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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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345 She will protect Pei Ge.

Pei Ge was puzzled when her best friend's face turned sullen upon whipping out her handphone.

Who is calling her?

Could it be that boyfriend who has angered her?

As she was making wild guesses, Tang Xiaoyu answered the call.

"Hello, Mao Yu. What's the matter?"

Mao Yu? Er… Why do I find that name familiar?

"Hi, Tang Xiaoyu. I heard you're back in the country." A bright and clear male voice came from the receiver.

"Yes, that's right. Your news network sure is broad." She harrumphed.

"He he! It can't be helped since your boyfriend works for me," Mao Yu chuckled and teased.

"Quickly say what you want to say. Don't waste my time," she irately ordered.

"Aye, you're still as short-tempered as ever. I am your middle-school classmate, so you should at least treat me a little better," he complained.

"I'll hang up if you don't quickly say what you want." Tang Xiaoyu did not give him any face.

"Okay, okay, okay. Actually, I called to inform you that our old classmates are thinking of organizing a reunion—" She interrupted him before he could finish.

"I'm not free," she resolutely rejected.

"Hey! Big Mistress Tang, can you please hear me out first?" he complained, adding, "You are so heartless. It doesn't matter if you don't come, but at least give us Ge Ge's contact number. We just want to see our goddess."

She frowned at his request.

"Miss Tang, I know that the purpose of your visit to the country is to see Ge Ge. Stop hiding her from us. We really miss our goddess so much! You—"

Before he could finish speaking, she hung up with a sullen face.

"Xiaoyu, what's wrong?" Pei Ge noticed her best friend's sullen expression and asked worriedly.

"Nothing. I just heard something unpleasant," she explained, looking a little unhappy.

She had not kept in contact with any of her elementary or middle school classmates all these years except for Pei Ge.

Learning of her best friend's harrowing experience and different circumstance, she resolved never to contact any of their former classmates.

That was because she knew of how perfect and beautiful her best friend's image was in their eyes.

Hence, she did not want her to be hurt by anything.

"Don't take it to heart," Pei Ge consoled with a gentle smile.

"Mhm." Tang Xiaoyu's lips also curled up at the side when faced with her best friend's warm smile.

Ge Ge already suffered a lot. I don't want to see her get hurt any further, so I will protect her and won't let her get hurt again…

"Anyway… 'Mao Yu', this name sounds familiar…" Pei Ge muttered ponderingly.

"…" Tang Xiaoyu paused. She was about to brush off the topic with an excuse, but her best friend quickly guessed the person's identity.

"Ah! I remember now! Isn't Mao Yu the shortest and most mischievous boy during middle school?" She grinned with twinkling eyes.

Tang Xiaoyu did not know what to say in response since she did not expect her to still remember that boy.

"How come Mao Yu has your contact number?" Pei Ge was really curious about this.

She had already missed the opportunity to lie, so Tang Xiaoyu could only tell her the truth.

"He is currently in America and is working in the same company as my boyfriend." She sighed.

"What?! What a coincidence!" she exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Yes, it is indeed pretty coincidental." Tang Xiaoyu nodded in resignation.

"Why did he call you, then? He seems to be asking you out," she probed. If it were another person, she would not bother to ask.

This time, however, she was really interested to get an answer as it involved their middle school classmate.

Tang Xiaoyu noticed her interest and paused to think for a while. Eventually, she decided to come clean.

"Our classmates in middle school are thinking of organizing a reunion."

Pei Ge instantly froze.

"Class reunion?"

"Yes, class reunion." Tang Xiaoyu nodded calmly. She was evidently not the least bit interested in the said class reunion.

"When is it?" In contrast, Pei Ge was a little excited about it. Her departure was so sudden back then and she did not get a chance to bid everyone a proper goodbye.

"I didn't ask. There's no point, anyway. A class reunion is only a gathering for people to show off, so attending one is pretty pointless." Tang Xiaoyu knew that Pei Ge, who was an sentimental person, was interested in attending the class reunion.

Pei Ge was about to say that it would be fun to attend the reunion, but she suddenly caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror.

The woman in the mirror had fair skin and jet-black, smooth hair, but she was a little on the plump side. Her expression immediately stiffened, and she swallowed her words.

"Ge Ge, I already rejected him, so even if you want to go, there is no way you can go now." Tang Xiaoyu grabbed her hands lightly when she noticed her dazed look.

Her warm touch startled Pei Ge out of her reverie.

She turned, saw her friend's warm smile, and smiled as well.

"Thank you, Xiaoyu."

She had almost forgotten that she was no longer that school flower whom everyone loved.

She was now just an average person – an average person who did not have her past good looks.

Xiaoyu probably rejected the invitation for my sake. She is afraid of me getting hurt, so… she harshly rejected their invitation to the reunion.

"Xiaoyu, you don't need to bother about me. I will accompany you to it if you want to go." She smilingly clasped hands with her.

"Chey! I can't be bothered to attend such boring events like a class reunion!" Tang Xiaoyu rolled her eyes and coldly harrumphed. "This young lady here is busy. I don't even have enough time to spend with you, so where will I get the time to attend some class reunion? Let me tell you; you're not allowed to go, too!"

"Roger, my queen!"


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