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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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261 Son, go on a blind date!

Knock, knock, knock.

Ji Ziming rapped his knuckles on a mahogany door.

"Come in," a low and strong male voice said.

Pak! Ji Ziming opened the door and strolled in.

It was a study room with the color scheme of black and furniture made from the best agarwood. Actually, anyone knowledgeable about wood would be able to tell this simple fact from the fragrance wafting in the room.

"Father." Ji Ziming saw his father sitting in the long chair meant for guests in the corner of the room. On the wooden side table next to the chair was a freshly brewed tea.

"Sit." The middle-aged man sitting in the wooden chair resembled Ji Ziming. However, while Ji Chengtian had sharper facial features and a somber disposition, Ji Ziming had a chiseled face and an indifferent disposition.

Besides these, they looked similar in all other areas. It was to the point that one would be able to identify them as father and son with one look.

Ji Ziming sat in the wooden chair beside his father and then picked up the purple sand teacup with steaming tea.

The light fragrance of tea and the smell of agarwood gave off a unique flavor to the room's atmosphere.

With the addition of the two refined men enjoying the tea, the scene looked even more tasteful.

The father-son pair was taciturn by nature, so the two had not spoken ever since Ji Ziming's arrival in the room and merely drank their tea in companionable silence.

One cup, two cups, three cups… The tea's temperature gradually became lukewarm, but the two men remained reticent, as if they were in a competition.

Ji Chengtian, who had remained unruffled by Ji Ziming's entrance to the room, carefully eyed his son, who was quietly sampling his tea in a more composed manner. With a frown, he put down his purple sand teacup a little forcefully on the side table.

Pak! The sound did not even cause Ji Ziming to blink an eye. Instead, he continued sampling the tea in his hand with elegance.

"I have arranged a blind date for you," Ji Chengtian calmly informed. Picking up the mug used to settle the tea, he refilled his small purple sand teacup without looking at his son.

Ji Ziming's movement paused for a moment at his father's words, his eyes darkening.

"The partner is your Uncle Ji's youngest daughter who just returned from her overseas studies—"

However, before he could finish his introduction, his son interrupted him.

"Not interested." Ji Ziming slowly put down his teacup and calmly said this.

"Hmph! What else are you interested in, then?!" Ji Chengtian demanded as he shot his son an icy stare, his voice tinged with anger.

His anger did not scare Ji Ziming, whose face remained as calm and stoic as tranquil water.

"You are no longer young! My patience is wearing thin!" Ji Chengtian's anger was fueled by his son's composure.

An overbearing presence permeated the air.

"Don't meddle in my affairs." Ji Ziming did not even frown at the overbearing aura his father was releasing and just elegantly refilled his teacup.

Although, deep down, he was happy that his son could remain calm under his pressuring aura, because the two of them were stubborn people by nature, he did not even think of praising his son about it.

"I already discussed things with your Uncle Ji," he declared to his son with a huff.

"You can go to that blind date yourself, then."


The air slowly stagnated as the atmosphere grew tenser. Just as the father and son were about to collide, a gentle and sweet female voice sounded from outside the door.

"Dear, you must be hungry! I brought snacks for you and Mingming."

Mother Ji walked in with a plate of delicate-looking refreshments.

I really don't know what to say about this father-son pair. Every time they meet, they either remain reticent or gravely discuss work.

Even worse is these two quarreling and taking turns to give each other the cold shoulder.

Sigh… Being a wife and a mother to the Ji men is too tiring!

I can say that I am the best wife and mother in this world!

Faced with Mother Ji's loving look, the father and son immediately conceded and the intimidating aura the two were emitting instantly dissipated.

"Hubby, you are too much. Our son is so outstanding he doesn't need to go on blind dates!" She smilingly placed the refreshments on the wooden side table and pouted toward her husband.

"I…" Ji Chengtian, who was treating his son coldly and cuttingly, choked.

He seemed to be another person when he muttered, "Old Ji mentioned it to me first."

Ji Chengtian, the head of the Ji family and Ji Ziming's father, only had one weakness, and that was… he 'feared' his wife.

He was strict and cold to others, including his son, but when faced with his wife, he was only careful and cautious.

It was as if he feared of scaring his wife by putting up a cold face.

"You agreed just because he said so?" She looked at her husband and laughed. "Is Old Ji's youngest daughter that outstanding?"

"Ah Yuan, have you forgotten? You've met Old Ji's daughter before." Ji Chengtian lightly coughed, his expression softening at the sight of his wife.

"Oh, I did? Why don't I remember it? I only remember Old Ji's eldest daughter not liking men but women, instead. I really can't remember anything about his youngest daughter." Mother Ji paused and thought for a while but still could not remember the youngest daughter of Old Ji.

"It's that plump little girl who used to say that she'll be Ziming's bride when she grows up," he reminded his wife.

"Oh, I remember now! It's that plump little girl! Ha ha! Time really flies fast. In the blink of an eye, that girl, who used to be a crybaby, is now going on blind dates!" She finally remembered the lady at her husband's words and laughed boisterously.

"If it's that plump little girl… I don't think it's too bad for you to meet her, son!"

For some reason, hearing his mother repeatedly mention the word 'plump' reminded Ji Ziming of Pei Ge's figure


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