Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
268 Everyone Pei Shishi loves and doesn“t love loves Pei Ge.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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268 Everyone Pei Shishi loves and doesn“t love loves Pei Ge.

"What did you say?! The project was snatched away last time because of Pei Ge?!"

Pei Shishi's family of three sat in the huge living room with varying expressions.

"Yes. Pei Ge is the reason why the project was snatched from our Pei family." There was none of the usual gentle look on Pei Shishi's face for it was exceptionally black today.

"That's impossible! Do you think I don't understand how much Pei Ge is worth? How can such a useless piece of trash have the ability to do that?" Liu Yan disagreed with her daughter.

"That's right, daughter. Maybe, you got it wrong." Pei Zhenghui also did not believe her. "Shishi, Ge Ge doesn't have such ability. Also, even if Ge Ge, that child, is truly capable of it, she will never treat our family like that. We are, after all, her blood relatives."

Pei Shishi glanced at her parents and lightly sighed. "Dad, Mom, you guys don't know… Ge Ge, she…"

"Hm?" Liu Yan and Pei Zhenghui looked at their daughter questioningly.

"… She has changed. She is no longer the Pei Ge we know." A sorrowful expression flashed past her face and her eyes turned watery, looking as if someone had bullied her.

Waves of anxiety rose inside Liu Yan, who had always doted on her daughter. "What's wrong, Shishi? Did your cousin bully you?"

"No." She shook her head lightly.

"It must be! You child have always protected that stupid lass since young! Tell mom honestly; did she find trouble with you again because of Zhuoyang?!" She sat beside her daughter and asked this with a look of distress and displeasure.

"Mom, don't mention Zhuoyang to me right now. I – I really want to cancel my engagement with him at the moment!" Pei Shishi aggrievedly bit down on her lip.

How could Liu Yan and Pei Zhenghui remain calm at this?

"You child, what nonsense are you spouting?! Zhuoyang is such a good child! Without even bringing up his family background, that child truly treats you extremely well. He will definitely be a good husband after marriage."

"That's right, Shishi. It's normal for couples to have small squabbles; you should not mention breaking up easily."

Compared to Liu Yan, who truly thought for Pei Shishi's sake, Pei Zhenghui placed a higher priority on the benefits that they could have.

The Pei family and Zhou family are currently working on so many projects together, and it was about time to start reaping the benefits from those projects. If the two families were to split up, the losses would be something both families would be unable to bear.

"He treats me well? I think he only has eyes for Pei Ge today!" Pei Shishi, who had been faking it all along, raged for real at the reminder of what had happened earlier.

She was unable to earn Ji Ziming's love, so she went for the next best option, which was Pei Ge's then-boyfriend, Zhou Zhuoyang.

However, that high and mighty man she would forever be unable to grasp was now Pei Ge's boyfriend!

Furthermore, the man she had snatched and was merely a second option to her actually still longed for Pei Ge.

A ball of fire would blaze in her heart every time she thought of this. Jealousy was about to burn away all of her rationality.

"Haven't I told you two time and time again that that stupid lass shouldn't be taken lightly?! Look at how she's clinging to our Zhuoyang now that she knows he is rich! She's so shameless!" Liu Yan did not listen to the rest of Pei Shishi's explanation before starting to badmouth Pei Ge.

One really could not tell that Pei Ge was her blood-related niece from the way she badmouthed her.

"Dear, Ge Ge shouldn't be that bad." Pei Zhenghui frowned at the way his wife badmouthed his late brother's only daughter.

Noticing that her husband was still standing up for Pei Ge, Liu Yan immediately flared up at him, "What do you mean by 'not that bad'?! Do you think that mother-daughter pair is good?! Hur hur! In those years when your brother was rich, he did not even think of letting you go for the ride! Now, after you became rich, this pair of mother and daughter is sticking on us like leeches!"

Pei Zhenghui did not expect his wife to include him in her scolding and was totally stunned.

With a cold harrumph, Liu Yan continued, "When your brother died, you were silly enough to help him pay for his debts and even supported those two useless mother and daughter! Look at what is happening now; that damn lass actually dares to bully our beloved daughter! If you still help that mother-daughter pair this time, you'd better watch out for what I will do to you!"

"Dear, what are you talking about?" He felt displeasure at the way his wife acted like a shrew.

He was now the CEO of a big company, so he really disliked his wife acting like a superficial and crude shrew.

Pei Shishi, who was sitting at the side and acting pitiful, was also frightened by her mother's behavior.

She did not expect her mother to hold this much grudge against Pei Ge's family.

"Mom, it's fine. Ge Ge didn't bully me. Don't be like this." She suddenly felt tired inside. None of her pitiful acts ever worked when it came to her mom.

"You, child, have always been sensible since young. Alright, I know that you find mom frustrating, but who am I doing this for?" Liu Yan obviously noticed that her husband and daughter were unhappy with her and instantly felt wronged.

Pursing her lips, she looked at her mother while feeling stifled inside.

She did not understand why her mother never improved even after all these years. She was clearly the CEO's wife right now, yet she still did not have a trace of elegance in her. One would really feel ashamed to be in her company outside.

She could not even compare to Pei Ge's mother, Zhang Manhua. Sometimes, she even felt that it would have been better if her mother was not Liu Yan.

"Mom, I know you're doing this for me, so don't be sad," she gently soothed her mother.

Liu Yan was a person who was easily placated, so her anguish quickly dissipated under her daughter's reassuring words.

"It's great that you know. Next time, you definitely have to protect yourself against Pei Ge, that damn lass. That stupid lass is really ambitious! Otherwise, she wouldn't resign from our Pei family's company." Liu Yan pouted.

Pei Shishi smiled and nodded but did not comment.

"Mom, I want to eat the dessert you make! Make me a bowl, please!" She decided to change the topic by acting cutesy to her mother.

"Sure, sure, sure! Mom will go cook it for you now!"

Pei Shishi sighed in relief at her departure.

It was finally time for the main dish.

"Dad, what I said moments ago are all true."


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