Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
265 I reluctantly agree to be your girlfriend.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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265 I reluctantly agree to be your girlfriend.

The melodious music ended in the restaurant, and after a short intermission, it was replaced with a mellow symphony.

The melody was sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Wen Qimo felt that the music really matched his current mood!

He, who was a very straight man, was actually mistaken by his carefully chosen blind date for a gay man?

"I'm actually right!"

Seeing the man's grave look, Pei Ge thought with wide eyes that she had guessed it correctly.

Why would he remain silent, otherwise?! This is clearly his shy admittance, alright?!

"…" His mouth twitched slightly at her excited look.

There must be something wrong with this woman's brain. How can I, an outstanding man, be gay?!

He was about to clarify his sexual preference when she spoke again.

"If that's the case, then I reluctantly agree to be your girlfriend." She looked intently and kindly at him.

"Ah?" It was his turn to be at a loss this time as he failed to grasp what she meant.

"Silly. Of course, it is to be your shield!" she clarified sympathetically. "Your family is probably against you being gay, so you are looking for a shield."

"…" Hey, you are thinking too much.

"Yi, now that I think of it; it's really a shame that you don't like women despite being so handsome." She continued to regard him with pity as she spat inwardly, What a waste of God's gift!

"…" I honestly like women and not men!

His mouth twitched again as his face crinkled.

"Still, I think it's better for you to come clean to your parents. Hiding like this is not a solution."

"…" At this point, he only felt drained and no longer knew how to clear up this big misunderstanding.

"In any case, I understand your situation. It's really hard to open up when you are not ready. That's why I'll be magnanimous and become your shield this time!" she said in a very friendly manner.

"…" He was unsure whether to be happy or sad at her words.

"Why? Are you so happy that you've turned silly?" She giggled.

Hei hei! I've hit the jackpot with this blind date. Although I met another precious flower, this situation is actually not too bad.

Since he is gay, not only will he not pose any danger to me, he can be my shield, too!

"He he, I am truly happy." Seeing Pei Ge's smug look, he could only twitch his mouth.

This was really his first time meeting this type of woman.

All the women who had pretended to be his girlfriend before wanted to turn the façade into reality and eventually added to his problems, but they had never once suspected his sexual orientation. Meeting a woman who thought of him as gay was really a first for him.

"Don't worry; your secret is safe with me!" She beamed and looked at him in a way that seemed to say, "I understand."

"…" He really did not know whether he should explain himself or not.

Still, on the bright side, he did achieve his objective, so it might be best to let her misunderstand.

"Right. Since we are a couple, we should try calling each other in a more friendly term!" she excitedly exclaimed, totally forgetting about eating the delicious food.

"… Mhm?" he hummed questioningly; he had yet to recover from being labeled as gay.

"Since we are a couple, you can call me Ge Ge and I will call you Qimo," she said.

"Mhm." He merely eyed the overly excited woman. He really did not know what was there to be excited about.

She nodded satisfactorily at his response and suddenly called, "Qimo."

"Mhm?" He only realized after a long while that this woman was calling him.

"Your turn to call me." She beamed and then pouted.

"…" For a moment, he thought that he was playing some sort of game with her.

"What's wrong?" she asked with confusion when she saw him give her a complex look.

"Did you feel awkward when I called you that? I felt awkward, too, but we have to—"

Before she could finish her words, he interrupted her by saying, "Ge Ge."

The crisp manly voice that called her name so tenderly caused her to be stunned for a moment.

Such top-quality man is actually gay. What a pity. Many women will cry at this fact!

If Wen Qimo knew what she was thinking, he would definitely not treat her so gentlemanly. On the contrary, he might even strangle this woman with her excessive imagination.

"Okay! Let's eat now!" She happily picked up the cutlery and delved seriously into the food again.

He watched the woman happily resume her eating and felt slightly shocked.

This woman… was actually easy to fool as he had previously anticipated.

She was rather kind, too.

Actually, this was not his first time seeing Pei Ge.

While it was not the first time, the experience was rather similar.

After all, they were merely strangers on the street and did not speak or had any interaction at that time.

When he chanced on her blind-date photograph, he immediately remembered her.

He thought that if she were to be his fake girlfriend, the problem with the previous women would not crop up.

With that thought in mind, he quickly made a call to arrange for this blind date.

She was surprisingly smart but, just as he had thought, because of her kindness… she was easy to fool.

"Ge Ge, thank you."


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