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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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316 The Extremely Lucky Miss Pei

After finishing the bird's nest soup, Pei Ge happily placed a soup dumpling into her mouth.

As she was devouring the food on the table, she was exasperatedly thinking to herself, This place's food is expensive for a reason! Every dish tastes heavenly! It's so delicious I almost swallowed my tongue.

The current her only had one thought in mind, and that was how extremely grateful she was that Ji Ziming had ordered so much food. If he had not done so, the food would not have been enough for her!

"Ha, I'm full!" Once she ate the last soup dumpling, she rubbed her tummy in satisfaction.

Finishing this breakfast, I can now die without regrets!

The golden rays of the sun streamed in through the muslin curtains and shone on her body.

This made her, who was now satisfactorily full, seem like a little cat lazing around.

Ji Ziming regarded her lazy look, and his lips uncontrollably curled up.

"Are you full already?" he asked gently.

"Mhm! So full; so full!" Her eyes narrowed into happy slits as she gave this affirmative reply.

"You like this place a lot?" he pressed on, gazing at her with extreme gentleness.

Unfortunately, she, who was currently basking in the sunlight with partly closed eyes, failed to notice his gentle gaze on her.

"Yes, the food here is really delicious! It is very expensive, though. I can't afford it." The happiness on her face slightly dimmed as she pointed this out dejectedly.

He looked at her regretful expression, raised an eyebrow slightly, and then pressed the service bell on the table.

In a few seconds, a waitress walked in.

"Mr. Ji, how can I help you?" she respectfully asked.

"Get her a gold card," he coolly ordered.

"As you wish, Mr. Ji. Please wait a moment." With that, the waitress exited the room.

Pei Ge was now wide awake due to that exchange and she looked at Ji Ziming with wide eyes.

"CEO Ji, what are you doing?"

Gold card? That sounds so extravagant!

"Didn't you say that you like this place? With a gold card, you don't need to make a reservation and can come here to eat anytime," he calmly explained.

"Even if that is the case, I still can't afford the food here! There is really no need for you to go through the trouble of getting me a gold card," she rejected his kind offer with a nudge of her mouth.

She was a poor person, so how could she afford to spend money on the food here?

"There is a 50% discount for a gold card holder," he peered at the woman, who was slightly sulking, and lightly informed.

"Fifty-percent discount?!" She gawked at him, feeling incredulous.

Do rich people still need a discount in such places? That is just too ludicrous!

"CEO Ji, are you lying to me?" She looked at him suspiciously.

"You can ask the waitress when she comes back later," his lips curled up ever so slightly as he calmly said this.

She eyed the man, who seemed to be telling the truth, with decreased suspicion.

She pondered, Ji Ziming has no reason to lie to me, right? Also, it should be customary for a shop to give a loyal customer or a regular patron discounts… I must be overanalyzing things again.

With this deduction, she finally calmed down and stopped doubting him.

Thus, when the waitress returned with a pile of items for her card application, she neglected asking her if there really was a 50% discount on the menu if she had a gold card.

"Alright, Miss Pei. Please look at the camera here. I will help you take an identification photo." The waitress smiled.

"Oh, okay." She nodded her head.

"Alright, Miss Pei. You don't have to make a reservation in the future. Simply show your gold card when you come here to have a meal." The waitress smiled at her again, her eyes shining with envy.

Hearing this, the smile on Pei Ge's mouth grew wider.

He he! I can get a 50% discount when I come here to eat next time. That is just great!

She, who was hugging her piping hot and new gold card with her head in the clouds, totally failed to realize that the man did not follow her out of the room.

Only after she had walked a distance did she realize this fact.

She turned her head to look backward and saw no trace of the man behind her. At this, her footsteps immediately halted.

"Hm? Where is Ji Ziming?" she muttered wonderingly.

Shortly after she had asked this question, she spotted him exiting the room they had just had their breakfast.

"Let's go," he softly said as he noted her satisfied look.


The two figures, one tall and one short, did not look compatible at all if one merely compared their stature and looks, but as they walked abreast in the sunlight, the pair absolutely appeared compatible.

Pei Ge did not know that she had just become a famous person in Longfeng Pavilion after their departure.

"Hey, hey, hey. Do you guys know? I met a super lucky woman earlier." The waitress, who had assisted Pei Ge into acquiring a gold card, exclaimed the moment she entered the staff lounge.

"What happened? Xiaowen, what made you this excited?"

The rest of the staff crowded around her in curiosity.

"Wasn't I just serving Mr. Ji?"

"Ah, ah, ah! You're so lucky to be able to serve Mr. Ji! I so love him! He is drop-dead gorgeous and uber-wealthy! He's definitely the perfect boyfriend in everyone's dreams!"

"Don't interrupt her; let Xiaowen finish!"

"That's right! That's right! Xiaowen, finish your story."

"Mr. Ji brought a woman here for breakfast today and treated her so well. Not only did he serve her soup himself, he even plated her food for her. Anyway, Mr. Ji, today, was extremely gentle."

"Wow! What could possibly be that woman's identity for her to be so fortunate?"

"I agree. She's really so fortunate!"

"That's not all! After their meal, Mr. Ji even helped that woman apply for a gold card."

"Ah! To be a gold card member here, one needs to have an asset reaching a hundred million or so! If one doesn't have that much, then they can just forget about being a gold card holder!"

"Yes! That woman really has such a good life. With a gold card here, she can receive invitation cards when those upper-class people hold their business meetings here! She really has such a good life!"

"Maybe, that woman is fair-skinned, wealthy, and pretty."

"Tsk, if she were that, would she still need Mr. Ji's help to apply for the card?"


Xiaowen heard the murmured discussions around her and laughed lightly before saying in a conspiratorial manner, "Did you guys assume that Mr. Ji had only given out a gold card?"

Of course, it's not that simple!


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