Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
318 This company is mine, so you are mine, too.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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318 This company is mine, so you are mine, too.

It was already 9 AM when the car finally reached Chenguang Real Estate's building.

Only two and a half hours were left before lunch break.

Pei Ge, who had been enjoying her breakfast earlier without much care for anything else, started panicking now.

"I'm done for! I'm done for! I am late for almost half a day; my pay is surely going to be docked…" She had been muttering this endlessly all the way from the car to the elevator.

Meanwhile, Ji Ziming, who was standing beside her, was thoroughly amused by her panicking.

"Ahem!" He lightly cleared his throat to call her attention, but her mind was unfortunately filled with thoughts of the punishment she might receive for being tardy, so she totally did not bother with him at all.

The elevator slowly climbed up, and when it was about to reach the floor for the CEO's office and CEO Secretariat, he was unable to bear it any longer and asked with a poker face, "Pei Ge, who am I?"

"Huh?" She finally reacted to his presence at his question.

What is this annoying fellow up to again? What is he on about?

"Who am I?" he repeated his question at her silly look.

"You are CEO Ji," she blinked and replied in a preoccupied manner.

"Yes." He nodded to affirm this and then peered at her.

She lowered her head in confusion when he nodded and once again lamented her half a day's worth of pay.

At the realization that he was again being sidelined, a certain, great CEO Ji was extremely displeased.

"This company is mine, so you are my employee," he coldly stated while regarding her deeply.

"Mhm, that's right. You are CEO Ji, after all, but then what?" She raised her head to give him a weird look.

Presently, she only wanted to say six words to him: Please speak human language! Thank you!

Why the hell do I feel that communicating with this annoying fellow is such a tall task?

"…" He had the strong urge to split her head open and see what was inside it!

He had already stated it plainly, yet she still could not understand his meaning!

This damn, foolish woman!

A nerve in his head jutted out. He was initially intending not to dock her pay if she asked him for help, but now…

"Pei Ge, you are late. Your half a day's pay is docked."

Ding! The elevator doors parted open, and he took large strides out of it.

"Huh?" She stood dumbly inside the elevator as she watched his tall and huge figure leave her side, her mood immediately plummeting.

The hell with you?! You dragging me to accompany you for breakfast clearly caused me to be late, yet you still viciously told me that you are docking my pay?! You are just plain evil!

He did not give her a chance to speak and just quickly left her behind with his fast-paced walk.

That damn, foolish woman! Will she die if she is a little smarter?!

She saw him get further and further away from her, and her good mood from eating such a sumptuous breakfast turned sour.

Although she had already mentally prepared herself for her salary to be docked, she had never expected for the person to do the docking to be the man who had caused her to be late in the first place!

Ah, ah, ah, ah! This asshole! He is indeed the most annoying fellow in the whole wide world! He is too hateful!

She, thus, entered the CEO Secretariat with a stomach full of fury.

The moment she stepped inside, she received He Yan and Lu Huiya's attention.

"Yo, Pei Ge. You sure are early today." Lu Huiya wore an extremely fake smile and called out to her in a sarcastic voice.

Pei Ge only glared at her fiercely. As she was indeed late, she did not say anything in reply and merely sat angrily at her workstation.

At her lack of reply, Lu Huiya sneered and mocked, "So tardy… Do you not want to work anymore?"

"Shut up!" She shot her a cold glare and spat icily, "I don't want to quarrel with you."

Perhaps, she had frightened her, as the other only quietly pursed her lips, mumbled something, and then quieted down.

"Pei Ge, did something happen? You seem to be in a bad mood," He Yan asked worriedly.

She had always been punctual and had never been late for work before.

However, today, she was so late that it was really not like her.

She nudged her lips at her colleague's worried look and, with vindictive eyes, said aloud, "Sigh… I really don't want to think of this. I met a pitiful-looking, stray dog on the street and gave it some food to eat, but such a cute and obedient-looking dog unexpectedly turned out to be an ingrate. It quickly abandoned me after finishing the food and even tried to bite me! Luckily, my reaction was fast, and I was not bitten by it. Sigh! I don't even want to mention what happened next. Anyway, I am really unlucky today for being late because of such a dog."

The moment she finished her narration, sounds of things being smashed into pieces reached their ears from the CEO's office.

Clang! Clang!

The air around Pei Ge lightened considerably when she heard these smashing sounds.

Hmph! Hmph! Hmph! Who told you to find trouble with me and to dock my pay?! Hng! Just wait and see how I will anger you to death!

He Yan originally wanted to console her, but her attention was drawn to the ruckus happening inside the CEO's office, and she put Pei Ge's unfortunate encounter with a 'stray dog' at the back of her mind.

"Is CEO Ji alright inside?" He Yan asked no one in particular. Instead of worry, only puzzlement was on her face.

"That's right. What was that? CEO Ji couldn't have hurt himself in his office, right?" Lu Huiya worriedly expressed as she looked toward the CEO's office.

Pei Ge lightly laughed and gave a carefree grin. "What can possibly hurt our CEO Ji inside? I'm sure there's nothing bad going on. Let's just all focus on our work."

What else can happen to that annoying fellow?! He only heard my words and got so mad he couldn't hold his things properly and dropped them to the ground! she happily muttered inside.

"The two of you are so heartless! There is so much ruckus inside CEO Ji's office, yet you two aren't even worried. Also, you! Pei Ge, you still have the nerve to laugh?! You are too much!" Lu Huiya reprimanded loudly. The way she had said it made it seem as if she were standing up for justice against the other two's unforgivable crime.

"Hur hur!" He Yan coldly laughed at her display.

Pei Ge, for her part, merely rolled her eyes and then scolded her inside, Lunatic.

"No! As CEO Ji's secretary, I must go in to check on him!"

With that, Lu Huiya rushed into his office.

However, the moment she opened the door, the man coldly barked at her, "Scram!"


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