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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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306 Couple Suite

Once they had their rather filling meal, Pei Ge and Tang Xiaoyu departed from the bistro that housed most of their teenage memories.

The sky had already darkened at this point.

A crescent moon hung in the infinitely dark sky. Although there were no visible stars in the sky, the colorful and dazzling streetlights made up for them.

"Xiaoyu, it's pretty late now. Let's go home, so you can rest with me." She laughed at the sight of her best friend dragging a gigantic silver luggage.

Tang Xiaoyu merely rolled her eyes at her suggestion.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's no wonder you are a shut-in! Your soul sister here is finally back in the country to be with you, and this is the treatment I'm getting? It's not even 9 P.M. yet, and you are already telling me to go home and sleep."

"Eh? Then, what?" She blinked her eyes questioningly.

"Hng, hng, hng! My elder sister here! We are almost in our thirties! We are so grown up we can't be any more grown up, so can we have some form of nightlife?" Tang Xiaoyu pouted at her in disdain.

"Tsk. It doesn't matter what you say, as I know that you just want to go clubbing." She rolled her eyes and muttered, "Anyone who has taken such a long flight will be on their last leg because of jet lag, yet you are still this spirited."

"Mhm? Pei Ge, what did you say? Did you just badmouth me?" Tang Xiaoyu shot her a dagger look.

"Ha ha, of course, I didn't. How could I badmouth you? I was just thinking of where to put your luggage. Should we head to my house first?" She gave a dry laugh and then looked at her imploringly.

"Hmph. If we go to your house, with Auntie's personality, do you think we can still leave? We will most likely hold a tea party, instead." Tang Xiaoyu shook her head in amusement.

She helplessly nodded in agreement.

There was a high chance of that happening. After all, if her good ole mother saw her best friend, she would most likely pull her along for a long conversation late into the night.

"What should we do, then?" she asked, feeling conflicted.

"Stupid. I've thought of this long ago. Before I even arrived, I already booked a room at Vista." Tang Xiaoyu raised her chin smugly.

Her eyes widened infinitely once the other mentioned that name.

"Vista?!" she blurted out.

My god! Of the many hotels in Beijing, Xiaoyu just had to book a room at Hotel Vista!

However, if one just thought about it carefully, it was actually pretty understandable. Tang Xiaoyu was a person who craved fun and excitement, so she would of course know of Bar Vista's reputation as one of the best nightclubs in the capital. Moreover, it was the only bar among the best nightclubs that had a luxurious hotel in the same building.

"Hm, what's wrong?" Tang Xiaoyu looked at her questioningly. A heartbeat later, her eyes widened as she voiced out her suspicion, "Could it be that it is the place you had your one-night stand with you-know-who?"

"Ha ha ha ha! Let's just go home!" she resolutely declared as she laughed dryly.

"He he… Darling, don't be like that… I've already booked a luxurious couple suite for the night and even paid the deposit!" Her best friend chuckled and winked.

She felt stuffy inside at this and glared helplessly at her best friend.

This Tang Xiaoyu is really… She could've gone to any hotel, so why must she choose Hotel Vista?!

"Ge Ge, the car is here. Let's go!"

Saying this, she proceeded to pull Pei Ge into the taxi.

Pak! She inexplicably felt as if she had boarded a pirate ship the moment the taxi's door closed.

She looked at the prosperous street outside and inexplicably had… an ominous feeling?

The taxi reached Bar Vista amid her uneasy heartbeat.

She swept her gaze across the brightly lit and dazzling street with fashionable men and women and could not help but swallow nervously.

Raising her head, the gigantic and resplendent signboard of Bar Vista entered her view, instantly reminding her of Ji Ziming.

I probably won't meet that annoying fellow here, right?

"Let's go; let's go!" Tang Xiaoyu did not know her current thoughts. With her left hand dragging her luggage and right hand pulling Pei Ge along, she strode into Bar Vista.

The pair first had a bellhop of Hotel Vista bring Tang Xiaoyu's luggage to her reserved suite.

Once they were done with that, they boarded the elevator and traveled downward to Bar Vista.

Although this was Tang Xiaoyu's first time clubbing after her return to the country, her practiced actions showed that she was a veteran when it came to this type of activity.

She started dancing to the music the moment she stepped into the club, and she practically dragged Pei Ge to the bar counter.

This was a place that Pei Ge would never choose to sit.

This was because, with the whole bar counter glowing brightly, the seats were very conspicuous. These lights were reflected by the tabletop and the chairs and drew people's attention.

Moreover, since the bar counter was the largest in the whole club, it was positioned near the center.

It was only a few steps away from the single dance podium in the club.

Hence, these seats were the favorites of the regular clubbers and partygoers, while people like Pei Ge, who seldom came into such places, would never sit at such an eye-catching location.

"It's too crowded here. Let's sit someplace else," she suggested. She felt uncomfortable sitting there.

"What did you say?" Tang Xiaoyu raised her volume to ask.

She was about to repeat her words loudly, but upon seeing that Tang Xiaoyu's attention was on the rowdy dance floor as she swayed to the music beat, she decided not to continue speaking.

She had almost forgotten that her best friend liked to party the most.

"It's fine." She shook her head in resignation.

"Handsome! Two rainbow cocktails, please!" Tang Xiaoyu shouted to the bartender standing inside the circular bar counter.

The bartender gave her a smile and started mixing the cocktail with suave motions.

"Drink some cocktail to warm up, and then we will go have some fun later!" Tang Xiaoyu grinned and shouted this to her

Eyeing the men and women that were dancing as if they were in a trance on the dance floor, she resolutely shook her head.

What's so fun about wagging your head left and right? I'd rather go home to sleep.


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