Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
279 Hng! A small and proud princess for the day!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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279 Hng! A small and proud princess for the day!

"Unfortunately, in accordance to CEO Ji's so-called 'non-revealing clothes', I am only able to find this piece of evening gown for children!" Slyness and smugness glinted in Lily's eyes as he affectedly said this.

"Evening gown for chil - children?!" Pei Ge involuntarily shrieked.

She stared wide-eyed at the extremely adorable-looking pink dress and unfolded it with trembling hands.

Once more, she was startled by the sight to the point that her mind seemed to have been messed up by the passing wind.

The gown itself was actually not ugly and was in fact really pretty.

However, the color was so pink and adorable-looking that her 'old lady' self quivered at the thought of putting it on!

Small and cute flowers with pearls at the center were embroidered on the chest area, and ribbons were tied on the shoulders. The long gown was layered with chiffon below the waist.

The most crucial thing about this was that it was an extremely cute light pink gown.

Everything about it was light pink, including the puffy skirt, the flowers embroidered on the bodice, and the chiffon cloth tied into a ribbon on the shoulders.

If one had to describe this princess dress, it would be that… It was definitely a princess dress filled with a young girl's dreams!

"How is it? The gown this time is not the least bit revealing, right?" Lily chuckled at Pei Ge's silly look.

"I especially dug out this gown for you! Although it is a little conservative, it is fortunately refreshing, pure, and cute to look at! You will look younger by at least ten years in it! It'll also return you your princess dream!"

"… Then, I really have to thank you for this." Her mouth uncontrollably twitched as she stared at the pink princess dress in her hands.

It is indeed conservative, but this color and the image… Why do I find everything about it too shameful?!

She then walked into the fitting room. There were fewer requirements regarding the way the gown should be worn, so she was not put under a lot of torture this time, and the corset was not tied too tightly like last time.

Once she was done putting on the gown, she stepped out of the fitting room. Unlike last time, Lily did not smile at the sight of her but frowned, instead.

"I keep feeling that something isn't right." He approached her and then sized her up.

"Hm? What's wrong?" She swallowed nervously and hesitantly asked, "Is it because such a delicate-looking dress doesn't look good on me? I think I look weird in it, too."

"It's not because of that. Your skin is so fair, and your cheeks have plenty of collagen. This pink attire is really suitable to you, so you don't look the least bit weird in it. However, it seems to be lacking something." He shook his head as he studied her attire.

She finally relaxed after hearing this.

"Ah, I get it now! The hairstyle is wrong!" A light suddenly flashed through his eyes and he smiled.

"Hairstyle?" She blinked, feeling perplexed. She looked at herself in the mirror moments ago and felt that the current hairstyle really suited her.

"That's right. I was too caught up in giving you a hairstyle that will make your face look smaller, so I overlooked the fact that this hairstyle is not suitable for your gown today." He nodded his head with a smile.

"Come and sit here. I will redo your hairstyle."

She obediently sat in the chair Lily had indicated.

His hands gently arranged her hair. It was so soothing that she enjoyed the experience.

Time slowly ticked by as she watched him tie her smooth and silky hair into a puffy bun.

She was stunned silly by her reflection in the mirror.

She had not arranged her hair into a bun for a long time as she usually either let it down loosely or tied it into a ponytail.

In short, she had never tied it into a bun ever since she became busy.

"Done! This puffy bun will make your face more comely. While its effect might not be as good as the previous hairstyle, the most crucial thing here is the thin layer of air bangs I specially arranged for you. It will make your face look smaller and make you look cuter!" He grinned cheerfully upon noticing her stunned look.

"Of course, this hairstyle suits your image more!"

Observing her reflection, she blinked and nodded in agreement.

Indeed, I look younger and more adorable.

She already initially thought that her makeup today made her seem younger and cuter.

She looked like a college student with the pink lipstick, innocent-looking mascara, and peach-like cheeks.

After donning this bun, she looked extremely dainty!

"Lily, you are so good at this! I feel unlike myself every time I walk out of this place!" She turned to regard the stylist with a worshipping look.

Lily snorted and proudly proclaimed, "That's for sure. Who do you think I am? Alright, alright. Princess, wear your shoes now. We have to quickly look for CEO Ji, lest he become impatient!"

"It isn't another pair of super high heels this time, right?" she asked, feeling slightly frightened.

"Relax, it's not. I prepared thick-heeled shoes since you're going for a princess-image today!" He blinked his eyes and teased.

She immediately relaxed at the mention of 'thick-heeled shoes'.

When she saw the shoes, she heaved another sigh of relief. The light-pink, thick-heeled leather heels were covered in milky-white, small flowers, looking… extremely princess-like.

She wore the heels and tried walking in them. They were pretty comfortable to wear unlike the stilettos last time.

As she did not have to wear an extremely revealing evening gown or sky-high stilettos today, she followed Lily into the waiting lounge in an upbeat mood.

"Ge Ge, CEO Ji will definitely be stunned and amazed by you this time!" Lily triumphantly said to her along the way.

Pei Ge could not help but mutter inside, Are you sure it's 'stunned' and not 'frightened', instead? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I am almost in my thirties, yet I'm actually wearing such pinkish and princess-like dress. Just the thought of it is frightening enough.

She totally did not expect that Ji Ziming's reaction… Cough, it seemed to be in line with Lily's prediction.

"Pei Ge?" A trace of admiration flashed through the man's eyes. When he looked into her big and watery eyes, his heart started accelerating… Pound, pound!


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