Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
271 Could it be that this lassie likes Bi Zheng?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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271 Could it be that this lassie likes Bi Zheng?

Since Chenguang Real Estate's acquisition by Ji Ziming, the canteen would always be packed at lunchtime.

This was not just because the canteen was within the company building but also due to the increase in the menu and the much improved quality of food.

Of course, there was another very important reason for this: The food was cheap!

The employees were no fool. With the canteen being nearby and the food being worth the money spent, it went without saying that many would choose to eat there.

Pei Ge let Qin Qitong pull her through the crowd and finally united with Pan Xinlei and Bi Zheng that were occupying a table by the window.

"Ge Ge, Qitong, over here!" Pan Xinlei waved them over with a grin.

The two smiled and hurried over to the table.

The table was chosen well as it had good ambiance, with the sunlight not being too blinding and its warm rays being soothing to the skin.

Arriving at the table, Qin Qitong quickly unhooked her arm from Pei Ge's and hurried to sit beside Bi Zheng.

Pei Ge eyed her curiously but did not think much into it and simply sat next to Pan Xinlei.

"Wahhh! Sister Xinlei, what a sumptuous lunch today! There are so many dishes!" Pei Ge broke into a wide smile at the sight of the table full of dishes.

She loved all the dishes and soup that were laid on the table!

"How are these considered as a lot? You finally came back; of course, I must feed you well," Pan Xinlei teased.

"Oh, I see! You're treating me. This doesn't count, then; how can your treat be at the company canteen?" she joked.

"Go, go, go! Still being picky; don't eat them, then."

"He he, I'm just joking; just joking!"

Seeing the two's good-natured bantering, Qin Qitong giggled.

Only Bi Zheng, the sole male with them, did not join their fun. When the three ladies continued to joke with one another without showing signs of starting lunch soon, he impatiently asked, "Can we eat already?"

Hearing his flat tone, the three merely burst into laughter.

"Bi Zheng, don't you always bring food from home? Why are you eating at the canteen now?" Pei Ge stared curiously at the man, the laughter on her face still not fading.

"Meng Meng no longer prepares lunch for me," his tone remained flat when he gave this reply.

However, for some reason, his stoic face and calm voice had a hint of being wronged as he mentioned Meng Meng, giving others an ineffable sensation.

"Pui!" Pei Ge burst into another bout of laughter.

"Ha ha! Who is Meng Meng?" What was this about his lunch not being prepared? Was it not just a pot of white rice that was then garnished with preserved vegetables?! It was too simple to make!

Before Bi Zheng could reply, Qin Qitong rushed to answer, "Sister Pei Ge, Meng Meng is that very rude woman we met the other time…"

"Meng Meng is not rude," he defended, yet his face remained expressionless.

Qin Qitong rolled her eyes at him before pouting. "Fine, fine, fine. Your girlfriend is the most polite person!"

"Forget it! I can't be bothered with you!" Seeing that his face was still expressionless, she rolled her eyes at him again.

"Oh. Meng Meng is that girlfriend of Bi Zheng, huh." Pei Ge nodded in understanding.

I can't believe that that box of rice is actually being prepared by his girlfriend. What kind of girlfriend is she?! She's abusing her boyfriend too much.

Her opinion was apparently shared by others for Qin Qitong soon opened her mouth to spit at his girlfriend.

"What kind of girlfriend is that?! Only preparing a box of white rice without any dishes except for that bag of preserved vegetables, I really salute her! She actually prepared such ill-nutritious food for her boyfriend! Isn't she worried that you will starve to death and become malnourished?!"

Hearing her complain, Pan Xinlei and Pei Ge nodded vigorously in agreement.

Bi Zheng was apparently not bothered by it, however.

"Meng Meng's white rice is very delicious, I'm full from eating it," he replied seriously at Qin Qitong.

"You, you, you… Fight harder, will you?! Your girlfriend isn't some super model; why must you live so pathetically?!" she exclaimed indignantly, almost losing her cool.

In her eyes, he was in a pathetic position.

"Alright, alright. Stop fighting and eat." Pan Xinlei mediated when she saw that the two were about to bicker.

Indeed, her words were effective as Bi Zheng immediately lowered his head, picked up the chopsticks, and ate the bowl of rice in front of him.

Seeing his posture, Qin Qitong felt an unspeakable rage boil within her.

"Useless!" She glared at him and then pouted.

Pei Ge eyed the pair of man and woman opposite her and felt that something was off between the two.

"Ge Ge, don't worry about them. They are always fighting. It's normal." Upon seeing her worried look, Pan Xinlei assured her with a smile.

"Ah?" She blinked in confusion. It seems like many weird things have happened during my absence.

"Alright, let's eat. There's no need to think about them. Let the young people handle their problems." Pan Xinlei gave her a knowing look.

Pei Ge's mouth twitched helplessly. Could it be that she was considered as a mature person in Pan Xinlei's eyes?

"I'm done; I'll go back first." As she was savoring the food, Bi Zheng pushed the bowl in front of him and stood up.

"Ah? Oh, alright. You go ahead." Pei Ge smiled.

Once he was gone, Qin Qitong pouted again.

"Sister Pei Ge, you don't know. There is something wrong with Bi Zheng's girlfriend, but that dimwit refuses to believe it! Don't you think it's weird that she suddenly stopped preparing white rice for him? Clearly, there is a problem…"

Hearing her go on and on about Bi Zheng and his girlfriend, Pei Ge had a sudden thought.

Could it be that this lassie likes Bi Zheng?


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