Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
270 Bi Zheng, why don“t you ever eat at the canteen?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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270 Bi Zheng, why don“t you ever eat at the canteen?

At dusk, the bright rays of the sun streamed into the house from the window.

Although a curtain was preventing the bright sunlight from entering the house fully, the room was still filled with streaks of its warmth.

Pei Ge listened to the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves outside and felt good. Once she showered and had her breakfast, she rushed to work.

Since Ji Ziming's hospitalization that had her staying by his side indefinitely, she had not been to the office in a long while.

As such, she was in high spirits while on board the bus heading to the company building.

She was over the moon when she made it to Chenguang Real Estate's building.



She greeted the familiar colleagues as she made her way to the CEO Secretariat.

Since she arrived earlier than usual and the other secretaries usually arrived a little later, she assumed that no one would be inside the CEO Secretariat. However, to her surprise, someone was there before her.

He Yan?

Her eyes flashed with curiosity and shock at the sight of He Yan seriously reading a few documents at her workstation.

"Good morning, Pei Ge." When she saw Pei Ge, He Yan greeted her with a smile.

Pei Ge blinked and replied politely, "Good morning."

Placing her bag on the table and booting her computer, she smilingly commented, "He Yan, you are rather early today."

"Mhm. I have some unfinished documents, so I came in earlier today," the other responded sincerely without a trace of the usual malice.

Seeing the genuine smile on her face, Pei Ge thought that she was seeing things.

While He Yan also smiled at her before, her smile always had a tinge of mockery. Today, however, her smile was very friendly.

She pondered on it for a while but still could not put a finger to it, so she decided to put it at the back of her mind.

After her computer powered up and she caught up with the documents that had piled up in her absence, the other two secretaries sauntered in.

"Yo, Pei Ge! You're finally back!"

"Yeah, Pei Ge. I heard that the company sent you on a business trip these past few days. Where did you go?"

Pei Ge felt a headache coming on at their prying questions. Still, she was relieved that Ji Ziming had explained her absence as a business trip. It would be the death of her if others discovered that the reason for her long absence in the company was that she had been taking care of the man.

I think I would be eaten alive by the company's female employees.

"It's just to a remote area." She casually came up with something.

"Remote area? What were you there for?"

"Yi! Did you do your hair in that place? It looks good; how much did it cost you?"

Pei Ge was unsure on how to answer their persistent questioning.

As she was thinking of how to extricate herself from the situation, He Yan, who had been staying silent all this while, suddenly interrupted the two secretaries.

"Alright, it's the working hours now; you two had better stop."

The two secretaries' mood soured at He Yan's admonishment and they shot her a dirty look. Grumbling under their breath, they stomped to their seats in their high heels.

They spoke softly and rapidly, so Pei Ge was unable to clearly hear their words, but she knew that it was nothing good.

She began to have some suspicion at this thought.

Before her absence, the three were still on good terms.

In her return, the three's ironclad relation appeared to have collapsed.

As she worked through the morning, she noted a few things.

He Yan seemed to have changed.

Like the other two secretaries, she used to while away the office hours doing nothing, but now…

He Yan actually worked seriously the whole morning! Moreover, she did not touch her phone even once!

Even when lunch break arrived, she had yet to recover from the shock He Yan had given her.

"Pei Ge, let's have lunch together."

"Yes, let's go. I have so many things to ask you."

The two secretaries warmly and amiably invited her to have lunch.

Seeing how friendly they were, her mouth twitched a little as she spit inside, Hey, hey, hey, aren't you two a little obvious in sidelining a colleague? Besides, you've never invited me to lunch before. And, and, this is childish, too.

"Pei Ge?"

"Thanks, but no. I've already made plans with others, so I can't have lunch with you two," she rejected their invitation.

What a joke; I'd rather not eat lunch than be with you two. You guys will definitely grill me for details about my absence during lunch. I'm not a fool!

They were not offended by her rejection and merely smiled as they left the CEO Secretariat.

After organizing her desk, she stood up from her chair.

She then turned to address He Yan, "He Yan, do you want to have lunch together?"

While she did not know what had made the other change, she liked the new her.

"Don't worry about me; I've made plans, too. Let's eat together some other time," He Yan happily said.

She seemed happy that Pei Ge had invited her for lunch.

Hearing her answer, Pei Ge nodded. "I'll go first, then."


After leaving the CEO Secretariat, she took the elevator to the canteen and saw Qin Qitong waiting for her at the entrance like a puppy.

"Sister Pei Ge!" She happily rushed toward her.

She looked helplessly at Qin Qitong and laughed. "So enthusiastic? We just met the day before yesterday."

"Hei hei. One day without seeing you is like three springs passing." Qin Qitong grinned.

"Where's Sister Xinlei?" she asked with amusement.

"Oh, she went to order food with Bi Zheng." Qin Qitong beamed as she hooked her arm through hers and pulled her toward the canteen.

"Bi Zheng?! Doesn't he dislike eating at the canteen?" she asked with shock.

"Pu! You'll find out soon! Xi, xi!"

Seeing her sly look, Pei Ge was baited into feeling curious.

Why would Bi Zheng eat at the canteen?


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