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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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267 He is not my boyfriend.

When the car arrived at the apartment complex's entrance, Pei Ge did not let Wen Qimo drive her in but, instead, got off by the gates.

"Qimo, thanks for the dinner tonight and for sending me home." She waved at him with a smile.

"It's not much. Let's continue contacting via phone."

"Okay! My hand phone will always be ready to receive your call." She gamely beamed at him.

Wen Qimo was once more amused by her that he burst into laughter.


She was about to walk in after bidding Wen Qimo goodbye when Grandpa Ge stuck his head out from the guard house.

"Ge Ge, who is that young lad just then?" he asked while looking at her intently.

"Huh? Oh, he is a friend of mine." She looked at the old man perplexedly, unable to fathom why he always minded the men who would send her home.

"Friend? A normal friend?" The elderly security guard looked at her as though he were interrogating a criminal.

"… Grandpa Ge, what are you talking about?" She scratched her head and looked at the old man, who was usually very kind and gentle.

"Ge Ge, ah, Grandpa Ge doesn't want to nag, but your boyfriend is so outstanding; you shouldn't think of the pot while eating from the bowl," Grandpa Ge started persuading her earnestly. "That boyfriend treated you so well last time. He is also very handsome. You should cherish him."

She felt as though lightning had struck her when she heard this.

"Grandpa Ge, you couldn't have mistaken my boss for my boyfriend, right?" Thinking for a bit, she realized that the old man had indeed mistaken that annoying fellow for her boyfriend. She hastily explained for herself, "Grandpa Ge, that man is not my boyfriend; he is my boss. The previous time has got nothing to do with me."

"You lass, stop lying to me. That handsome lad already admitted to being your boyfriend. Don't bluff with grandpa here. It's not that I want to say this much to you, but that young lad is really decent, and if you miss out on him, it will be hard to find another boyfriend as good as him!"

The old man looked askance as he continued to painstakingly persuade her.

She was only made speechless by his persuasion.

That annoying fellow is my boyfriend? That's impossible! He admitted to it? That's even more impossible! Grandpa Ge must have heard wrongly.

"Grandpa Ge, you really misunderstood. There is really nothing between me and him. If I really have a boyfriend, my mom will know of it," she patiently explained to him. "Do you think my mom will still force me to go on blind dates if I have a boyfriend?"

"He really isn't your boyfriend?" He still did not believe her and regarded her with suspicion.

"He really isn't!" she vehemently denied.

Looking at her for a while, his eyes suddenly shone and he said resolutely, "I understand! You guys must have had another fight! That's why you're not admitting to it! Lass, listen to grandpa's advice…"

Hearing the old man's heartfelt persuasion, she felt as though she were standing on a pile of leaves with a strong wind blowing consistently at her.

"… Grandpa Ge, you really misunderstood," she said this in resignation with her mouth twitching.

Even after explaining a few more times to him, Grandpa Ge still refused to believe that Ji Ziming was not her boyfriend. Hence, she decided not to waste her breath and just go along with him before finally being able to leave.

Her originally relaxed heart instantly became lethargic after that episode with the old man.

She opened the door when she reached home and spotted her mother waiting for her in the living room.

"Ge Ge, how was your blind date today?"

Zhang Manhua got up off the sofa and asked this the moment Pei Ge entered the house.

"Not too bad. Mr. Wen…" She thought about the man, whose personality belied his appearance, and felt slightly amused. "He is pretty decent and is more handsome than in the pictures."

"Is that so?" Her mother's eyes twinkled at this and she beamed. "Looks like the two of you hit it off."

"Mhm! It's not too bad. We exchanged phone numbers," she said with a nod and a smile.

"Oh, my! That's really great. You must properly hang on with Mr. Wen. It is really not easy to find such a good match," her mother urged.

"Yes, I understand." She chatted with her mother for quite some time before retiring to her bedroom.

After taking off the outer coat and changing into the home wear, she took out the hand phone from her handbag.

With a smile on her lips, she dialed the number of her best friend, Tang Xiaoyu.

"Hello, Ge Ge! Are you calling me now because you missed me?" her best friend's upbeat voice came through.

Pei Ge's lips curled up more when she heard her voice.

"That's right! I miss you to death!"

"He he! Don't be impatient. We will be able to meet soon."

"Mhm, mhm, mhm! I will introduce you to my boyfriend, then." She grinned.

"Boy – Boyfriend?!" On the other end of the phone, her best friend shrieked the moment she said that word.

"That's right. Boyfriend," she solemnly affirmed while holding in her laughter.

"You have a boyfriend now? When did this happen?!" her best friend demanded.

"Just today!" she happily answered.

"Today? You went on another blind date?"


"Stop giggling at me! What exactly happened? You really have a boyfriend now?"

Sensing her best friend's anxiety, she decided not to tease her any longer and started recounting the day's event to her with a smile, instead.

Tang Xiaoyu listened to her recount, did not speak for a long time, and eventually said, "Ge Ge, you really have a knack for meeting eccentrics on blind dates. You are even able to meet a gay man now. I really have to bow down to you!"

"Sigh… I say; blind dates and the like are really not compatible with me." She lay down on her bed and said this stiffly.

"Ha ha ha! It's fine. Wait for me to come back and I will definitely introduce you to a reliable one!" Her best friend laughed rowdily.

"No thanks; I think the one you introduce me with will be even more unreliable."

While the two best friends hugged their phones and chatted away happily, on another Pei family house, the atmosphere was turning from bad to worse.

"What did you say?! The project was snatched away last time because of Pei Ge?!"


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