Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
278 It is no wonder you guys are a couple!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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278 It is no wonder you guys are a couple!

The afternoon passed by in a blur.

The CEO Secretariat this afternoon was more subdued than usual even when compared to this morning.

That was because it was short of one person. Pei Ge did not see Li Wen when she came out of Ji Ziming's office.

Even the items on her desk were gone. It was as though only three secretaries worked in this office from the very start.

The now three-person office was suddenly much quieter.

Li Wen and Lu Huiya's hushed conversations could occasionally be heard when Li Wen was still here.

Thus, without her, the office became filled with silence this afternoon.

However, what caused Pei Ge discomfort was not the silence but Lu Huiya's eerie gaze, instead.

Although she did not say anything rude to Pei Ge, Lu Huiya's fervent gaze never left her even for a second.

Her gaze was complex. She, of course, did not know why Lu Huiya would stare at her like this or the meaning behind her gaze, but it somehow gave her goosebumps.

She eyed the clock and when she saw that it was almost time to clock out, she silently heaved a sigh of relief, "Hoo…"

After being stared at the whole afternoon, she somehow got used to the other's gaze.

However, when she turned around and saw her complex gaze, she still felt slightly uncomfortable inside.

She looked at Lu Huiya, frowned, and then turned her attention to the work at hand.

When she turned her attention to the documents on her computer screen, she inexplicably felt the stubborn gaze on her disappear.

"Pei Ge, let's go."

Just as she was puzzling over this, Ji Ziming's low and ever-apathetic voice sounded.

She belatedly realized that the gaze's disappearance was due to the man's appearance.

"Oh, okay." She raised her head and spotted the poker-faced man standing not too far away from her.

After a quick pack-up, she followed him out of the office.

When their figures totally disappeared from view, some noise could finally be heard in the CEO Secretariat that had stayed quiet this whole afternoon.

"The number of people in this office is getting fewer and fewer…" Lu Huiya, who had been staying silent all along, suddenly remarked.

He Yan, who heard this, continued her work and ignored the other, as though she were air.

"Once Pei Ge started working here, Liu Yue and Li Wen disappeared one after another. She's the reason why they're gone." Lu Huiya did not pay any heed to He Yan's silence and continued to grumble to herself.

"Liu Yue was fired by Ji Ziming because she framed Pei Ge. As for Li Wen… Just because she badmouthed Pei Ge or bullied her, she was fired? Hur hur…

"He Yan, aren't you afraid? Who knows who among us will be fired next by CEO Ji because of Pei Ge?" Lu Huiya asked this indignantly before laughing mirthlessly.

"Lu Huiya, you won't die if you don't seek death." He Yan paused and turned to regard the other lightly.

"You won't get fired if you don't provoke Pei Ge. Considering the time we have spent together, I'll give you a piece of sincere advice: stop looking for trouble with Pei Ge, or you will end up like how Li Wen ended up today."

Lu Huiya's face turned ugly at her words, and she gnashed her teeth.

"I don't believe it! Who does Pei Ge think she is?! She has no looks and no good figure, so what rights does she have to be with CEO Ji?! She—"

He Yan interrupted her.

"Whether you like it or not, Pei Ge is not someone you can afford to provoke." She turned around and ignored Lu Huiya after saying this.

She ignored whatever Lu Huiya said afterward and only calmly hit the keyboard. Only she herself knew of the waves in her heart.

She had always suspected Ji Ziming of treating Pei Ge differently, but she, just like Lu Huiya, denied it at first.

After all, Pei Ge did not have a beautiful face or a jaw-dropping figure. She could not be anymore average, so why would a man like Ji Ziming take a fancy to her?

However, she could no longer fool herself after seeing his attitude to her today.

The man's attitude was not what one would have toward a mere employee. He cared for her and did not like seeing her getting bullied.

Hence, he fired two people for her sake.

Liu Yue's dismissal was still explainable.

As for Li Wen's dismissal today, it was not justifiable as it was simply a small squabble between colleagues.

He fired her just like that without giving a reason and without listening to anyone's explanation.

"Hoo!" He Yan took a deep breath, and her mind slowly cleared up.

Forget it; no matter what is between Pei Ge and Ji Ziming, I only need to do my work properly. Nothing will happen to me if I don't provoke her.

Meanwhile, Pei Ge, who had just arrived at Lily's salon, was unaware that her two colleagues thought about many things after her departure.

She was dragged into the same styling room as before and was currently being waited on by a handful of stylists.

The only difference this time was that Ji Ziming was waiting for her outside.

"Ge Ge, I have already told you umpteen times! Image is very important! Look at what you're wearing today?!" Lily started nagging at her the moment he saw her.

Pei Ge sat comfortably in the chair and watched him style her hair while nagging at her. Inside, she did not feel frustrated but happy, instead.

Her styling was quickly completed under his nagging.

Since Lily had incessantly been chattering away beside her, she did not fall asleep this time.

"Alright, hurry and change your clothes." He waved her off with satisfaction.

"Wait. The clothes today aren't extremely revealing, right?" Recalling the outfit she was given the last time, she gave him a wary stare.

Lily rolled his eyes in exasperation at her and said with dismay, "No wonder you guys are a couple! Your family's CEO Ji has specially warned us not to let you wear those 'revealing' clothes, so rest easy."

She heaved an audible sigh of relief at this.

However, when she received her outfit of the day from Lily, she was struck dumb.

"Unfortunately, in accordance to CEO Ji's so-called 'non-revealing clothes', I am only able to find this piece of evening gown for children!"


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