Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
299 Feeling Good about Abusing the Bes
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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299 Feeling Good about Abusing the Bes

"Liu Yue, let's meet; I have some things to ask you."

Silence filled the line.

After a long while, Liu Yue's sarcastic voice was heard again.

"He he! What do you want to ask me about?"

"My cousin, Pei Shishi," Pei Ge curtly replied.

"Ha ha! You're finally willing to know about that matter, huh. You are really such a coward!" She cackled with ridicule.

Pei Ge did not say anything and merely listened to her laughter.

"Fine. Since you want to meet me, let's meet."

Pei Ge ended the call immediately after arranging the location and hailed a taxi toward the agreed-on place.

She looked calm as she observed the passing beautiful night scenery, but her thoughts were far from calm.

"Miss, we have arrived."

Seeing that his passenger was in a daze, the taxi driver lightly called out to her.

Only then did she collect her thoughts.

"Okay, thank you, sir."

She alighted from the taxi once she paid the fare.

Her forehead creased slightly at the coffee house Liu Yue had chosen to meet.

She was a regular at this coffee house.

"Welcome…" The eyes of the woman at the counter widened when she saw Pei Ge.

"You?! Are you here for another blind date?" The girl in braids eyed her curiously while asking inside, Did my male god dump you?

"No, I'm not here for a blind date." She amiably gave this answer to the familiar waitress.

"Oh, I see."

This coffee house was none other than the one Ji Ziming liked to frequent, Blues Coffee.

Pei Ge entered the shop with much familiarity and quickly spotted Liu Yue sitting at a corner.

She approached Liu Yue, who seemed to have lost some weight, and sat opposite her.

Liu Yue was wearing a simple yet stylish pink dress, but its faded look gave Pei Ge the impression that it had been washed too many a time.

"It seems that you've been living the good life," Liu Yue remarked as she noted the other's new hairstyle and outfit that screamed 'expensive'.

She smirked and then eyed Pei Ge with jealousy and anger.

How could she not hate her? If it were not for her, she would not be in her current state! Pei Ge should not have the glory she enjoyed today, either!

"Still alright; just better than you," Pei Ge replied sardonically.

"You…" Liu Yue stared fiercely at Pei Ge; she looked as if she wanted to swallow the latter whole.

"What would you like to order, dear customers?" The waitress sensed the tension between the two and thought to herself, How are they friends? They are clearly enemies! They won't get into a fight later, will they?

At the waitress's question, Liu Yue's initially tight expression broke into a wide smile.

"Of course, we must order the best."

She smirked and said to Pei Ge, "This is your treat. After all, you arranged this meeting."

Pei Ge already expected Liu Yue to have such intention when she chose this coffee house for their meeting. She pressed her lips together and then snorted.

"Of course, this is my treat. You are, after all, 'paramount' to me as I can work at Chenguang. Plus, I want to hear some information from you."

Her words caused Liu Yue's fury to reach its peak, and they pricked her throat and caused her heart to ache.

You are paramount, right?! I recommended you to Chenguang Real Estate, and your promotion was due to me being given a chance to translate some documents…

All in all, I'm the one who pushed you up! How else could you have risen to this level otherwise?!

In the end, I was crushed by you to the ground!

All the smugness and gloating that she had initially felt, for what she thought was her taking advantage of Pei Ge, seeped out of her.

"You can only be arrogant in front of me." She glared at Pei Ge and then asked mockingly, "What are you being smug about?"

"I'm not here to quarrel with you," Pei Ge said plainly. Liu Yue was just a stranger to her.

She no longer felt any emotion toward her. Thus, even if the other was jealous of, angry at, or mocking of her, she no longer cared and could not be bothered to be petty with her.

"I just want to ask you if you found my cousin first or…" she paused and then continued, "… or she did first."

"What do you think?" Liu Yue laughed at her agonized look.

Pei Ge is sad over that woman? What a joke! How stupid!

"If you don't wish to answer it, then I won't waste my time, either." After saying this, Pei Ge took her bag to leave.

Liu Yue panicked when she saw her move to leave.

"Stop! I'll answer it!" She furiously looked at Pei Ge. She initially thought that she could threaten her, but who knew that the latter would be so uncooperative?

Pei Ge looked at her with indifference.

"… Under the condition that you pay me." Liu Yue narrowed her eyes at her. Her days were hard to live now.

Previously, she did not find anything bad about being fired at Chenguang Real Estate, and she even managed to secure herself a non-demanding and high-paying job.

However, because of Pei Ge and Pei Shishi, she was unable to find a job that was as good as before.

She had few skills and her academic qualifications were not that high. Entering big companies was very competitive nowadays, and she did not qualify for her desired jobs.

The jobs she managed to find were rejected by her due to low pay or tough work or both.

She had been unemployed since she got fired from her last job.

"Pay you?" Pei Ge arched an eyebrow and asked, "Why should I do that?"

Though she could not be bothered to hate on such an unimportant person, giving her money was a different matter altogether! Liu Yue must be dreaming!

"You are begging me for information, so you of course have to pay me! If you don't do so, I won't tell you anything!" Liu Yue raised her chin and smugly threatened.

"Oh, really?" Pei Ge chuckled lightly.

"We don't have anything to discuss, then, Miss Liu. As for me begging you, I believe you are mistaken." She stood up and looked down at her.

"If you don't wish to answer my question, then I won't waste my time with you."

Liu Yue was stunned by her words. This was completely different from how she had imagined their interaction would be.

"Oh, right. I forgot to tell you; you ordered those items earlier. Remember to pay for them at the counter later. Don't think about eating for free."


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