Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
298 Am I worth less than that man in your heart?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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298 Am I worth less than that man in your heart?

The warm office immediately chilled the moment Pei Zhenghui's expression turned somber.

He narrowed his eyes as he slowly walked to his desk.

Pak! His strength was excessive when he picked up his phone and speedily dialed a string of numbers.

"Hello, Dad?"

The call quickly connected and Pei Shishi's gentle voice came through.

"Hmph!" He did not speak and merely harrumphed in acknowledgement.

"Dad, what's wrong?" She, who had always been good at sensing the mood of others, detected her father's anger.

"What's wrong? You still dared to ask me?!" he growled, the anger thick in his voice.

"Dad, are you mad at me right now?" Despite her sensitivity, she was still talking through the phone and was unable to guess what he was mad at her for.

"You! How could you do such things to Ge Ge?!" he asked angrily.

"Ah? What did I do to her?" she asked innocently.

If it were not for his surety that Pei Ge would not dare lie to him, he would really believe his daughter's innocent act and think that his niece was lying.

"Pei Shishi, you still dared pretend with your father?! Are you truly asking me what you have done? That person called Liu Yue, you should know who she is!" When she refused to admit her wrongdoing, he could not take it any longer and angrily revealed this detail.

"Dad… What did Pei Ge tell you?" she asked in a grave voice.

"She told me everything. You! How could you do such foolish things?!" he demanded furiously.

"… Dad, I don't know," she replied after a while.

"Shishi, you have handled this matter wrongly," he sighed and said.

"I—" He cut her words off.

"Alright, you don't have to explain anything to me. I know."

When he heard her silence, he sighed again and said helplessly, "Shishi, why do you have to compete with Ge Ge? The two of you are on completely different levels."

"Dad. Ji Ziming likes her, and I can't take it," she confessed in a bland voice, yet her tone had a hint of jealousy.

"You, how can you even consider that? How can a man of Ji Ziming's status like your cousin?" The anger in his voice faded slowly.


"Pei Ge and Ji Ziming are not a couple," he revealed, seemingly having forgotten Pei Ge's advice.

"How can that be?!" Pei Shishi lost her calmness and exclaimed.

"It is true. Ge Ge's and Ji Ziming's only relation is that of a subordinate to a boss. He only said she is his girlfriend to rid himself of some trouble. Ge Ge personally told me this," he explained to his daughter.

"Really?! They are really not in a relationship? They're truly not a couple?!" Ecstatic, her voice pitched higher.

"Mhm." Hearing her excitement, his tone turned serious.

"Shishi, tell me honestly; what do you plan to do with Zhou Zhuoyang? You should know that our families are already entangled this much." His eyes narrowed with seriousness.

"Dad, I…"

As the father-daughter pair proceeded with their serious talk, Pei Ge remained oblivious that her elaborate lie had already been exposed.

She left Pei Family Real Estate in a relaxed mood and saw that the sky had already darkened.

She did not think that the talk would progress so smoothly.

Reaching the bus stop in an unhurried manner, she quietly waited for a bus to arrive.

Unfortunately, the buses did not make frequent trips to this bus stop; she had been waiting for almost ten minutes, but the bus heading to her neighborhood had yet to arrive.

How slow.

She was getting impatient.

"Ke Ke, I already said that that man is a good-for-nothing."

"Sister, don't even try; don't think I don't know that you like him, too."

It was then that two beautiful girls approached the bus stop.

"Yes, I admit to liking him before, and that's how I found out that he is a good-for-nothing."

"Hmph! Stop pretending! You are clearly jealous of him liking me more, so you are trying to drive a wedge between us."

The two's conversation attracted Pei Ge's attention and she began to eavesdrop.

"I'm jealous to the point of driving a wedge between you two? Ke Ke, you are not young anymore. Can you be more mature? Don't be so childish! I'm your sister, so how can I harm you?"

"Fine! I'm childish, and you are very mature, alright?!"

"Ke Ke, I admit that I liked him before, but since he tried seducing the two of us at once, I only have hate for him now!"

"Hmph! I don't believe you!"

"Ke Ke, think about this properly."


"We grew up together. How long have you known this man? Can his love compare to our sisterly bond of over ten years? Don't you know the matters in my heart? Or am I worth less than that man whom you've only met a few months ago?"


"Ke Ke, I won't ever harm you for a man. Your place in my heart will always be higher than any man…"

It was just a conversation between two sisters that were strangers to her, yet Pei Ge was moved by the elder sister's speech and felt enlightened. Those things that were once blurry were now clear.

Cousin, she…

Diiii! A loud honking sound interrupted her thoughts.

She lifted her head and found that the bus she had been waiting for finally arrived.

She did not board this bus, though, and, instead, retrieved her phone from her handbag with a look of determination.

She silently looked at the phone screen, and only dialed a number after a long while.

"Hello. He he! What a miracle; I never thought you would actually call me."

A sarcastic female voice soon sounded from the phone.

Pei Ge calmly and indifferently held the phone, as though she had not heard the person's mocking.

"Liu Yue, let's meet. I have some things to ask you."


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