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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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309 Why is Pei Ge here?!

In a luxurious private room, faint lights shone on a group of extraordinary men and ladies.

Unlike the chaotic situation in the bar downstairs, the private room was sublimely peaceful.

Some men clad in leather sat comfortably on a long sofa as a few pretty ladies catered to them.

They chatted with one another, flirted with the women around them, or gazed out the large windowpane in boredom to look at the 'performance' in the bar below.

This scene had an ineffable waste—

"I'll be damned! Two pretty ladies seem to be having a dance showdown downstairs!"

An excited voice broke the sublimely peaceful atmosphere.

"Dance showdown?"

The few men looked at the eye-catching stage with interest.

When two women really climbed on stage, their excitement was piqued.

"What an exciting show!"

"Those two ladies are quite bold to dare compete on stage! Ze, ze, ze!"

"I think that the woman in black leather pants is superior."

"My thoughts exactly. You can tell she's of high quality with one look. Check out that slender body…"

The men's conversation slowly turned wretched.

"Mu Heng, don't you want to look?"

One of the men looked over his shoulder and called out.

Pak! Mu Heng put down the beer mug in his hand and lazily sank into the chair further. "No need."

"That chick is really gorgeous, though!"

"Qi, how good can she get?" he asked with a shrug.

"I think she's even prettier than your current beauty-queen girlfriend."

He was immediately unsettled by their words.

A woman prettier than his present girlfriend?

He pushed aside the woman sitting on his lap and feeding him fruit and went to the window in large strides.

"Good right? Just look at that small waist and flexible hips. She's irresistible!"

He looked at the stage and eyed the two women competing before spitting, "That woman on the left is very good – definitely of high quality – but that one on the right is just average."

"Right, right? I think so, too!"

"What is there to fuss over such a woman? She's not even…" He trailed off as his eyes landed on a very familiar figure standing at the dance floor below the stage…

His eyes widened, and after a closer look, he blurted out.

"I'll be damned!" Isn't that Little Chili?! What is she doing here?!

His exclamation immediately caused heads to turn over.

"Why, does Master Mu like that woman, too?"

He did not respond and just continued to eye the woman on the dance floor.

Questions filled his mind when he deduced that Pei Ge was by herself.

Although it had been a while since their last interaction, he still had some understanding of her.

She was feisty, but she was not the type to go clubbing by herself.

Right now… Not only was she in this bar, she was even on the dance floor.

Damn! This world is really a fantasy!

Could Ji Ziming have affected her that she had undergone such a huge transformation?

Just as he was mulling over this conundrum, he saw her smile brightly and then fling herself toward the woman who had victoriously walked down the stage…

"Xiaoyu, you are simply amazing! To think that your dancing is already that good!" Pei Ge exclaimed in awe.

Never did she expect that Tang Xiaoyu was capable of dancing so beautifully. Standing below the stage, her best friend remained captivating, and many were unable to keep their gazes away from her.

"When did you learn to dance? How come I didn't know about it?" she asked excitedly while hugging her arm.

"I took some dance lessons abroad out of boredom," Tang Xiaoyu smilingly replied.

The two chatted happily for a while but then remembered that they had some unfinished business.

The woman who had competed with Tang Xiaoyu earlier was long gone and only Brother Long remained.

"Pretty lady, you are so good; why don't we become friends?" he suggested while eyeing Tang Xiaoyu lewdly.

She gave him a sweeping glance before coldly replying, "You are not qualified."

Her haughtiness did not provoke his anger but increased his interest, instead.

"Pretty lady, leave a number. Brother Long has a lot of connections in this field, so I can vouch for you." He grinned, his face full of anticipation.

"Apologies, but this lady is not interested in a gangster with no looks and air," she brutally said, not leaving him some face.

The expression on Brother Long's face completely changed this time.

"You…" He was about to use violence to forcefully possess the pretty lady when a group of security guards in black uniforms unexpectedly rushed over.

"Sorry sir, please leave immediately."

"Don't touch me! Do you know who I am?! What rights do you have to pull me?!"

Pei Ge and Tang Xiaoyu dazedly stood as the uniformed men dragged the hoodlums away.

They thought that a fight would break out, but the opponents were unexpectedly dragged away.

Tang Xiaoyu flexed her wrist with regret and said, "This night club's security is quite good!"

She had not even acted yet to turn those people into pig heads. Ze, ze, ze!

"Eh, seems like it." Pei Ge nodded, feeling that something was amiss.

The last time she was here, no security came to drag anyone away despite Liu Yue making a scene with her.

This time, however, before those people could act, the security personnel arrived. That was insanely quick, right?

"Let's go and drink!" Tang Xiaoyu, unlike the other, did not think much of it and merely pulled her back into the bar happily.

Due to her earlier performance on the stage, men continuously flocked to her to strike a conversation once they sat down.

After getting rid of group upon group of men, she took a bottle of vodka directly from the bar in frustration and dragged Pei Ge to the deluxe couple suite she had pre-booked.

The two entered the room in high spirits and were oblivious to someone following behind them.

"Ze, looks like there will be a good show to watch!"


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