Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
341 Do not even think of escaping his sight in this life.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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341 Do not even think of escaping his sight in this life.

An ominous feeling gripped Pei Ge's heart when she saw the woman reach for the cup.

The moment Ji Lelin grabbed the cup and lifted it, all the sympathy she had just felt for her faded.

She was being blamed for the woman's failed attempt at love.

Yo, why would a woman make it difficult for a fellow woman?

Pei Ge was certain that the cup of water would drench her, but who knew that someone would prevent that from happening?

A well-defined hand firmly grabbed the wrist holding the cup.

Ji Lelin turned in shock to Ji Ziming, who had stopped her action.

Her stunned look suggested that she could hardly believe that the person who had prevented her action was the man.

"Ji Ziming, you let go of my hand now!"

He did not speak and merely took away the cup of water with a solemn face.

In the struggle, water droplets splattered onto her sleeves.

"Ji Ziming!" She stared angrily at him and growled, "What are you doing?!"

He looked coldly at her and then took a big step forward. His cold gaze swept across Wen Qimo and then rested on Pei Ge.

"CEO J - Ji…" Pei Ge mumbled. For some reason, she felt guilty under his gaze, as if she had done something wrong.

"Long-lived CEO Ji, I didn't expect to see you here today." Wen Qimo laughed lightly and spoke with gentleness as he shifted his gaze from the man to Pei Ge.

Ji Ziming did not acknowledge his friendly greeting. In fact, he ignored everyone, merely walked toward Pei Ge, and grabbed her arm.

"CEO Ji?" She shuddered at the icy touch.

She could feel his anger.

Though he did not speak, his solemn and intense gaze, along with his hand's strong grip, seemed to tell her—

I'm very angry right now, so don't spout any nonsense and just follow me.

She straightened and followed him.

Many found this scene to be strange and shocking.

Of the two pairs, one was clearly in the middle of a date and another was a couple who was meeting the parents.

Right now, however, it seemed that the pairs had swapped, turning the situation into messy one.

"CEO Ji, why are you pulling my girlfriend away? You may be her boss, but it's not the working hours now, so please let go of her." Wen Qimo was slightly stunned but quickly recovered and grabbed her other palm.

His expression darkened when he saw Wen Qimo grab her other hand and his grip on her hand tightened.

This damn woman actually went on a blind date behind his back! Moreover, this man dared to call himself her boyfriend!

If he did not find out about it today, would this damn woman get married after meeting the parents?!

Did she even have him in her eyes?!

"Let go," he cast him a sweeping glance and spoke in a frosty voice.

Under his cold glare, Wen Qimo's expression stiffened and his grip loosened.

"Qimo, CEO Ji may have something important to discuss with me; I'll… go outside with him for a while."

"It seems that you also have something to clarify with the lady."

Such a situation should dispel any suspicions his parents might have about him.

How could he be gay when two women were fighting over him?

Wen Qimo nodded lightly and said dotingly, "Alright, come back quickly. My parents are still here."

She nodded and hummed in acknowledgment.

Ji Ziming's eyes showed anger at this exchange and tugged at her wrist rather strongly.

"Ahh!" She was about to protest at his forceful pull, but when she lifted her head and saw his dark look, she fearfully swallowed her words.

She followed him away from Wen Qimo and the crowd.

Pai, da, pai, da! They left the chaotic situation in the café and walked to an empty alley.

The audible sound of their footsteps made her nervous.

Ji Ziming, who was leading the way, finally stopped at the end of the alley.

"CEO Ji…" She gulped as he faced the white wall with his back on her.

What was wrong with this annoying person today? He appeared to be livid, and it seemed that it was… because he had seen her with Wen Qimo.

She looked at him with hesitation. Her heart flashed with happiness at that guess, but it was quickly overwhelmed with disbelief.

It was unthinkable that he would like her.

Moreover, his date today was a beauty, and one could tell with a look that they perfectly matched each other.

His disposition could not be paired with an average person.

"CEO Ji, do you need me for something?" she addressed the man, whose back remained facing her, and swallowed her saliva in trepidation.

Her question somehow triggered a reaction from him as he suddenly pivoted.

He proceeded to grab her shoulders without warning and, with a turn, pinned her against the wall.

"You actually dared to ask me that?" he growled, causing her to shudder in fear.

She looked at him with wide, watery eyes, which were filled with confusion. She had no idea what he meant.

Her confused look incited his anger further.

This damn woman is always like this – always like this…

"CEO Ji, can you let me go please? It hurts," she asked fearfully under his anger-filled gaze.

"Let you go?" He frowned and chuckled coldly. "Never."

He was never letting go of her in this life, and she could forget about escaping from his side.


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