Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
290 Auntie, you can just call me Xiao Ji.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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290 Auntie, you can just call me Xiao Ji.

The mother and daughter chatted as they walked in a neither-too-slow-nor-too-fast pace.

Perhaps, it was because the two had poured their hearts out earlier that, by the time they walked out of the neighborhood, their mood had considerably improved and they were no longer that depressed.

"Ugh, I really don't know what to say to you, lassie." Zhang Manhua sighed and shook her head helplessly.

She of course knew how good her daughter's heart was and how genuinely the latter treated their relatives.

Thus, despite Pei Zhenghui's accusations about her daughter, she did not believe them at all.

It was just a pity that he and his family did not trust her daughter.

"He he… Mom doesn't have to say anything, then." Pei Ge grinned and hugged her mother's arm in a cutesy manner.

"You…" Zhang Manhua stared at her daughter and said seriously, "You'd better explain things properly to your second uncle tomorrow. Don't let him misunderstand you."

"Mhm! I'll definitely clarify things with him." She nodded with a smile.

"Today…" Zhang Manhua paused upon seeing her daughter's smiling face but eventually said, "Don't blame your second uncle for today's incident. He's had too much to drink—"

Pei Ge interrupted her mother's words.

"I know, Mom. Don't worry about it anymore," she assured her mother with a smile. Her second uncle's words had truly hurt her, but because of their years of relation and the fact that he was her father's one and only little brother, she would not count things with him.

"Your second uncle is now someone with plenty of responsibilities and is always under a lot of pressure, hahhh…" Zhang Manhua trailed off with a sigh.

"Alright, alright. Stop sighing, Mom. If you sigh one more time, you'll become an old hag," Pei Ge teased.

"You child."

The pair chatted happily all the way out of the neighborhood. Only when they reached the empty road did they realize that going home was a problem.

Since this was a rather high-class neighborhood, the residents owned cars and did not rely on public transport. Thus, no taxis could be seen passing by in the area.

"I forgot to book a taxi," Pei Ge helplessly said as she looked into the dark night.

"Book one now, then. It's already late and you still have work tomorrow." Zhang Manhua's forehead creased slightly.


Pei Ge took out her phone and was about to call for a taxi when a car drove over from a distance.

"Yi, Ge Ge! Is that a taxi?" Zhang Manhua cried out in surprise when she also saw the approaching car.

Looking at it, Pei Ge found the car to be very familiar. "It's not a taxi."

"Why do I feel that the car is driving toward us?" her mother wondered aloud.

Hearing her mother's words, she looked at the approaching car. It really did seem to be driving toward them.

"It's probably because we are standing at the entrance."

She had just finished her sentence when the familiar black Rolls-Royce stopped before them.

The shiny logo at the front hood enabled her to identify the car.

Was this not the annoying person's car?! Why was it here?!

Just as she was wondering about this, Du Wen hopped out of the car.

"Assistant Du?" Her eyes widened in shock. Although she recognized the car to be Ji Ziming's, she was still surprised to see Du Wen jump out of the car.

"Miss Pei, get in." Du Wen smiled at her shocked reaction.

Under the mother-daughter pair's surprised and confused gazes, he respectfully opened the car door.

She received an even greater shock once the car door was opened.

She doubted her eyes and, in that instant, thought that she was hallucinating.

"Xiao Ji?!" Zhang Manhua cried out in surprise when she also saw the person inside the car.

The sound of her mother's voice let Pei Ge recover from her dazed state.

A dashing man was sitting like a god on the car's black leather seat.

The dark yellow light inside the car illuminated the man and made him seem aloofly noble.

Ji Ziming?! Why is this annoying person still here?! Don't tell me he - he's been waiting all this while for me?!

"Hello, Auntie." His crisp, cold voice brought Pei Ge back to the present.

"… Hi, hi, hi." His polite greeting reminded Zhang Manhua of that earlier incident.

She felt slightly awkward to meet this young man's gaze.

"Pei Ge, get in with auntie. It's not easy to call a taxi here," he lightly said, as though he had not noticed the slight awkwardness on Zhang Manhua's face.

Pei Ge's forehead moved slightly at his words.

This man was why that drama at Pei Shishi's house had happened in the first place.

As such, once she recovered from her shock, she felt slightly angry with him.

She did not want to sit in his car. Who knew that her mother did not feel the same way, though?

"Auntie, I'll give you both a ride home; it's on the way." He turned his attention to Zhang Manhua when he saw the anger in Pei Ge's eyes.

"Mhm." Although she felt slightly awkward to look at him, she did not hate this good-looking boss who had disposition and treated her daughter very well.

Thus, she smiled and nodded.

"Ge Ge, let's get in. Mr. Ji happens to be going in the same direction as us," she smilingly urged her daughter.

Pei Ge pressed her lips together and spat inwardly, How can this annoying person's house be in the same direction as our house?! Anyone can tell he's lying!

"Auntie, you are too polite. No need to call me Mr. Ji. You can just call me Xiao Ji as usual." Though he did not smile, his tone was very relaxed.

"He he, then, I'll call you Xiao Ji. Calling Mr. Ji is indeed awkward." The more Zhang Manhua looked at the man, the more pleasurable he was to the eye.

While she found him pleasurable to the eye, her daughter did not.

Pei Ge snorted inwardly at his easy-going manner.

Hmph! He really knows how to pretend to be a good person!


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