Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
296 My relationship with CEO Ji is not what you think.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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296 My relationship with CEO Ji is not what you think.

"Second Uncle."

Pei Ge called out to Pei Zhenghui, who was at his desk and reading a document, the moment she entered his office.

He lifted his head from the document at her call.

"Ge Ge, you are here." He smiled and stood up from the leather chair.

"Have you eaten?"

"I haven't yet." She was slightly taken aback by the middle-aged man's amiable appearance.

Somehow, she was reminded of the anger he had vented on her yesterday.

"Ge Ge?"

"Ah?" When she returned her attention to the present, she realized that he had unknowingly walked up to her.

"What are you thinking of? You didn't even respond to my question," he asked curiously.

"Ah. I just lost myself in the thought of some leftover work at the office," she replied sheepishly.

She decided not to say what she had truly been thinking of.

"Really?" He chortled with a shake of his head. "It is after the office hours now, yet you're still thinking of work. You're really so hardworking. If my company has employees like you, I will wake up with a smile."

"Second Uncle, your employees are way better than me. They are those who finish their tasks without having to work overtime," she giggled and teased.

"You, lassie, only know how to say things that will make me happy." He laughed at her words.

The angry image she had of her uncle faded because of his present jovial appearance.

"Sit; don't you have something to discuss with me? Let me brew you some tea as we chat." He walked to the sofa and waved her over.

She smiled and sat by his side.

"What did you want to discuss with me about?" He poured hot water into the teapot as he asked this encouragingly.

"I…" She hesitated for a bit before eventually saying, "I want to clarify my relationship with CEO Ji."

"Mhm?" Pei Zhenghui looked curiously at her, as though he did not understand what she meant.

"My relationship with CEO Ji is not what you think it is, and I won't ever intentionally harm Pei family's business," she earnestly continued.

"Although I don't know where you heard the news from, I just want to say that, as my family, I won't ever do something that will harm you or your business."

This was her sincere thoughts. She would never do anything to harm the people she considered as family.

This was because she cared for them and because they were the family that had helped her mother and herself at their lowest point in life.

Her words made Pei Zhenghui halt his actions.

"Ge Ge…"

He gave his niece a serious once-over. She resembled his older brother a lot, not just in appearance but also in personality…

Once more, he was reminded of his older brother in that moment. In the past, everyone acknowledged and liked… his older brother.

'Ah Hui, no matter what kind of person you are, you will always be my little brother – my family. As long as I have the capability, I will protect you forever.'

He he… Big brother…

"Second Uncle, what's wrong?" Pei Ge asked curiously when she saw the complex look on his face.

He smiled and replied gently, "You just reminded me strongly of elder brother."

"Dad?" she asked in surprise.

She remembered that, ever since her father passed away, his name had become taboo in the Pei household.

As such, her second uncle had not even once mentioned him before.

"Yes. You are very similar to your father," he affirmed gently as he smiled at her.

"Really?! I'm really similar to my father? I don't seem to resemble him at all in the pictures, though?" she excitedly asked after her father.

He chuckled at her child-like excitement and shook his head. "Both your personalities are similar."

"Really?" she asked happily. Others did not know this, but her dream had always been to be like her father: a kind and respectable person.

"Really." He nodded with a smile.

At his affirmation, she was ecstatic and completely forgot of why she was there.

Her heart was currently fully occupied with thoughts of her father.

"Ge Ge, I know I've wronged you yesterday, and I really feel regretful." His voice was filled with guilt upon seeing her excited appearance.

"No worries, Second Uncle, I know you didn't mean it; you were drunk! I didn't take it to heart," she assured with a smile. She thought to herself, I must've injured my brain for me to think that the scary version of him is the real Pei Zhenghui. He is clearly a good person.

"Oh, Ge Ge, I'm also concerned for you. Ji Ziming, that kind of person, is not someone we average people can manage…" he said solemnly and then sighed.

She quickly interrupted him.

"Second Uncle, you are overthinking this. I really don't have any relation with CEO Ji." She hurriedly waved away his concerns and explained.

"Clarifying that to you is actually the purpose of my visit here today. We really aren't a couple. CEO Ji merely said that I am his girlfriend to rid himself of a woman he has no feelings for."

"That's it? Why didn't you explain it clearly to your cousin, then?" He did not suspect her of lying.

After all, deep down, he had never considered Pei Ge as someone who could attract such a high and mighty man with her appearance.

"Oh…" She moistened her lips and said softly, "Second Uncle, do you know who CEO Ji was talking to when he said that I am his girlfriend?"

"Who?" he asked, his forehead creasing slightly.

"It's cousin," she inhaled deeply and answered.

"Your cousin?" he asked with doubt.

"The person my cousin really likes is Ji Ziming and not Zhou Zhuoyang!"



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