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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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263 The Strange Blind Date Partner

"My apologies for arriving late, Miss Pei."

Pei Ge raised her head at the polite voice, and a man in suit, who had an apologetic look on his face, greeted her eyes.

It had to be mentioned that the man looked quite outstanding.

As an experienced person when it came to blind dates, she could say with certainty that this man had the best appearance among all her blind date partners. He also had the best poise!

His clear-cut features, gentle eyes, naturally smiling lips, and lean torso made him look like an aristocrat from ancient times.

He seemed mature and responsible; he even had a scholarly vibe going for him.

"Are you Mr. Wen Qimo?" she blinked and asked, although she had already seen the man's pictures.

"Yes, I am Wen Qimo." The man smiled politely at her.

"Hello, Mr. Wen. I am Pei Ge," she also introduced herself with a smile.

Once they formally introduced themselves, the two sat in their respective chairs.

"May I know if Miss Pei has any food she dislikes or likes in particular?" Wen Qimo asked with a polite smile.

"I don't have any food preference, so anything is good." She returned his smile.

"Alright. I will just order a few of this restaurant's specialties, then." With that, he pressed the service bell.

Soon, a waiter in uniform entered the semi-private room with the menu in hand.

She raised an eyebrow at the man's act of ordering some dishes.

While he seemed gentle and scholarly, his actions certainly defied his looks.

He clearly asked her what she liked and disliked to eat, yet he did not let her order or did not ask for her opinion when ordering.

For some reason, she suddenly thought of Ji Ziming. While the man seemed to be a male chauvinist, and although he was annoying most of the time, he always took her opinion into consideration…

"Miss Pei?" Wen Qimo noticed that she had fallen into a trance while watching him order the dishes and lightly called out to her.

She regained her senses at his call.

"Hm?" She smiled at him.

Noticing the light returning into her eyes, he smilingly said, "Miss Pei, the dishes will be served soon."

"Oh, okay." She nodded her head lightly. Somehow, once the thought of Ji Ziming popped into her mind, she was no longer looking forward to this meal.

"Miss Pei looks more beautiful in person compared to the photos." Wen Qimo was slightly surprised at her casualness.

This woman can actually remain calm even in my presence.

"Mr. Wen is also more handsome compared to the photos." She picked up her glass and took a sip of the water in it before giving this calm reply.

Hearing her answer, he was now certain that this woman sitting opposite him was not the least bit interested in him.

He was originally not interested in her, yet her present action slightly piqued his interest.

"Miss Pei, I wonder—"

Pei Ge quickly interrupted him.

"Mr. Wen." She put down her glass. "Let's not speak in riddles. I want to know why you are having this blind date with me. Are you really interested in me?" Having gone through Chen Zhengchu before, she was now more careful regarding such matter.

Could the plain her really catch the interest of such an outstanding man with just a look? That was impossible!

"Miss Pei, why are you asking me that?" He was taken aback by her question.

"It's easy. Your looks and career don't match mine at all. Simply put, we are not people on the same level, so it is quite preposterous for you to develop interest in me just by glancing at my picture once," she casually pointed out with a shrug.

Wen Qimo was slightly shocked by her straightforward answer, and the gaze he used to look at her changed.

He had never expected for her to be capable of facing such a situation this calmly.

Women like her should be gullible, right?

"Miss Pei, you are very outstanding in my eyes," he gently said.

The gentler and more gentlemanly Wen Qimo treated her, the greater the feeling of peculiarity in Pei Ge's heart, and she began to put up her guard against the man.

"I'm really curious as to what Mr. Wen has seen in me when we've only met for the first time today. Just from where are you basing that comment about me being outstanding?"

It was not that she had an inferiority complex, but she just knew herself very well.

Handsome men with successful careers like Wen Qimo were highly sought-after. In normal circumstances, men like him did not need to go on blind dates.

Thus, even if this man went on a blind date, no matter how she thought about it, he would definitely not decide on her with just a glance.

At Pei Ge's calm interrogation, Wen Qimo, who could always easily diffuse any situation, was at a loss for words.

"Miss Pei, I…" He looked into her bright and clear eyes, which were capable of making one feel relaxed and eliciting the truth from others with how pure they were. "Alright, Miss Pei. It is as you've guessed; I did not fall in love with you at first sight."

His mouth curled up, and unlike the fake smile from before, his smile now was sincere.

Her eyes immediately shone at his admittance and she smugly said, "I knew it!"

Wen Qimo was amused by Pei Ge's smugness.

I really don't know how this is something to be proud of.

Perhaps, because his thoughts were too obvious, she quickly regained her senses.

Oh, yes. What is there for me to be proud of?!

"I wonder why Mr. Wen decided to attend this blind date with me." She looked at him with puzzlement, her gaze gradually becoming wary.

He clearly doesn't like me, yet he is pretending that he is and is even wasting time on this blind date. What is this man planning?


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