Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
325 When others cook, they ask for money, but when you cook, you ask for my life.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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325 When others cook, they ask for money, but when you cook, you ask for my life.

"Eh…." Pei Ge blinked awkwardly and moved to take back the coffee cup.

In the next moment, however, she saw Ji Ziming pick the cup up and place it on his lips.

"That… CEO Ji…" she spoke weakly. Before she could say anything, he drank the coffee in one gulp.

I'll be damned! When did this annoying person become so obedient?!

Plus… Plus, the spot he drank from was the same spot she had drunk from! Could that be considered as indirectly kissing?!

She looked at him with a whirlwind of emotions.

Pak! He placed the cup down. Ji Ziming's mouth tasted an uncomfortable almost repulsive greasy sweetness, but, for some reason, his mood really improved just as she had said.

"Th - That, CEO Ji. If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave now," she said as she carefully eyed him, checking to see if he noticed that they had just indirectly kissed through the cup.

"Mhm." He lifted his head and looked at her.

When she received his affirmation, she breathed in relief and moved to scurry out of his office.

This was when her gaze landed on the small, white coffee cup and spotted a faint red stain on the edge of it.

She then shifted her gaze on to his mouth and saw that it had a faint shade of red.

She froze at the realization and felt embarrassed!

Aiyo, I'll be damned! Why did I listen to Xiaoyu and put on lipstick at lunch?! Oh, no! I'd better leave now before he realizes it!

With this thought in mind, her footsteps quickened, and she left his office with a quick jog.

Seeing her leave in a hurry, his forehead moved.

Does she have something urgent? Why did she leave so quickly?

He eyed her departing figure curiously and only shifted his attention back to the documents on his desk when she was no longer in sight.

However, as he lowered his head, his eyes happened to land on the cup he had placed aside.

His forehead creased.


He picked up the small coffee cup and examined it carefully.

The snowy-white cup had a faint red stain.

Although it seemed to have been wiped off slightly by something, it was still identifiable as a red lipstick marking.

"…" His face displayed a stunned look as he held the cup in his hand.

Pak! Placing the cup down, he gently touched his lips with his fingers.

When he brought down his fingers, he saw that they were stained with a faint shade of red.

Hong! His mind momentarily blanked out and his ears began to redden.

While he had kissed her before and this was just an indirect kiss, it still made his heart pound like crazy.

How could there still be any anger in his heart from her rejection after this? Right now, his face only had a gentle look on it that even he himself did not notice.

Pei Ge, who had finally sat down at her workstation, was absolutely mortified. How could she have known that a certain CEO was not as she had painted him as?

She eyed the CEO's office for the longest time but did not hear any angry outburst come from it.

She could not help but think wonderingly, Could it be that that annoying person didn't find out?

Mhm! He probably didn't find out.

After waiting for the longest while, she finally breathed in relief when he did not angrily summon her or call her to run errands.

Once the working hours were over, she made a dash out of the office.

Only when she had exited the building did she finally relax.

She did not wait for the bus at the bus stop and, instead, flagged down an approaching taxi.

Her greatest worry was bumping into that annoying person while waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

One must say that she had hit the bull's eyes this time.

After her prompt exit from work, He Yan and Lu Huiya saw a particular CEO come out of his office before their departure themselves. He seemed to be leaving the office as well, but when he saw that Pei Ge's seat was already vacant, his face fell.

Peng! With a slam of the door, he went back into the office.

The two widened their eyes in shock and were unable to put their fingers on what the respectable CEO was mad about this time.

The taxi arrived very shortly at Pei Ge's neighborhood entrance. Paying the fare and alighting from the cab, she headed home in a carefree mood.

The taxi fare was steep, but it still beat hitching a ride from a certain someone!

"Hm… mm.. hm…" she hummed a tune as she made her way home.

Pak! She unlocked the door grill, changed into her indoor slippers, and happily called out into the living room, "Mom, Xiaoyu, I'm home! How's that? I'm early today."

"Yi! Why are you home so early?" Tang Xiaoyu soon emerged from the kitchen in an apron.

She gawked at the sight of her best friend wearing an apron.

"No way! Xiaoyu, you're cooking today?!"

"Yup. It's your lucky day!" she proudly said with a raised chin.

"Princess, have mercy on me! Is the food you cook even edible?" she asked bluntly.

Her best friend was made discontented by her words.

"Hey, Pei Ge! What do you mean by that?! How could my food be inedible?!" She glared daggers at her.

"…" Her mouth twitched at that. Not giving her best friend any face, she exposed, "Remember when we were in high school and the adults were not home? You excitedly made me lunch. Do you recall what happened afterward?"

"Er…" Tang Xiaoyu's indignant expression instantly faded and was replaced with a guilty and awkward expression.

"Hei hei, Ge Ge, that was in the past. Don't you know of that old saying, 'You can't judge a book by its cover'?" her best friend asked with a grin.

She rolled her eyes and lightly harrumphed. "Oh, please! You were not born with cooking skills."

She still remembered how naïve and touched she was when her best friend offered to cook for her.

In the end, with her first bite, she realized that her cooking was not meant for human consumption!

She was especially kind back then and was unwilling to hurt her best friend's feelings, so she hid her real thought and complimented the latter's cooking, instead.

However, because of that, the lass did not eat even a mouthful of her cooking and gave her all of it! Under her best friend's look of anticipation, she forced herself to finish all the food.

Of course, the ending was very sad.

She suffered from food poisoning after eating Tang Xiaoyu's cooking and was sent to the hospital where she was confined for a week!

Thus, she was very sure that her best friend had no talent in cooking! When others cooked, they asked for money, but when her best friend cooked, she asked for her life!


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