Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
323 Report, CEO Ji; I am not free tonight.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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323 Report, CEO Ji; I am not free tonight.

"Get in the car, Pei Ge." His tone sharpened when she just remained standing in one spot.

She gloomily pursed her lips and reluctantly boarded his car.

The car drove off, leaving only dust behind.

Tang Xiaoyu and Zhang Manhua happened to exit the hotel at this point.

Seeing the distant view of the black Maybach, Tang Xiaoyu frowned slightly.

That man… Does he really like our Ge Ge?

However, the gap in their status is too big…

Although society is no longer as rigid as it was in the past, it is still important for a couple's families to have matching social standing, especially… given that man's background.

Forget it; forget it. There's no use thinking about it at this moment.

Pei Ge was completely unaware of her best friend's worries and was currently occupied with hypnotizing herself while sitting next to the man.

Pei Ge, don't be oversensitive; don't be oversensitive.

This annoying person just happened to be going in the same place, so he decided to give you a lift. Don't put much stock into his action.

It was his heartless rejection before that eventually calmed her heart.

Although her heart was full of questions, she decided to keep them to herself to prevent further entanglement with him.

If she were to tell what question she wanted to ask the man the most, then it would be—

Your sister, can you stop clinging on to me?! You say I am oversensitive, but why don't you carefully consider your misleading actions?!

Amid her internal complaints, the car shortly arrived at the company's entrance.

"Thank you for giving me a lift, CEO Ji!"

She quickly alighted from the car upon saying this and ran into the company, as if she were fleeing from a virus of sorts.

"…" His forehead folded tightly at how fast her figure disappeared from his sight.

That damn woman, was he that scary?

Fuming, he waited until the car stopped fully and then took big strides toward Chenguang Real Estate.

"Hi, CEO J - Ji…"

Due to his chilly aura, every employee would lower their heads and fearfully step aside when they passed by him.

With a cold face, he walked toward Pei Ge, who was waiting for the elevator, and stopped by her side.

In that instant, the other employees, who were also waiting for the elevator to arrive, retreated, as if the two had an invisible shield that were preventing anyone from getting near them.

"…" Her mouth twitched at that. She was about to retreat as well, but the elevator doors happened to open at this moment.


As such, she had no choice but to get into the elevator.

Surprisingly, no one else stepped into it once the man walked in.

This was to say that only two of them were in it.

"…" Damn, what are these people doing?

She curiously eyed the unmoving crowd outside and moved to say something when the doors of the elevator closed as it ascended.

What is up with those people? she wondered to herself.

Unbeknown to her, everyone breathed in relief once the elevator doors closed.

"I'll be damned! I almost peed my pants from how CEO Ji was moments ago."

"Yes, yes! I was so scared I couldn't breathe."

"Exactly! If I had to share the same lift with CEO Ji, I'd die from fright!"

"I, too; I, too! Just thinking about it makes me tremble in fear!"

"Anyway, who is that woman earlier? She's so bold to share the same lift with the big boss. Didn't she feel his scary aura?"

"I don't know. Maybe, she didn't notice CEO Ji's expression…"

"Oh, I recognize her. She's CEO Ji's secretary."

"No wonder! It's really different when one has that position!"

Ding! When the elevator doors parted open, she waited for him to exit first before getting off herself.

"Accompany me to an event tonight."

Just as they were approaching the office, he suddenly said this coldly.

"…" She was silent for a while before she rejected firmly. "My apologies, CEO Ji, but I have something on tonight; please find someone else."

"What did you say?" His footsteps halted as he glanced at her coldly.

He seemed to be in disbelief that Pei Ge would reject him.

"I really can't make it tonight," she replied lightly.

Her best friend finally made a trip home, and the time that they could spend together was already short enough, so how could she squander that precious time working overtime by his side?

"If you don't go, I'll dock your pay." he threatened, as if he were unhappy that she had rejected him.

She rolled her eyes at his words.

Unlike the previous times, she showed no fear at his threat and, instead, retorted, "CEO Ji, go ahead and dock my pay. You can find someone else to accompany you. I'm just not free tonight."

She took big strides toward the office once she gave this decisive reply.

He, who was left alone in the corridor, looked at her leaving back in confusion.

The tactic of docking her pay… Why did it lose its effectiveness?

Of course, it was still effective. Her current state of mind was the total opposite of her nonchalant expression.

That annoying fellow only knows how to dock my pay; no boss's style at all!

Dock, dock, dock! Dock, your sister!

She severely scolded him inwardly as she sat on her seat.

Pai, da, pai, da! She vented her anger on the keyboard by hitting it with much force.

That loud noise caused He Yan and Lu Huiya to look over.

When he walked into the office with a cold face, she felt a pang of guilt for some reason.

He originally had no intention of bringing her along to today's event.

Tonight's setting was slightly complicated with his parents' attendance, so he decided not to bring her along as his female companion.

However, when he saw how much she cared for Tang Xiaoyu, he felt rather uncomfortable, so… his brain short-circuited, and he impulsively made such a request.

Who knew that she would bluntly reject him herself, though?

Does this dumb woman know that tonight's event is something many wish to go, especially as his partner, but cannot?

Was it not just a female friend? She actually rejected him for a woman…


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