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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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330 Pei Ge“s number-one fan!

Pei Ge's mouth curled up as she listened to Tang Xiaoyu's recollection and could not help but lightly caress the graduation picture.

She herself had almost forgotten that her life used to be that exciting… and that crazy.

"Hey, Ge Ge, you caused that incident, so how could you forget about it?" Tang Xiaoyu asked with an incredulous look on her face.

Slightly shaking her head, she smiled. "How could I possibly forget such a big incident?"

"Why didn't you react when I was speaking about it, then?" Tang Xiaoyu felt slightly confused. If she had not been keeping in touch with her best friend for all these years, she would truly find it hard to believe that the Pei Ge sitting beside her right now was the school idol from her memories.

Albeit reluctant to admit this in her teenage years, she was in fact Pei Ge's number-one fan, who looked up to her and loved her the most.

"It is not that I didn't have any reaction, but…" Pei Ge looked at her beautiful and eye-catching self in the picture and softly muttered, "… Everything just feels so surreal and far away now, and it feels as if she… is not me."

Her life had undergone a one-eighty reversal after her father's death. She was hospitalized, and when she got discharged, she no longer had a home to return.

She could only stay at her second uncle's house and share a bed with her cousin.

Unable to accept her father's passing, she started gorging on anything sweet. She even had to see a psychiatrist because of her psychological state.

Afterward, her mother, afraid that she would feel upset from seeing familiar sights, transferred her to a different school. She had entered the top school in the city by coming in first, but before she even attended a day of class, she already quietly left.

From then on, except for Liu Yue and her best friend, she had not seen anyone from her middle school.

Tang Xiaoyu noticed her desolate look and lightly sighed inside. She had followed her parents overseas immediately after graduating from middle school.

If I had known that my best friend would experience such a tragedy, I wouldn't have left with my parents back then…

"What nonsense are you saying? You are you. At least, you haven't changed in my eyes." Tang Xiaoyu lightly placed her hands on Pei Ge's shoulders and grinned.

"Is that so?" Pei Ge raised her head with a smile and peered at her.

"Of course! You are still as stupid as before!" Her eyes narrowed into slits as she teased Pei Ge.

"I knew that nothing good ever comes out of your mouth!" Pei Ge turned around and tickled her.

"Ha ha ha!" Tang Xiaoyu tried to dodge while begging for forgiveness, "It tickles! Ge Ge, stop tickling me! I take back my words; you're not stupid – not stupid at all!"

"Hmph!" Pei Ge finally stopped and lightly harrumphed.

After laughing for a while longer, Tang Xiaoyu finally sat up.

"I wonder what happened to that little fatty." She wiped her tears from laughing and asked this wonderingly.

"Yes." Pei Ge still had a light smile at the mention of her tablemate.

"Actually, the large part of why I still remember this fellow is his disloyalty. You two were joined at the hip back then, yet he left without a word or warning! He didn't even tell you that he was leaving!" her best friend indignantly complained.

"Actually, I think that something happened to Shen Rui. If not, given his personality, he wouldn't have just left without a goodbye," she softly remarked while shaking her head.

"Hey, Ge Ge! Don't tell me that you used to like him?!" Tang Xiaoyu regarded her with an agape mouth from shock upon seeing her nostalgic smile.

Pei Ge amusedly rolled her eyes at that. "What are you even saying?"

"Why did you treat him so well, then? I still recall how well you've treated him; even I grew a little jealous of it!" Tang Xiaoyu pouted angrily.

From elementary school to middle school, ever since they became friends, she had always been Pei Ge's tablemate.

However, after Shen Rui's appearance, she was squeezed out of her seat and the fat boy replaced her as Pei Ge's new tablemate.

There was a huge wave of dissatisfaction at this change back then, especially among the boys. They were exceptionally jealous of Shen Rui and would find trouble with him every day without Pei Ge noticing it.

However, honestly speaking, she did not think much of it in the past. Now, though, she cast doubt on that stupid fellow's background.

Her family and Pei Ge's family could be considered as rather affluent in the past. With their academic prowess, their families would request each year to have them be seated together. However, this 'rule' was broken shortly after that fat boy's appearance.

In retrospect, what the teacher had said at that time about a student helping a fellow student was really suspicious as well!

"I only sees him as my younger brother. Don't you think he looks like a glutinous rice cake with his white and round body?" Pei Ge blinked and bluntly asked this.

"…" Tang Xiaoyu paused for a moment and then gave her best friend a deep look while scolding her inside, You damn person who is easily swayed by anything sweet! If Shen Rui, that little fatty, were to hear his goddess's words about him, he would definitely cry until he fainted in the toilet.

"Honestly speaking, I was really frightened by you at that time. You were a model student and an obedient little girl, yet when you rebelled, you were surprisingly scarier than a hooligan!" She shifted the topic away from Shen Rui and into teasing Pei Ge.

Pei Ge only blinked innocently in response and asked softly, "Was I?"

"Of course, you were!" She rolled her eyes and then snorted. "You even frightened the form teacher so much he fell off his chair."

"Puh!" Pei Ge burst into peals of laughter at her description of that event.

"Oh, I remember it now after you mentioned that. Ha ha!"

Influenced by her laughter, Tang Xiaoyu started laughing as well.

"Ha ha ha! I bet all the teachers at that time were frightened by you that their jaws dropped to the floor. Never in their wildest imagination did they think that their favorite and obedient Ge Ge would lead the entire student population into skipping class to protest!"

Recalling that, Tang Xiaoyu could no longer stifle her laughter and cupped her mouth with one hand and pounded the sheets with the other.

"You can't blame me for that. Who told that discipline master to slander Shen Rui and claim that he cheated on the test?" Pei Ge nonchalantly asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

She sounded as if the person who had led the entire student body to protest against the teachers by skipping class were not her.


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