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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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333 Don“t ask me to brew coffee!

"Haaaa!" Early in the morning of the next day, warm sunlight filtered through the room from the open window.

Pei Ge stretched lazily and carefully got out of the bed. Quietly dressing herself, she left the bedroom with Tang Xiaoyu still fast asleep.

"Mom, why are you up so early? Didn't I tell you last night to have a lie-in? I can go out for breakfast," she said, exasperation coloring her voice, when she found her mother busying herself in the kitchen.

"I'm already wide awake, so how can I go back to sleep? Don't fuss; just quickly wash up and have your breakfast," her mother dotingly prompted.

"Oh." She nodded and then went to the toilet to wash up.

When she came out of the toilet, the table was already laid with a bowl of rice and some dishes.

"You eat first; I'll wait for Xiaoyu to get up and eat together with her," Zhang Manhua said with a smile.

She laughed at her mother's words and shook her head. "Mom, you'd better eat breakfast with me now. Xiaoyu will definitely sleep until noon."

"Eh, really?" She looked at her questioningly.

"Yes; sit down and have breakfast with me," she urged with a smile. How could she not know her best friend?

Tang Xiaoyu would sleep as much as she could and would not wake up any minute earlier.

After having breakfast with her mother, she picked up her handbag, bid the latter goodbye, and then left for work.

Since she boarded a public bus and not Ji Ziming's car today, she arrived much faster to work.



She exchanged greetings with familiar colleagues on her way to the CEO Secretariat, which was on the top floor.

Entering the office, she was surprised to see that he was already there.

Hearing him scold someone in his low and cold voice from the slightly ajar door of the CEO's office, she could not help but comment to herself, Why is this annoying fellow here so early in the morning? He seems to be in a bad mood, too.

She had just finished saying this to herself when her internal phone rang.

"Hello, CEO Ji, do you have any instructions?" Exhaling heavily, she picked up the phone and asked calmly.

"Brew me a cup of coffee." His cold voice sounded in her ear.

"Alright; I'm on it." She hung up the phone and twitched her mouth wordlessly.

She complained to herself, That annoying person is seriously too much. There are other secretaries in the office besides me, and they are more skilled at brewing coffee, yet he still insists on making me brew coffee for him every time.

She walked into the pantry in the CEO's office amid her internal complaints and under Lu Huiya's jealous gaze.

She poured coffee beans into the coffee machine and then picked up the carton of milk out of habit.

"Ah! I almost put some in!" Recalling that the man disliked adding sweetening to his coffee, she hastily stopped her action.

She was about to return the milk to its original position when her eyes happened to land on its expiry date, and she discovered that it was expiring soon.

"No way…" she muttered. Examining the carton closely, she confirmed that the milk was indeed expiring soon.

She frowned at this realization.

It would be too wasteful not to use the milk.

"Forget it; I'll just add a bit," she mumbled and proceeded to add some, along with a bit of sugar, into the brewed coffee.

She really put in just a little bit this time.

Of course, it was only 'little' for someone with a sweet tooth, but to a normal person… it was still quite a lot.

Drinking the coffee she brewed, his forehead folded tightly as his eyes bore deeply into hers.

"Why did you put in sugar and milk again?!" He was filled with helplessness once his taste buds were assailed by the coffee's greasy sweetness.

He really felt that this woman was torturing him on purpose!

"The milk is expiring. It will be too wasteful not to use it, so…" she explained honestly.

"…" Feeling his head ache in that instant, he inhaled sharply. "Why did you add sugar as well? Don't tell me that the sugar is expiring, too?!"

This damn woman dared to add something that was soon expiring to his drink! He must really send someone to teach this stupid woman, or who knew what stupid things she would do next time?!

"Eh…" She lowered her head at his question and mumbled an explanation, "I decided to add a little bit of sugar since I've already put in some milk."

"…" He felt the veins on his temples popping out at her explanation.

"You call this 'a little bit'? You actually call this 'a little bit'?!" It was so sweet his stomach was uncomfortable!

He felt that all the sugar he had not eaten in this lifetime was forcefully fed to him at one go by this woman through her brewed coffee!

"I just put a little bit, so it's not very sweet; I tried it," she lifted her head and reasoned.

Hearing her "I tried" words, he was promptly reminded of yesterday's indirect kiss, and his ears subsequently reddened.

"Who told you to add sugar and milk?! Who told you to try it?!"

When he felt the tip of his ears warming, he was filled with unreasonable fury and did not dare to look her directly in the eye. He kept his eyes forward but not on her white and round face.

His angry scolding made her feel small.

However, on further thought, being his secretary meant she should follow his request down to a T, so she kept her indignation to herself.

"I'm sorry; I'm at fault." With her head still hanging low, she apologized.

"Hmph!" He snorted. "Do you feel that you've been wronged? What rights do you have to feel that way?! You are just my secretary; don't tell me you want to get involved in the way I live?! You want me to get used to you?"

"No, I don't," she replied softly, her lips pressing into a thin line.

"Hmph! You sure you don't?" He stared coldly at her lowered head and, for some reason, felt angrier – angrier that she was hiding from him and that she only viewed him as a boss.

As he continued to go overboard with his words, she, who had always been hot-headed, could not keep her temper in check any longer.

"CEO Ji, if you think that I don't brew coffee well, and it's not up to your standard, then I suggest you ask Lu Huiya or He Yan to brew coffee for you, instead. Why do you ask me to do it every time? Don't call for me next time, as I really don't know how." She lifted her head and looked him straight in the eye.

She knew she was in the wrong this time, but why must he be so harsh with his words?! She would rather he dock her pay than listen to his hurtful words!


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