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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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260 You are fine just like this.

"Should I lose weight?"

The air in the car froze for a second the moment she asked this.

At the very least, the assistant Du Wen was frightened by her question and drove the car slightly off-track.

Pei Ge regained her rationality once this question left her lips, and her alabaster cheeks turned bright red, as though she had put on blusher.

Ah ah ah! Pei Ge, has your brain been fried?! Why did you ask such a question to this annoying fellow?!

She very much wanted to find a hole to crawl into right now. Lowering her head, she did not dare to look at the man.

Ji Ziming's eyes shone with laughter at the sight of her blushing. She was just like a little wife who had been caught red-handed.

"You don't need to lose weight. You are fine just like this."

Just as she thought that he would not bother answering her question, his voice, like cello music, suddenly sounded in her ears.

Perhaps, it was because his voice was too melodious that she blushed further.

Screech! The car braked too suddenly, effectively obliterating the pinkish atmosphere in the car and also causing her body to jerk forward.

Ji Ziming quickly reached out his arm and pulled her into his embrace just as her head was about to collide into the seat before her.

Pound, pound! She could feel the strong and fast thumping of a heart, yet she did not know whether it was hers or his.

"Are you alright?" He lowered his head to inspect the woman in his embrace. Although his voice sounded cold, a tinge of anxiety could be detected from it.

She dazedly nodded her head, unable to properly react to what had just happened.

Everything happened so fast, and before she knew it, she was already in his arms.

"Du Wen, how were you driving the car?!" he furiously barked.

"My apologies, CEO Ji! A stray dog suddenly ran across the road just then, so…" Du Wen reasoned. Inside, he was harshly scolding himself for not maintaining his composure.

You only heard your cold-faced big boss say something romantic, so why did you have to panic and let your mind drift away?


Ji Ziming's cold harrumph caused him to break into a cold sweat.

"CEO Ji, I'm terribly sorry about it!"

"Drive." Ji Ziming merely glanced at him briefly before ordering.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Du Wen shut his mouth firmly and drove off. This time, he kept his attention on the road and no longer dared to listen to the two's conversation.

Pei Ge, who was still in Ji Ziming's embrace, observed the man's stormy expression and thought that he was a bit petty for fuming over such a small mistake.

She then moved to get out of his embrace.

Feeling her wiggle and struggle in his arms, Ji Ziming lowered his head to look at her with furrowed brows and then released her.

"That… Thank you for just now." She sat up straight after being released and expressed her gratitude.

"Mhm," the man merely hummed in response.

She pursed her lips. Noticing his reluctance to bother with her, she decided to also stay silent and focus her attention on the scenery outside, instead.

Still, she could not help but wonder inside, What did he mean by that just now? What did he mean by me being 'fine just like this' and me not needing 'to lose weight'?

She drowned herself in her thoughts the whole ride. Reaching her neighborhood, the car stopped right below her building block.

"CEO Ji, thank you for sending me back." She alighted from the car and smiled at the man before climbing up the stairs.

When she left without even a backward glance, Ji Ziming felt an inexplicable anger burn inside him.

"CEO – CEO Ji… should we go now?" Du Wen could feel the man's anger and shivered in fear.

When Ji Ziming continued to stare out the window in a somewhat absent-minded manner, as though he had not heard his question, Du Wen mustered up his courage and asked again, "CEO Ji, if we don't move soon, Madam will probably call us to hurry again."

Actually, after sensing Ji Ziming's ice-cold anger, even if the man were to simply stare at Pei Ge's apartment building for the whole day, Du Wen would certainly not make a peep.

It could just not be helped that his boss had a mission to complete today!

Ji Ziming returned from his dazed state at the mention of his mother and promptly retracted his gaze.

"Go, then." The car window slowly rolled up, blocking his chiseled face from view.

"Aiya, Ge Ge, why are you dressed like that?!" Zhang Manhua jumped in surprise the moment her daughter stepped into the house.

Pei Ge raised her chin with a grin at her mother's shocked exclamation. "Do you feel that your precious daughter looks extremely gorgeous today?"

"Yes, yes! Extremely!" Zhang Manhua nodded her head vigorously before moving closer to her daughter and saying wonderingly, "You have makeup on your face and even a pretty set of clothes on your body, yet I don't remember you being in any of these when you left at lunchtime."

"He he. The company sponsored this. I followed my boss out for work today, so, of course, my image needed to be taken care of!" She grinned.

Her mother's smile blossomed at this.

"Is that true?! Oh, my! My family's lady is so capable now! You are actually this valued by your company's upper management!"

She suddenly felt that the trip out with Ji Ziming was worth it if it could make her mother this happy.

Not only was she able to eat and drink good stuff, she even managed to get an outfit for free. More importantly, it was able to make her mother joyful!

"That's right; time is a little tight. You should hurry and prepare for your blind date." After the two happily chatted for a while, the mother hurried the daughter out for her blind date.

"Why the hurry? My makeup and outfit are already completed, so there isn't much else to prepare," she pointed out with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Go, go, go. It is good to give Mr. Wen a good impression of you by arriving early at the meeting place."

Under her mother's urging, she who had just arrived home moments ago, was again pushed out of the door.

On another side, a certain CEO also made it to a home he had not returned to for quite some time.

"Mingming, mom misses you to death!"

The moment he stepped into the grandly furnished yet low-key villa, Mother Ji, who was wearing a pink sports attire, jumped at him.

"Mom." He calmly moved to the side with practiced ease, successfully evading his mother's jump.

"Son, your dad found you a date!"


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