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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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269 CEO Ji avenged his girlfriend.

"Dad, what I said moments ago are all true."

The father and daughter were the only ones left in the spacious living room, which had significantly quieted down with Liu Yan's departure.

Pei Zhenghui put down the teacup in his hand. Although he saw his daughter's solemn expression, he still did not wholly believe her.

After all, the project that they had failed to get last time was not easily accessible to just any people. If it were not for their relationship with the Zhou family, their Pei family would also not have the chance to fight for the project.

Thus, how would Pei Ge, a lady with little to no presence, managed to get into contact with such a huge project and even mess it up for them?

"Dad, I know you that don't believe me, but I am really telling the truth." Seeing her father's doubtful look, she sighed helplessly.

If she did not meet Pei Ge today, she herself would not believe her words.

However, today, she did not only meet Pei Ge but also that high and mighty man.

She did not link Pei Ge at first with the loss of that huge project last time.

When she saw Ji Ziming princess-carry Pei Ge out of the banquet hall, as though she were a precious treasure, she had an epiphany and finally put two and two together. She was able to link the project that they had thought they had in the bag but ultimately lost to her cousin.

After deliberately asking around about it, she could hardly believe her ears. It was not coincidental that their Pei family had lost the project. Instead, someone had made it that way on purpose.

That someone was Ji Ziming.

"Dad, do you know which company snatched away that project from us?" She stared earnestly at her father.

"Which company? Of course, I know!" Pei Zhenghui was instantly agitated by her question and snorted disdainfully. "It is that Chenguang Real Estate that our Pei Family Real Estate used to always reign over in the past!"

"That's right. It is indeed Chenguang Real Estate." She nodded her head. She did not participate in the project bid, so she did not know the particulars in as much detail as her father.

"Then, do you know where Pei Ge is currently working at?" Although she seemed to say this indifferently, her fists still tightened at the mention of her cousin's name.

"Ge Ge? This… I really can't recall. She seems to be… working as a small assistant at a real estate company." Pei Zhenghui thought for a while but still could not remember where Pei Ge's current job was.

His niece clearly told them more than once where she was working at, but he could not seem to take note of it.

Pei Shishi was not surprised that her father could not recall this detail about her cousin. While he seemed to dote on her cousin on the surface, the truth was actually the total opposite.

If she had to name the person whom she was most similar to, then she would say with a hundred-percent certainty that it was her father.

"Pei Ge is now working at Chenguang Real Estate." Pei Shishi picked up a teacup from the side table and took a sip, slowly revealing the news to her father.

Pei Zhenghui did not pay much heed to this, however. "What does it matter if that lass is working at Chenguang Real Estate? She is just a mere small assistant."

"Then, what if… I tell you that she is now the girlfriend of Chenguang Real Estate's CEO?" She sneered and said this in a tone filled with mocking.

Never in her wildest imagination did she consider the possibility that the woman whom she had looked down on her entire life would actually be able to grab Ji Ziming!

Pak! The moment she finished speaking, the cup in her father's hand immediately slipped down and clamored against the side table.

The cup was fortunately sturdy and only made a clattering noise without breaking on the table.

"This! How is that possible?! How is it possible for Ge Ge, that lass, to be Young Master Ji's girlfriend?! Who is Ji Ziming? How can he possibly take a fancy to your cousin?" Pei Zhenghui could not believe his ears. He was aware that Chenguang Real Estate had been acquired, and that it was the prince of the Ji Group, Ji Ziming, who had made the acquisition.

Ji Ziming's identity and position was way higher than his soon-to-be son-in-law. He was a true blue blood from a powerful and influential family, so how would he even have eyes for the plain Pei Ge?

"Yes… Who is Ji Ziming and who is Pei Ge? How could he fall for her…" Pei Shishi's eyes lost their focus as she muttered this.

"Shishi, are you sure you didn't get it wrong? How can it be Ge Ge?" He still did not want to believe it and shook his head in denial, frowning at his daughter.

"No, I didn't make a mistake. It's really the truth. Ji Ziming admitted it himself in today's banquet. This news will probably spread in every circle in the high society by tomorrow." Regaining her senses, she reluctant said this.

"This…" Pei Zhenghui was at a loss for words. He originally thought that the son-in-law her daughter had found was already good enough, but his ordinary-looking niece unexpectedly managed to grab a real blue blood within the capital for herself!

"Who could have expected…" After muttering this for a while, his face suddenly lit up.

It is a good thing for my niece to be the girlfriend of that Ji family's prince! This is great news!

Pei Shishi could easily tell what her father was thinking from his expression alone.

"Dad, don't celebrate too early. Pei Ge being the Ji prince's girlfriend may not necessarily be a good thing," she lightly said, pouring a bucket of cold water to her father's festive mood.

"The more powerful Pei Ge becomes, the more dangerous it is for our family."

The connotation of her words immediately dampened Pei Zhenghui's happy mood.

'The more powerful Pei Ge becomes, the more dangerous it is for our family.'

Her words repeatedly echoed in his mind, his face turning uglier with each repetition.

That's right… It is not necessarily good for my niece to become powerful. If… she finds out about…

"Dad, what are you thinking now? Why is your expression so ugly?" Noticing her father's expression becoming grimmer by the second, she asked wonderingly.

"Oh, I was just thinking what role Ge Ge has in us failing to acquire that big project." He righted his mind and schooled his expression into a normal one before looking at his daughter seriously.

"Because…" she paused and then continued, "Ge Ge misunderstood me. She thought that I did something wrong to her, so she told Chenguang Real Estate's CEO Ji. Maybe, Ji Ziming snatched away our project to avenge his girlfriend."

Pei Ge, at this moment, knew nothing about the hurricane brewing in the Pei family's living room as she was deep into her sweet dreamland.

She did not know that a whirlwind that would wreak havoc into her family would soon be upon her.


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