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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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297 He must have felt wronged.

"The person my cousin really likes is Ji Ziming and not Zhou Zhuoyang!"

Pei Ge continued to speak even when she saw Pei Zhenghui's disbelieving look. "CEO Ji doesn't like my cousin, so he used me as a shield."

"As for why I didn't tell my cousin of this, it is as I've explained: I'm afraid of hurting her feelings."

She sighed in relief once she let everything out.

Who knew that her cousin would like Ji Ziming so much she would feel such intense jealousy against her?

It was just a man.

If it were her, even if she liked the man, she would not hurt her sister's heart for him.

No matter how much she loved the man, family would always be her first priority.

"Wait… What you're trying to say is that your cousin likes Ji Ziming, but the man doesn't like her back, right?" He was really confused by her claim.

"Mhm! Second Uncle, I think it's best that you keep this matter a secret from cousin," she nodded and advised lightly.

"How did you know? Shishi - Shishi is about to get married. How can the person she like not be Zhou Zhuoyang?" He frowned and stared intently at her.

"I'm not sure about the details; all I know is that cousin is CEO Ji's past acquaintance, but when their paths crossed again, he didn't even recognize her. Clearly, CEO Ji has no interest in my cousin," she replied helplessly.

"As to… why I know that cousin's love is CEO Ji." She sighed and thought about it for a while before deciding to explain everything to her second uncle. "That's because she became jealous of me, or, more accurately, she became jealous of me being close to CEO Ji."

As she shared that incident with Liu Yue, Pei Zhenghui's grimace worsened.

When she finally concluded her explanation, his eyes were filled with anger.

Pak! He slammed his thick palm onto the coffee table.

"That traitor! She actually went against you for an outsider!" he yelled, his face expressing his immense anger.

Pei Ge's heart warmed at the anger on his face and how protective he was of her.

"Second Uncle, my cousin only did it in the heat of the moment. I wasn't harmed in any case." She grinned.

"You silly lass, even if you were not harmed, your sister's methods were still wrong." He sighed at the smile on her face.

"Don't worry; I'll talk to her properly when I get home," he promised.

She gently shook her head at that. "Second Uncle, it is better if you pretend ignorance of this matter. You are aware of my cousin's temper. Whatever she has set her mind to do, no one can dissuade her otherwise. You also can't tell her that I am not dating CEO Ji."

"Why?" he asked confusedly, unable to catch what she meant.

"I'm worried that if she finds out that CEO Ji and I are not a couple, she'll see it as an opportunity and do something that may hurt her. After all, CEO Ji really doesn't like cousin, and she is already engaged," she explained with a shrug.

He was stunned by her words. He did not expect that Pei Ge would still treat his daughter so well and think of her well-being even after all the bad things his daughter had done to her.

"Oh, Ge Ge, your sister is blessed to have you." He heavily sighed.

"No worries. After all, she is my only sister and I wish her happiness," she said with a bright smile.

"Mhm." He smiled along with her.

Duuuuu! The kettle sang as the water inside it boiled.

He took the kettle down and brewed the tea with familiarity.

She could not help but compare Ji Ziming's tea brewing method with her second uncle's and note the difference.

"Ge Ge, please don't take what I said yesterday to heart. I was in the wrong. It's just that the company invested a lot into that project." He served her a cup of brewed tea.

Once she received the tea from him, she smiled and said, "Second Uncle, if you keep apologizing I will be angry. Is your niece so petty in your eyes?"

"He he, you lassie." He laughed and shook his head before answering dotingly, "Alright, alright. I won't say it anymore; I won't say."

"That's right!" She grinned and then tasted the tea he had brewed for her.

Just as the warm tea flowed into her mouth, the image of Ji Ziming's cold face surfaced in her mind.

Tea… is actually not that nice to drink if that annoying person isn't the one brewing it.

'… Don't you know that the world is like a battlefield? What makes you think that only Pei Zhenghui deserves that project? He worked hard for a few months but so did others.'

Indeed… The world was like a battlefield. What rights did she have to misunderstand that annoying person?

When her second uncle misunderstood her, she felt so wronged that she cried and her heart ached terribly.

He must have felt upset yesterday, too.

She gently swallowed the mouthful of tea, and the expression on her face turned solemn.

Should she… learn from her second uncle and apologize to Ji Ziming?

Eh… Never mind that. He may not care about this at all. Besides, we have no relations.

"Second Uncle, since I've clarified the matter, I'll take my leave now," she said with a smile as she placed the tea cup down.

"It's getting late; come over for dinner," he smilingly invited.

"No need, Second Uncle, my mother is still waiting for me at home. I'll go home for dinner," she gently rejected his offer with a wave of her hand.

He must be kidding. After yesterday's incident, will Second Auntie give me a warm welcome if I go there today? There's no way I'll allow myself to be abused by her hurtful words again.

"Alright." He did not insist and simply nodded with a smile.

"Then, I'll go back first, Second Uncle." She smiled.

"Mhm." He nodded.

She waved her doting second uncle goodbye and left the office.

Unbeknown to her, Pei Zhenghui's initially doting gaze vanished the moment she left the office.


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