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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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282 I bet you got bullied again!

Pei Ge felt strange. What exactly did she do to make this annoying person say such words?!

If he must know, I am rather smart! I may not be a genius, but I am certainly not dumb! This annoying person is really annoying!

She felt comforted after scolding Ji Ziming inwardly.

However, because of this matter, she no longer felt like sticking to his side and took the first opportunity to separate from him when he was talking to others.

Hmph! Since he was so fussy about her intellect, then she would not participate in his matter and would busy herself at the dining area, instead.

She approached the buffet table, which was covered with white cloth, and felt elated at the array of cuisines laid on it.

Fortunately, her gown today did not require for her figure to be flaunted, so the corset around her waist was not tightened too much, and she could pig out!

She happily picked up the cutlery and started selecting food.

Just like last time, the food in this banquet was heavenly, causing a blissful smile to form on her lips.

Ji Ziming eventually realized that the woman was missing from his side and search for her. In the end, he found her by a buffet table, looking happy.

Her current appearance resembled a kitten that had secretly eaten a fish. She was so cute it gave one the urge to pat her head.

This dumb woman has no dining etiquette at all… he chastised inwardly, yet, unknowingly, a faint smile graced his lips.

Unmindful of the others' stares and without talking to anybody, she fully concentrated on tasting all the food the long buffet table had to offer.

Tasting the desserts on the fourth table, she lifted her head, casually looked around, and happened to spot a vaguely familiar figure.

"Yi?" Puzzlement flashed across her eyes.

The woman's back view seemed awfully familiar, as if she had seen her somewhere before.

The woman standing in the distance happened to face her direction at this point. Seeing that, she eyed her intently.

As she was trying to identify the woman in her memories…

"Ge Ge?"

Pei Zhenghui's voice suddenly called out to her.

"Second Uncle?" Pei Ge jolted with a start, turned around, and saw Pei Zhenghui with a shocked look on his face.

"Ge Ge, why are you here?" His shock turned into displeasure upon hearing her voice.

"Oh, I'm CEO Ji's female companion." She could sense his displeasure but could not tell what was causing it.

His look of displeasure deepened at her answer.

"I didn't think… that your cousin is actually telling the truth," he mumbled.

"Ah?" She did not catch her second uncle's exact words as he had spoken too softly, but she did manage to hear the word 'cousin'.

Did Pei Shishi say something about her that caused Pei Zhenghui to look at her with discontentment right now?

She had clearly told Pei Shishi that everything was already in the past, so why did her cousin insist on pursuing the matter?

A bout of anger swelled within her.

"Second Uncle… what did my cousin say to you?" she asked tentatively.

He did not answer her question and, instead, looked at her deeply, before saying with emotion, "You've really grown up."

She found his words unsettling.

"Second Uncle, I'm almost 27. Of course, I'm already a grownup," she laughingly said.

"Yes, in the blink of an eye, you are already an adult." Pei Zhenghui was reminded of his older brother at her bright smile.

This child is really a chip off the old block…

She thought her second uncle was behaving rather oddly but just passed it off as his way of doting on her.

"Come over to our house tonight; I have something to discuss with you." He narrowed his eyes, his voice devoid of doting.

"Ah, tonight? Won't it be late already?" She swept her gaze around the banquet and judged that it should end pretty late.

"Just come over tonight." He left after saying this.

She watched him leave and could not shake off the anxiety she felt inside.

It was only when she saw her second uncle join in the conversation of some men in suits that she looked elsewhere.

When she looked in that direction from earlier, the familiar-looking woman was no longer there.

Still, because of her second uncle's appearance, she was no longer interested in identifying that woman.

"Ugh. I don't know what cousin said to second uncle, but he seems unhappy with me…" With her appetite gone, she lethargically talked to herself and watched the men and women converse with one another.

I thought that matter is over as I had that heart-to-heart talk with cousin, yet…

"Why the long face?"

As she was pondering on this frustrating matter, Ji Ziming's unique voice floated into her ears.

Seeing his shiny black real leather shoes, she lifted her head and was greeted by his handsome and cold face.

"What happened?" His eyebrows moved with distaste at her dazed state.

This dumb woman should indeed be closely watched, or she'll get bullied without my knowledge.

"Oh, it's nothing. I just saw my second uncle," she said with a shake her head and a wry smile.

"Your second uncle?" He frowned slightly. This woman's second uncle is Pei Shishi's father, right?

"My second uncle is Pei Family Real Estate's CEO, Pei Zhenghui," she informed when she noticed his cluelessness over who her second uncle was.

He nodded with understanding.

It was as he had thought.

"He bullied you?" His expression remained cold, but his tone was unusually serious.



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