Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
308 The Woman Who Taunted Tang Xiaoyu
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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308 The Woman Who Taunted Tang Xiaoyu

"You, @#$%! I dare you to repeat that in front of this lady again!"

Tang Xiaoyu said this in a voice filled with simmering rage as she glared fiercely at the scantily dressed woman.

Pei Ge knew, with one look, that her best friend was truly angry this time, and that rage was burning higher with every passing second.

Unexpectedly, the woman actually dared to repeat her words.

"Tsk! Do you think I won't dare? You two ugly b*tches look utterly revolting when you dance!" The woman coldly harrumphed and swept them with a mocking gaze.

Pak! Tang Xiaoyu gave her a hard slap.

She had probably used a lot of force in that slap as the woman's cheek instantly reddened and became swollen.

"Ahhh! You b*tch! How dare you slap me?!" the woman demanded furiously as she glared hatefully at Tang Xiaoyu.

"What if I slapped you?! If your parents can't teach you properly, let me teach you what you can and cannot say." Tang Xiaoyu mockingly harrumphed.

How dare she call us ugly? F*ck! I'm being lenient here by slapping her just once!

The woman raised her arm at that and rushed over to Tang Xiaoyu, intending to do the latter bodily harm.

Pei Ge slowly and calmly stuck out her foot and successfully tripped the woman who was rushing in Tang Xiaoyu's direction.

Bang! The sound did not catch anybody's attention under the dance floor's deafening music.

"Pwuh!" Tang Xiaoyu burst into laughter and looked at Pei Ge with amusement in her eyes.

"Yohoo, not bad! Your skills haven't deteriorated at all."

"They're just basic!" Pei Ge grinned back.

The woman climbed up to her feet and was met with the two's smiling faces.

She could feel her blood pressure rise at this.

She was unable to best the two in a physical or even in a verbal fight. With a vicious glare in their direction, she angrily stormed off.

The two bosom friends did not think much of the woman's departure and thoroughly assumed that she had given up on retaliating.

However, they had just danced for a bit before the scantily dressed woman was back again. This time, a few men and women were with her.

"It's these two b*tches!"

The two frowned at this.

This group's leader was bare-chested, had a dragon tattooed on his biceps, and was wearing a thick golden chain on his neck. Obviously, he was not anyone who would do good.

"You two are the ones who bullied my sister?" The leader swept his gaze on them, and when he saw Tang Xiaoyu's figure, his eyes immediately lit up.

Tang Xiaoyu's face turned ugly at the man's lecherous gaze.

"We didn't bully her. She is the one who came to find trouble with us." Pei Ge quickly opened her mouth upon noticing her best friend's displeasure.

The opponents had more number, so it was not ideal to clash with them head on.

"I came looking for trouble with you guys? You guys were dancing in such an ugly manner, and I was just commenting on it, so what gave you the rights to hit me?!"

The woman wrongfully turned to their leader and cried, "Brother Long, you must definitely help me take revenge on them."

"That's a given." The man called Brother Long appeased the woman with this and then turned his gaze back on to Tang Xiaoyu. "Brother Long here is always fair, though. I will not listen to only one party's side. Pretty lady, do you have anything you want to say to me?"

Tang Xiaoyu looked at the man and smiled seductively. Her smile prompted Brother Long to give a lecherous smile.

"Fair? Does that mean that you will stop bothering us if we can prove that she's the one who came looking for trouble?" she asked the man with a sweet smile.

"Of course, of course. I, Brother Long, am not only fair but also honorable; I keep my promises." Brother Long eagerly nodded as he took a few steps toward her.

"Great. In that case, you guys can leave now," she unhurriedly said.

"Why is that?" He looked at her in confusion.

"Since my dancing isn't even ugly, it's clear that she is the one who came looking for trouble," Tang Xiaoyu answered definitively.

"You are spouting nonsense! Your dancing is obviously hideous!"

Only when he heard the woman's words did he react. He turned to Tang Xiaoyu with a smile. "Pretty lady, talk is useless. How about you two compete?"

"Alright, then. Nice timing; this old lady here really wants to move her bones." Tang Xiaoyu disdainfully eyed the scantily dressed woman.

"With just you?" The woman nudged her lips.

"I'm more than enough to beat you. However, since we are going to compete, let's do it on that podium and let everyone be the witness." Tang Xiaoyu loosened her fingers and casually pointed to the empty podium.

During huge events or performances, special guests would perform on Bar Vista's podium.

Other than those times, only the best dancers would dare to get on to that stage.

Normal people would think of stepping on it but would never truly dare do so.

Hence, Tang Xiaoyu's casual gesture toward the stage frightened the rest of the people.

Could she really be good at dancing? She even dared suggest competing on the podium…

"Why? You don't dare? If you don't, then stop finding trouble with us and get lost." Tang Xiaoyu laughed mockingly when she saw their dumbfounded look.

The woman who had taunted her was slightly stunned at first, but when she heard her ridiculing words, she lifted her head to look at her mockingly.

"Hmph! Do you really think that we don't know what you are scheming about? I'll go up if you insist! Let's see how you will make a fool of yourself!"

Tang Xiaoyu gave the woman a ghost of a smile and coldly said, "We don't even know who will be the real fool between us."

"Are you sure about this?" Pei Ge softly asked Tang Xiaoyu, who seemed to be looking forward to dancing on the podium.

She was honestly feeling at a loss now. She really did not know how things had progressed to this point where a simple fight turned into a dance showdown.

"Relax. How is it possible for me, Tang Xiaoyu, to do uncertain things?"

Her lips curled up as she took confident strides toward the podium.

Pei Ge looked at her alluring and sexy back, and her lips turned upward, too.

That's right; how did I forget? My best friend, Tang Xiaoyu, is someone who never does stuff she is unsure about. What's more; she has always been a prideful girl—no, it should be 'woman' now.

She could almost see the miserable end of the woman who had taunted Tang Xiaoyu.

While Pei Ge could foresee someone's miserable future, she could not predict that, just a little later, she would also be met with some misfortune… because of the appearance of a certain man.


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