Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
285 Ge Ge, I heard that you managed to snag a rich boyfriend?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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285 Ge Ge, I heard that you managed to snag a rich boyfriend?

"CEO Ji, thank you for sending me over."

After alighting from the car, Pei Ge turned around and politely thanked Ji Ziming, who was sitting immobile inside the vehicle.

The man did not spare her a glance and treated her as if she were air, though.

She was already stressed out over the matter of her mother being summoned to Pei Shishi's house, so a string in her mind snapped when faced with his sulking.

She momentarily forgot that the man sitting in the car with a noble aura was not an ordinary person but was instead a big boss who had control over the livelihoods of many. Glaring at him fiercely, she thoughtlessly slammed the door in his face.

Bang! The loud slamming sound startled Ji Ziming and Du Wen.

Ji Ziming, who was also known as an iceberg man and was wearing a poker face just then, now had a look of shock.

She actually dared to slam the door in my face?!

Du Wen, who had been trying to minimize his presence all this while, could not believe his eyes either. With regard to her act of slamming the door… he only felt worship and admiration!

Oh, man! Miss Pei is really too miraculous! She actually slammed the door in big boss's face and leave just like that! She is the true man!

As he thought this, Du Wen surreptitiously peeked at Ji Ziming's expression from the rearview mirror.

What greeted his sight was the great CEO, who was usually so domineering and cold that people dared not meet his eyes, currently having a dazed look on his face, as though a passing wind had blown his mind into disarray. Somehow, it seemed that hidden amid his shocked expression was a tinge of being wronged.

Er, er, er! Mhm! I must've seen wrongly. Still, CEO Ji being like this is really… adorable!

Meanwhile, Pei Ge, who was a car's width away from them, was a far cry from what Du Wen had just described her!

She, whose brain had short-circuited and slammed the door in Ji Ziming's face, regained her rationality the moment she heard the banging sound and really regretted her brash action.

She shifted her gaze from the car door and to her hand in depression, scolding herself inside, Pei Ge, will you die if you just bear with it a little?! You know exactly what that annoying fellow is like! He always has that temper of his! You've tolerated it all this time, so what made you stupidly slam the door in his face?! That damn, annoying fellow will surely torture you tomorrow to exact his vengeance!

"Sigh…" she deeply sighed and quickly strode into the neighborhood, not daring to look backward.

Forget it; forget it. What's done is done; I shouldn't regret it anymore. I'll just treat it as me releasing my pent-up frustration and being foolhardy this one time.

"CEO - CEO Ji…" Du Wen softly called out to Ji Ziming, who had been in the same position ever since Pei Ge's departure.

Sigh… I can't be blamed for disturbing big boss. He's been in a daze for quite some time now, after all.

"CEO Ji, are we leaving now?" He swallowed and increased his volume when the man did not respond at all.

"CEO Ji?" Oh, my god; oh, my god! Big boss couldn't have been frightened silly by Miss Pei's action, right?

Ji Ziming finally replied to him after a pregnant pause.

"Stay here."

The assistant glanced at his boss's cold expression and unchanging posture.

Ji Ziming continued to look out the window, as though he were waiting for someone, in the same posture he had when Pei Ge was still present.

The miraculous Miss Pei is really our CEO's true love… Du Wen could not help but mutter inwardly.

Ding dong!

Pei Ge stood just outside her second uncle's villa and pressed the doorbell.

The door was quickly opened from the inside.

"Ge Ge, you're here. Madam and Miss are waiting for you inside!" The person who opened the door was Pei Zhenghui's house nanny, Ah Ju.

"Ah Ju," she smilingly greeted.

She put on the soft pair of indoor slippers Ah Ju had given her and walked into the villa.

This was not her first time visiting her second uncle's house, and she felt no excitement this time, either. Rather, she felt extremely conflicted and nervous inside.

"Ge Ge, you're here. Come sit here with your second auntie." Pei Ge followed Ah Ju inside and quickly reached the living room where she promptly spotted her mother sitting on a pearly white leather sofa together with Liu Yan and Pei Shishi.

When she saw the smile on their faces, she paused for a while. Did I think wrongly? Perhaps, I am really overthinking things…

"Ge Ge, you child, your second auntie is calling you, so why are you still standing there foolishly for?" Zhang Manhua remarked when her daughter dazedly remained where she was.

Pei Ge regained her senses at her mother's light admonishment.

"Mhm. Second Aunt, Cousin." She put on a smile and politely called out to the two.

"Come, come, come! Ge Ge, let second auntie take a good look at you. Why do I feel that you look prettier than before?" Liu Yan waved her over with a face full of smiles.

Pei Ge was a little puzzled by this. She knew of her second auntie's personality and how she was not usually this amiable to her, so why was she acting this passionate to her today?

Despite the questions she had inside, she did not dare defy Liu Yan when her mother was glaring at her like a tiger would to its prey.

When Pei Ge really took a seat beside her, Liu Yan carefully scrutinized her niece.

She recalled her daughter saying previously that Pei Ge seemed to have become a CEO's girlfriend.

She refused to believe that her niece, whom she had always looked down on, would be capable of getting together with an outstanding man.

She had a blind trust toward her daughter, though, so when she got a call from her husband to invite Zhang Manhua over to their house, she readily called her sister-in-law in hopes of extricating more information from her.

She did not manage to probe much, though. This was because her sister-in-law knew less than her daughter did.

She had her doubts over Pei Ge managing to snag a rich man's son, but when she finally saw her niece, her resolution wavered.

This was because her usually unremarkable-looking niece had somehow gotten prettier.

"Yo! Jumping into a big company is indeed quite a good move. Even your looks and poise have changed." Liu Yan instantly felt distaste at her niece's improved appearance.

Her niece's current appearance strongly reminded Liu Yan of the past Pei Ge.

That past Pei Ge who was superior to and more outstanding than her daughter in every way…


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