Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
275 I“m happy to be your female companion.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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275 I“m happy to be your female companion.

Pei Ge pursed her lips and coldly replied while keeping her eyes on Lu Huiya. "What should I say? What if I say that I didn't cause her to faint?"

Pei Ge had just finished her words and Ji Ziming had yet to speak when Lu Huiya cried anxiously.

"How has Wen Wen's fainting got nothing to do with you? You dared not admit what you just did?"

Pei Ge rolled her eyes. "I'm really curious; am I that strong, or is Li Wen paper thin? I had yet to touch her, but she actually fell and fainted?"

Lu Huiya saw her arrogance and was delighted. "CEO Ji, look at her attitude! I really can't be her colleague. She is too arrogant."

Ji Ziming's response was rather unexpected, though.

"Since that's the case, you may resign," he said coldly as he looked indifferently at her.

"…" Everyone was stunned by his response.

Pei Ge was stunned, too. She did expect him to react in such a way.

Even the 'unconscious' Li Wen shuddered from shock and grew nervous.

Everyone's eyes were on the man and not at her, though.

"CEO J - Ji?" Lu Huiya stammered. He was clearly siding with Pei Ge.

He did not look at Lu Huiya and, instead, eyed Li Wen's prone figure.

Since he did not speak, an icy-cold atmosphere filled the surroundings, and everyone else did not dare to speak, either.

The frosty aura he was emitting made the room suffocating.

Anyone standing near him felt this way.

Li Wen, who continued to lie on the ground under his cold gaze, was panicking inside. She currently felt that she was in hell.

His penetrating gaze made Li Wen tremble.

"Get up," he ordered coldly.

Even if Li Wen wanted to continue her act, she knew that she could not, so she took her time with opening her eyes, instead. Her initially watery eyes were now filled with fear.

Pei Ge was shocked.

She was not shocked that Li Wen had not fainted but that…

Ji Ziming actually knows she's faking it with one look?! His eyes are too sharp!

Usually, men would fall for such tricks and stand by the victims' side in such situations.

Ze, ze, ze! Indeed, this annoying person is annoying! He has no feelings of pity, so how can he be deceived?!

Pei Ge's mood brightened in that moment.

"CEO J - Ji, I - I…" Li Wen was so frightened by the man's stare that she forgot to lie and kept her gaze on her shoes.

"You're fired." He coldly glanced at her and announced.


Everyone widened their eyes in shock and failed to react in time at the fact that he would fire an employee just like this.

"CEO J - Ji, please don't fire me. I will do a better job. Don't fire me." Li Wen, who was the person in question, was the fastest to react. She lifted her eyes that were brimming with tears and pleaded desperately.

It was just a pity that Ji Ziming did not respond and merely turned away coldly.

"Pei Ge, come in for a while," he ordered just as he was about to step into the CEO's office.

At his command, she promptly brushed away her complicated feelings at the sobbing Li Wen and followed him in. "Ah, yes!"

"Wen Wen, don't cry; don't cry. Leaving is good, too; you no longer need to be bullied by that woman."

"It's easy for you to say! Why didn't you resign when CEO Ji ask you to, then?!"

"Don't be like this; I'm trying to comfort you…"

Hearing the whisperings behind her, Pei Ge lowered her gaze and kept her composure as she followed the man into his office.

Pak! Once the thick wooden door was closed, she began to feel nervous.

Why did this annoying person call her into his office? Could it be for the matter earlier?

Ji Ziming sat back in his black leather chair, looked at Pei Ge, who was hanging her head low ever since entering the room, and asked coldly, "Why? Feeling guilty now?"

"What guilty?" She lifted her head and looked curiously at him. "Don't tell me you think I really bullied Li Wen?" She pursed her lips. For some reason, she did not like that he misunderstood her, so she explained herself.

"I didn't bully her. I slapped her because she said some rude things to me. As for me pushing her, she's the one who grabbed me first, so I'm not in the wrong."

His lips curled at the way her small and tender mouth sputtered so many things with her round eyes looking at him earnestly.

"I'm not referring to that matter," he cut in indifferently.

"Ah, you are not? What are you referring to, then?" She had no clue on what he was talking about now.

Nonetheless, she was happy at his unconditional trust in her.

"You are unwilling to be my female companion?" He leaned into the chair, his pair of black eyes staring intently at her.

She blinked confusedly. "Ah?"

"Why don't you want to be my female companion?" He straightened his posture and looked at her like a beast eyeing its prey.

"…" Damn. After this whole commotion, this annoying person is concerned over such a trivial thing?!

One did not need to use brain to know that it was Li Wen who had said bad things about her.

"Speak," he coldly commanded when he saw her zone out in front of him.

"Actually…" Pei Ge raised her head and looked at him without blinking. "I'm happy to be your female companion."


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