Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
262 You go on a blind date; I go on a blind date; everyone goes on blind dates!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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262 You go on a blind date; I go on a blind date; everyone goes on blind dates!

"Son, what are you thinking about?" Mother Ji noticed his son falling into a trance and asked curiously.

"Nothing," he coldly replied.

"Is that so? Why do I feel that there is something? Tell mom honestly; do you remember Old Ji's daughter?" She grinned at his son. The gossipy look on her face was totally unlike what a mother should have when looking at her son.

"Don't remember," he once more calmly gave this reply with furrowed brows.

At this response, she started introducing the girl to him.

"Son, don't you remember? It's that plump little girl of the Ji family! She always clung to you when she was a child, but, for some reason, she eventually stopped coming over to our house!"

Mother Ji obviously had an impression of this youngest daughter of the Ji family and was not at all repulsed by her.

"No impression." Ji Ziming calmly regarded his father and then said, "If there is nothing else, I will take my leave now."

"Son, you just came home. Don't leave!" she immediately exclaimed when her son announced his plan to leave.

Her thoughts immediately retracted from Old Ji's youngest daughter.

She glared at her son's cold face and then at Ji Chengtian.


Receiving his wife's furious glare, Ji Chengtian helplessly said, "Alright, I will stop speaking about this matter today. Stay for dinner, Ziming."

"Mhm." Ji Ziming nodded his head and then exited the study room.

After her son left, she immediately started complaining to her husband, "Look at what you've done! Why are you always this dictatorial?!"

"Ah Yuan, it's not like you don't understand our son. If I am not like that to him, with his terrible temper, when will he give us a daughter-in-law?" he soothed his wife.

"You have a point." She thought for a while before nodding her head in agreement.

Her son was an enigma, so waiting for him to bring them a daughter-in-law himself was a really difficult task.

"Why did you suddenly think of having our son go on blind dates?" She looked at her husband questioningly. She only learned this afternoon that Ji Chengtian had such a thought and even already arranged a blind date for their son.

Ji Chengtian replied with a sigh, "After our Ziming was involved in that car accident, it got me thinking that life is so unpredictable. He is no longer young, and it is really the time for him to set up a family."

She bobbed her head in agreement. "That's right! Dear, it's great that you considered this so thoroughly. I didn't even think of this."

Ji Ziming's car accident last time had almost scared her to death. Luckily, nothing wrong was found in his body.

If that car accident…

Thinking up to this, she decided not to stop her husband from getting their son to participate in a blind date.

"Dear, have you met Old Ji's youngest daughter?"

"No, I haven't. Old Ji showed me his youngest daughter's photo, though. At least, in terms of looks, there's nothing to complain about."

"Is that so? What do you think about her, then?"

"Old Ji likes this youngest daughter a lot, so I think she is quite capable. Since she graduated from Harvard, she should be quite clever, too."

"She seems to be a fit to our son."

"Ah Yuan, you should properly persuade Ziming later."


While the Ji parents were discussing about a certain CEO's blind date, Pei Ge was already in the middle of hers.

"Welcome. Do you have a reservation?"

"Yes, a private room reserved by Mr. Wen." She smiled at the waiter who had greeted her.

"Understood. Please follow me, Miss." The waiter flipped the notebook in his hand open and smiled amiably at her.

"Okay, thank you." She nodded and followed him.

Wahhh… No wonder this five-star restaurant is among the best in the capital! It looks so grand!

She took the time she was following the waiter to check out the restaurant's interior.

The restaurant was painted in a dark yet lively color. Its layout gave off a sense of freedom while maintaining the place's classiness. The beautiful designs projected a feeling of comfort and grandeur.

The first floor was not the restaurant itself but was just the lobby for receiving customers.

Ding! She entered the elevator that traveled upward and stopped on the fifth floor.

She had heard in the past that this restaurant was of a high caliber, and after experiencing and seeing everything for herself today, she could say that this place was indeed that. This opinion was made by her before she even tasted the restaurant's food.

She was getting more and more puzzled by her blind date today. Since her blind date partner was able to come to such a place, it meant that he was a very capable person.

He also seemed to be quite handsome from the photos.

It's really a wonder how such a high-quality man 'fell in love at first sight' upon seeing my photos. It's very suspicious even if I just use my toenails to think of it!

"Miss, this is the place Mr. Wen has reserved." The waiter stopped outside a semi-private room and said this to her with a smile.

"Alright, thanks!" She gratefully smiled and then sat down in the chair the waiter had pulled out for her.

After getting settled in the soft and comfy chair, she took out her hand phone to check the time. Half an hour was left before the scheduled time.

She had evidently come early.

In her boredom, she started playing games on her phone while examining the place.

The area she was at provided a bit of privacy.

Sitting in this semi-private room was quite comfortable. More importantly, it was a seat by the window.

Although the fifth floor was not very high, the scenery from this height was still pretty good.

Since the street's neon lights were all lit up, the capital's nightscape looked more picturesque.

Time slowly ticked by as she alternated between looking at her phone and watching the scenery outside.

Soon, it was already the scheduled time for the blind date.

However, even when it was past the scheduled time, her blind date partner, Wen Qimo, still did not arrive.

The seconds ticked by, and when it was ten minutes past the scheduled time, her mouth twitched and she prepared to leave.

This was when she heard a clear and low male voice say, "My apologies for arriving late."


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