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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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328 You used to be so pretty.

Flipping through the album filled with pictures of their elementary and middle school days, the girl slowly transformed from a cute lolita into an exceptionally beautiful and elegant teenage girl.

If it were not for Tang Xiaoyu finding the photo album and flipping through it, Pei Ge would not remember that she was once an outstandingly beautiful girl.

She eyed the petite, young girl, who was prettier than celebrities, in the picture and could almost not believe that that was her in the past.

If those who did not know her saw these pictures, they would probably not believe that she was that unbelievably beautiful girl.

"You used to be so pretty in the past that I was actually secretly jealous of you." Tang Xiaoyu chuckled while looking at the charming and beautiful young girl in the pictures.

"You were jealous of me?" She widened her eyes in surprise.

She, who had been best friends with Tang Xiaoyu since elementary school, never knew that the latter used to be jealous of her.

Why did she find that so amusing?

"Mhm, that's right. You didn't know, but you were very eye-catching then. I clearly had the same qualities you had – good grades, good family, and good looks – but the teachers and all our schoolmates liked you more. You know how proud and competitive I am." Tang Xiaoyu, who had a nostalgic look, sighed while leaning on her shoulder.

"You were? Why didn't I know about this?" she voiced her suspicion with a frown.

"Of course, I was." Tang Xiaoyu rolled her eyes in exasperation at her best friend. Although the latter was not stupid, she was dense regarding some things.

Fortunately, she was dense and did not find out about her jealousy or was stubborn over small things. If that were not the case, with how competitive she was, the two of them would likely clash and not have become such bosom friends.

"We were classmates for so many years, but every time we chose a class monitor, you were always their first choice. Even if I bribed our classmates, they would still stubbornly vote for you." Tang Xiaoyu raised her eyes and glared unhappily at Pei Ge.

However, her words stunned Pei Ge, who exclaimed in shock, "Xiaoyu, so you really did do such things! Someone told me about your actions in the past, but I didn't believe them and even scolded the person!"

"Hur hur… I had no choice but to use those petty methods. I was pretty childish back then." Tang Xiaoyu dryly laughed and sheepishly rubbed her nose.

She looked at her with amusement and then urged, "What else are you hiding from me? You can fess up about them now!"

"Don't get mad at me if I tell you about them." Tang Xiaoyu slightly lifted her chin and gave her a sly smile.

"Tell me; as your most loyal best friend, I will definitely not be angry with you," she solemnly promised.

"Do you remember the election for the student council president in middle school?"

"Of course, I remember it. I clearly didn't run for the position, but I somehow ended up becoming the student council president." She nodded her head vigorously and then looked at Tang Xiaoyu suspiciously.

"Don't tell me you were responsible for that? I was so depressed when I unexpectedly became the student council president back then."

Tang Xiaoyu rolled her eyes at her best friend's refusal to admit that she had benefited from it. "How could it be me? I wanted that position, so how could I stupidly help my rival sign up for it?"

"You weren't the one to sign me up, hm," she softly said.

"Of course, I didn't sign you up! In fact, I was slightly mad at you back then. You clearly didn't want that position and didn't even apply for candidacy, but your supporters filled out and submitted an application form on your behalf." Even now, Tang Xiaoyu still felt indignant about it.

"When I learned that you were among those running for the position, I knew I was bound to lose, but since you were unwilling, I thought you wouldn't pay attention to the whole matter, so I wrote an elaborate speech, hoping to succeed. In the end…"

Sensing her spiteful gaze, Pei Ge blinked her eyes helplessly. "Xiaoyu, that is really not my fault."

She truly did not want to be the student council president, so after mysteriously becoming a candidate, she dazedly went up the stage to deliver her speech and ended up saying only seven words before the whole student body, but she still unexpectedly received a standing ovation. She even garnered a landslide vote and became the first person in the school's history to hold that position while still a freshman.

"Hmph! The two-page speech I painstakingly wrote couldn't even match up to your stupid line of 'Thank you to everyone for your support,' and I was even behind you by 4000 votes!" If it were not for her fear of disturbing Zhang Manhua's sleep, Tang Xiaoyu would really jump from the bed and strangle Pei Ge while roaring at her, "Why the hell?!"

Receiving her best friend's death glare, she weakly laughed. "It's no wonder after I became the student council president, you ignored me for a whole week."

"It would be weird and hypocritical of me if I still bothered about you after that!" Tang Xiaoyu rolled her eyes again and lightly harrumphed.

"Alright, alright. That happened a long time ago; don't go giving me a black face for it now," she pleaded while affectionately hugging the other.

Tang Xiaoyu gave her a sideway glance and snorted. "Luckily, you were a good student council president. If not, I would've certainly broken all ties with you."

"Er, so it's that serious. Fortunately, I had the mental foresight to take that position seriously, or I would now be short of a best friend like you!" She rejoiced.

Tang Xiaoyu laughed along when Pei Ge took her words to heart.

She was actually not exaggerating and, being stuck at a dead end in her mind, really did hold a grudge back then.

Thinking that she was not much worse than Pei Ge, she questioned why the latter was always one step above her.

However, after the latter had become the student council president, she made wise decisions and did many great things, which caused the school's atmosphere to significantly improve.

She then realized that she was a far cry from her.

It was also because of this that, even after being gone in the country for over ten years, she was still good friends with her.

She looked at the way Pei Ge celebrated about not losing her as a friend and smiled lightly.

In fact, the one who should be thankful for not losing such a good friend is me…


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