lily, so you are someone amazing! Which celebrities have you done makeup for before?" Pei Ge perked up upon hearing his words. Although she was not a celebrity fanatic, she was still just a normal citizen, so something like this could pique her curiosity.

"I have serviced all the hottest celebrities in our country before." Her eager eyes boosted Lily's ego.

"Really?!" Her eyes widened, totally not expecting that the Lily, who had done her makeup, was actually such an amazing professional stylist.

"Of course, yes. Let me tell you this, though; none of those celebrities looks good without makeup. Most of the stars don't even look half as good as you after removing their makeup!" Noticing her genuine interest in the topic, he started lamenting to her.

With a look of skepticism, she voiced out her doubt, "That's impossible, right? How can I even compare to those celebrities? You must be kidding me."

"Why would I even joke about this? I am telling the truth here. As for you…" He scrutinized her and then commented with a solemn expression, "Although you have excess flesh, bordering on the plump side, your features are really exquisite and your skin is very great!

"As someone who has been in this line of business for years, I can guarantee that your skin is definitely one of the best I've touched."

Pei Ge felt slightly embarrassed by Lily's generous compliments.

"My skin is not as good as you claimed it to be."

Lily could guess what she was thinking from the uncertainty and shyness on her face. For some reason, her lack of self-confidence reminded Lily of himself.

To be precise, it reminded him of his past self.

The past him had no confidence and was unsure of himself because of his sexual orientation. Thus, seeing this side of Pei Ge, Lily's gaze turned kind.

"My sincere advice to you, Pei Ge, is to lose weight." He pinched her fleshy arm and said seriously, "Although I can make you look gorgeous, I'm not by your side every day to give you a makeover. With this being the case, you will always be one step lower to those natural beauties out there."

"Lily, what are you talking about? I will only be here this one time. I am just CEO Ji's assistant," she hurriedly explained.

"Stop lying to me, you lass. Assistant? Hur hur. Everyone in the circle knows that CEO Ji never brings a plus one to banquets." Thinking that she was only denying her relationship with the man out of shyness, Lily merely nudged his lips and rolled his eyes.

She really wanted to cry at his disbelieving look.

Only hell knows what that annoying fellow is thinking! He and I are so innocent we can't be more innocent…

Ugh! That's not right.

It looks like we aren't that innocent. After all… Our bodies kind of have that not-so-innocent encounter before…

Her cheeks instantly burned a deep shade of red at that recollection.

Seeing her flushed cheeks, Lily became more certain of his conjecture.

"Sigh… You should really slim down, girl! It will be awkward when CEO Ji wants to carry you next time but realizes he can't lift you." Lily grinned at her as he muttered inside, How unexpected of CEO Ji to actually like this type of fleshy woman.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. In today's time where being skinny is considered as the epitome of beauty, such revelation is definitely a nightmare to many women all over the world.

"Can't lift me?" Hearing this, she instantly thought of how Ji Ziming had princess-carried her out of the banquet hall earlier.

That annoying fellow didn't seem to have trouble carrying me. For his breathing to remain even and his face not to redden, he appears to have more strength in him.

That's actually why I forgot about the issue of my weight.

"Alright, alright. CEO Ji is probably already anxiously waiting for us. Let's go to him now." He shook his head helplessly at the sight of Pei Ge getting lost into her world.

Fortune really favors the fools. If not, how could she manage to grab the thick and big thigh of CEO Ji?

"Oh." Pei Ge nodded her head and, with Lily's handpicked light green handbag in hand, followed him out of the door.

"Remember: eat fewer bites each meal, but eat more meals.

"Also, exercise an hour every day. After exercising, do some light stretches so you don't end up getting muscles.

"As for your clothes, never wear those with floral designs. They will make you look fatter. If possible, choose clothes with simple yet elegant designs that have lighter colors…"

Lily nagged at her all the way to Ji Ziming.

She initially felt some dissatisfaction with Lily, yet her impression of the stylist improved considerably at his concerned nagging.

She could clearly feel that this person, whom she had just met, truly and sincerely cared about her image.

This feeling of someone caring about my well-being is really nice.


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