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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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307 Our Dance

"F*ck, Ge Ge. People come to this type of place to go wild. Don't tell me you just plan on sitting there until we leave for home?"

Tang Xiaoyu rolled her eyes in exasperation at Pei Ge's rejection of her suggestion.

"Sister here knows that you'll be a dull little lamb once I am not by your side."

She spoke with disdain, yet her arm was circling Pei Ge's neck intimately.

"Alright, alright. Ge Ge, I am finally back after going through so much trouble. I'm not interested in those stupid men, so just go have some fun with me tonight, alright?" Tang Xiaoyu transformed from her queen-like persona to her cutesy persona as she rested her head on Pei Ge's shoulder.

She really did not know whether to laugh or cry at the person who was refusing to remove her head from her shoulder. In the end, she replied in resignation, "I am really scared of you."

Tang Xiaoyu immediately lifted her head from Pei Ge's shoulder upon hearing the latter's reply and instantly reverted to her queen-like persona.

Pei Ge, who had long been used to her best friend's ability to quickly change characters, only gave the gleeful Tang Xiaoyu a helpless look.

"Here are your rainbow cocktails, beautiful misses."

The bartender had finished mixing the cocktail by then.

Two cups of rainbow cocktail, each with seven colors, were laid down before the two.

The seven colors – pearl white, bright red, grass green, dark blue, dark gray, light purple, and transparent – made their drinks seem as if a colorful rainbow had flown into them.

Pei Ge had been to the place several times before, but this was her first time drinking such a pretty-looking cocktail.

Tang Xiaoyu immediately downed hers upon receiving it and, with a slamming sound, placed the wine glass back on the bar counter.

When she finally turned to look at Pei Ge, who was sitting beside her, she discovered that the latter was still taking small sips of her drink.

"Down it at one go! Don't be so wishy-washy. You need to drink this type of alcohol at once to really taste it!" she instructed Pei Ge loudly.

Pei Ge took her suggestion with skepticism, though.

"Hurry, hurry!" Tang Xiaoyu proceeded to force her into downing the drink by pushing the wine glass to her face from the bottom.

With her 'help', Pei Ge indeed downed the whole cup in one gulp.

"Gulp, gulp!" The wine glass's size might not be that big, but it was still bigger than a normal wine glass, so it still took her some time to swallow all.

Her cheeks reddened as the seven-colored drink entered her throat.

"How is it? Drinking it in one gulp is more satisfying, eh?" Tang Xiaoyu loudly asked with a grin.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Her only answer to the other's question was to cough a fit once she finished the drink, and she placed the glass on the countertop rather forcefully.

She only felt her throat and her cheeks burning right now.

"Alright, let's go and dance!" Tang Xiaoyu practically dragged her toward the crowded dance floor.

Deafening music, gyrating bodies, and thick pheromones filled the dance floor.

While this was her first time entering a club's dance floor, the alcohol she had drunk made her inhibition fly out the window, and she started swaying her body to the tune, just like what her best friend was currently doing.

A bright smile crept across Tang Xiaoyu's mouth when Pei Ge joined her in dancing.

She liked Pei Ge to free herself from worries by going wild with her.

Her best friend was once an eye-catching flower bud, waiting to blossom and captivate everyone with its beauty, but at her father's untimely death, she skipped that period when she was supposed to be at her most beautiful and directly became a ripe fruit.

The carefree young teenage girl was forced to mature too quickly.

When Pei Ge saw her best friend's bright smile, her face broke into a similar smile as well.

Spotting her smile, Tang Xiaoyu suddenly changed her sexy dance moves into child-like ones, which were graceless.

She messily moved her hands and feet in the same direction and bounced her head without any pattern, looking extremely comical.

These dance moves of hers earned the boisterous laughter of Pei Ge.

"You still remember it!" She laughed with a look of utter elation.

"Of course!" Tang Xiaoyu reached out and pulled her along to join her in the comical dance.

The two best friends held hands and a reminiscing smile blossomed on their faces.

This is our dance – our memories.

In that instant, they seemed to have traveled back in time to their worry-free and immature days.

'Xiaoyu, what are you doing?'

'I am preparing a performance!'

'What performance?'

'The audition for the second season of Star Search is starting. I want to participate in it this time!'

"Pwa ha ha!"

"Why are you laughing?"

'You are tone deaf, though!'

'I dance really well, anyway!'

'Who told you that?'

'The guys in our class!'

'Dance for me, then.'

'If you say so.'

'Ha ha ha! You call that dancing well? Why do I feel that I'm watching a monkey dance right now, instead?'

'You! You! Stupid Ge Ge! Idiot Ge Ge! How dare you say that my dance is ugly?! You dance for me, then! Hmph!'

'Alright, alright. Since you want to see it so much, on the account that you are my best friend, I will dance for you!'

'Ha ha ha ha! I think I just saw a gorilla dance.'

In their memories, two young girls laughed side by side as they danced comically.

Pei Ge and Tang Xiaoyu grinned at each other. Although no words came out of their mouths, they could see in their eyes that they were calling each other: 'Big monkey!' 'Gorilla!'

"F*ck, don't come out and scare people with your hideous dance."

Just as the two were engrossed in their beautiful memories, a dampening voice sounded.

Tang Xiaoyu's face instantly turned dark at the unfriendly voice.

She released Pei Ge's hands and turned toward the woman who had just spoken.

"What did you just say?" She narrowed her eyes dangerously at the woman who was wearing extremely revealing clothes.

"Ah, I was telling you two ugly b*tches not to sting our eyes with your terrible dancing. It's really disgusting," the woman mocked haughtily while looking down at Tang Xiaoyu.

"You, @#$%! I dare you to repeat that in front of this lady again!"


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