Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
346 What?! How dare your second uncle scold you?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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346 What?! How dare your second uncle scold you?!

The international phone call did not affect the pair of childhood friends' mood.

The two pushed the topic of the class reunion aside and continued shopping away in an upbeat mood.

Thus, when they returned home with the numerous shopping bags and store freebies, Zhang Manhua was totally struck dumb.

"Did you guys rob the mall?! You've got so much stuff." She shook her head wryly as she eyed the big and small shopping bags strewn all over the small living room.

"He he! Auntie, this is the scarf I got for you. Try it!" Tang Xiaoyu grinned and took out a high-quality scarf from one of the paper bags.

Zhang Manhua received the bright-colored scarf from her and could not help but smile. "Is this for me? I don't think I can wear this color."

"Of course, you will be able to wear this! Look; this color suits your skin color so well!" Tang Xiaoyu, like a salesperson, started vivaciously praising her.

Faced with her infectious laughter, the corner of Zhang Manhua's eyes creased.

Pei Ge, who was standing beside them, also smiled at the happiness she saw on her mother's face.

"Auntie, you'll definitely look fabulous if you match this scarf with this outer coat! You'll get heads to turn with a 200-percent probability!"

While saying this, she fished out a long, black overcoat from another paper bag.

The black raccoon fur adorning the collar of the overcoat was a telltale indicator of how costly the piece of clothing was.

Of course, the logo on the box was also a dead giveaway of its expensive label.

"Aiyo! Xiaoyu, why did you buy me clothes?! No way I will take them!" Zhang Manhua might be a normal housewife now, but she used to be a wealthy madam, so she immediately identified the item to be quite pricey.

"What do you mean you can't take them, Auntie? I am also your 'daughter', so how is there anything wrong with receiving things from me?" Tang Xiaoyu pretended to be unhappy and complained.

"Xiaoyu, I will take the scarf but not the coat. Auntie knows that you are filial, but you should use this coat for yourself. It is expensive," Zhang Manhua said affectionately.

"No way. I bought it for you, so there's no way I'll do that." Tang Xiaoyu immediately gave her a strait-laced expression and grumbled, "Auntie, this is my gift to you. You're treating me as an outsider if you don't take it."

Pei Ge amusedly shook her head at the two stubborn people that were refusing to give in and walked over.

"Alright, Mom. Xiaoyu specially chose this for you, so you should accept it. We are all one family," she coaxed her mother. Inside, she muttered, I will buy Xiaoyu a gift, too, so this is no biggie.

Her best friend promptly smiled at this.

"That's right, Auntie. Ge Ge is also telling you to take it, so don't refuse my gift anymore!"

"You child, why didn't you stop Xiaoyu when she's buying it? I'm just an old lady, so where will I wear such expensive clothing?" She turned to glare daggers at her daughter.

Nudging her lips helplessly, Pei Ge replied, "I didn't even know this lass was buying for you. She asked for her size when she's choosing it and even asked me if it looked good on her. How would I guess that she's secretly buying it for you?"

"Alright, alright. It's just an article of clothes! Seriously, it's not even a biggie." Tang Xiaoyu gave the mother-daughter pair a helpless look before smiling cajolingly at Zhang Manhua. "Auntie, quickly try it on to check if the size is right!"

Zhang Manhua's eyes shone as she gave in, proceeding to carry the clothes back to her bedroom.

Tang Xiaoyu only wryly shook her head at this.

Looks like my cute auntie is thinking of making me return it if doesn't fit her snugly.

"You are really… How can you secretly buy something behind my back? Tell me the truth; exactly how many did you buy behind my back?!" Pei Ge narrowed her eyes dangerously at her best friend, as though she were a criminal, and coldly harrumphed.

"Mhm… Are you gonna kill me if I tell you that half of the stuff I bought is for you two?" Tang Xiaoyu blinked and looked at her innocently.

"… I will, obviously! I already feel like strangling you now!" She glared at her in resignation and reached her hands out to mime the action.

"Ahhh! Goddess, please spare my life!"

The pair of childhood friends started horsing around.

After a while, Zhang Manhua came out of her bedroom.

The pair of childhood friends stopped their ruckus and turned to look at her.

However, looking at her, they realized that she did not change into her new clothes.

"Mom, why did you not change into the clothes?" Pei Ge questioned.

"That's right, Auntie. Why didn't you change?" Tang Xiaoyu looked at her suspiciously. Don't tell me auntie didn't even try the clothes on and just plans to tell me that they don't fit her?

However, Zhang Manhua soon dispelled all the thoughts she had.

"I didn't get the chance to try the clothes on because your second uncle's family called." She smiled at them.

"They did? What's the matter?" Pei Ge looked at her, puzzled. She had not contacted anyone from her cousin's family ever since that last incident.

It was partly because she was still slightly upset about it and mainly because they had not contacted her, either.

"Oh, they said they are treating people to dinner and want us to come over as well." Zhang Manhua shared what the phone call was about.

Pei Ge immediately frowned at this.

For some reason, ever since that time, she would feel discomfited every time her relatives were mentioned.

"Why do they suddenly want to treat us?" she voiced her puzzlement. They rarely got invited by her second uncle's family when they treated people in the past.

"They didn't say why and only told us to join them for dinner at their house." Zhang Manhua shook her head, saying nonchalantly, "You lass, let's just go since they are treating us. Why the need to ask for details? Are you still upset about that last time your second uncle scolded you?"

"No, that's not it." She immediately shook her head and moved to explain to her mother but was interrupted by Tang Xiaoyu's angry outburst.

"What?! Your second uncle actually scolded you?!"


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