Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
347 Uncle Pei“s death is related...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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347 Uncle Pei“s death is related...

"What?! Your second uncle actually scolded you?!"

Tang Xiaoyu exclaimed, fury clouding her eyes.

She was so agitated it was as if she had heard of someone committing an unforgivable sin.

"Ugh…" Oh, no. We just lit the little cannon called Tang Xiaoyu.

Pei Ge rushed to explain, "It's nothing serious. My second uncle got drunk that day and only chided me a little."

Her best friend never had a good impression of her second uncle's family. It was easier to manage the situation when she was overseas.

However, with her in the country, she knew her best friend had half the mind to angrily barge into Pei Zhenghui's office to seek justice for her.

She did not doubt this, as Tang Xiaoyu was truly capable of doing that.

Zhang Manhua was also taken aback by her friend's angry outburst and quickly coaxed, "Xiaoyu, Ge Ge's second uncle did not mean it. He apologized for it afterward, too."

"…" Tang Xiaoyu saw the mother-daughter pair's similarly silly smile and felt frustrated inwardly.

She quickly figured out why her best friend grew up this silly! She had totally taken after her auntie!

Her best friend's family was, honest to god, down-to-earth people, whereas her best friend's relatives were the complete opposite.

The most frustrating thing was that her best friend and auntie were actually extremely grateful toward the relatives.

In the past, her best friend's family had helped these relatives settle their debts despite them not being affected by those in the least.

In contrast, after Uncle Pei's death, those relatives did not fork out much to help her best friend's family.

No matter what, in her eyes, the sum the relatives supposedly 'funded' her best friend's family with was insufficient to cover the amount they had borrowed in the past.

Moreover, if Pei Zhenghui really doted on his niece, he would provide support for her through college and would not let his niece finish her studies at some third-rate school.

Afterward, when she started working, they simply assigned her the negligible job of an office assistant in the Pei Family Real Estate.

Hur hur hur hur. How is that being good to Ge Ge's family. They clearly want her to stay small, so that they can easily keep her under their sphere of influence.

Sigh… My best friend and auntie don't believe me when I tell them this, though.

"Forget it, Mom. You should call second uncle later and say that we are not free today." Pei Ge peeked at her best friend's face and softly explained to her mother, "After all, Xiaoyu is seldom back in the country."

"Mhm, that's true. We can't leave Xiaoyu alone." Zhang Manhua nodded.

Zhang Manhua was about to place a call to Pei Zhenghui when Tang Xiaoyu stopped her by saying, "Auntie, you don't need to cancel on my account. You guys should go ahead and have dinner with them."

"Huh?" The mother-daughter pair was a little shocked by her words.

"What will you do, then? We can't just leave you alone at home," Pei Ge immediately protested.

"He he he! How can I let you guys abandon me at home?" Tang Xiaoyu blinked at her and then grinned. "Of course, I'm going with you guys!"

"…" Pei Ge was dumbstruck at her declaration and stuttered out, "You - You are coming with us?"

Oh, my gosh! What's happening here?! Doesn't Xiaoyu dislike second uncle's family a lot? Every time I tell her anything about them, she always goes on about them having dark motive.

Now, my Xiaoyu, who totally dislikes my relatives, is actually suggesting accompanying us to my second uncle's place for dinner?

You've got to be kidding me!

"Mhm, of course. I haven't seen Pei Shishi in so long that I am, honestly, missing her just a little." Tang Xiaoyu gave a bright smile, but when she spoke her cousin's name, her eyes glinted with coldness.

Zhang Manhua, meanwhile, failed to pick up on the coldness in her voice and was, instead, elated by her suggestion.

She smiled and happily agreed, "Yes, yes, yes! We can just bring Xiaoyu with us."

"…" She noticed her mother's enthusiasm and could only wryly nudge her lips.

Mom, you are bringing a pandemonium to second uncle's home!

She could already foresee the resulting rowdiness if they brought her friend to her second uncle's house.

God, please spare me from this!

They won't fight later, right?

Pei Ge bitterly regarded her friend, only to see a vibrant smile quickly forming on the latter's lips. The smile was clearly enchanting, but it somehow made her shiver in fear!

Despite her resistance to the idea, the three still ended up going to Pei Zhenghui's house together.

They had only just gotten off the taxi outside her second uncle's villa, yet Tang Xiaoyu was already nitpicking.

"This is your second uncle's home? Tsk, tsk, tsk. It looks big. Still, they are just some nouveau riche!"

She could only speechlessly tug at her best friend the moment the latter started to rant about her relatives' villa and whisper to her ear, "Xiaoyu, please save me some face when we go in later. Be obedient and don't cause any trouble, alright?"

"Ge Ge, am I that sort of person? I am only here for the free meal." Tang Xiaoyu arched an eyebrow and snorted, pretending to be unhappy at Pei Ge's words about her.

"…" Hur hur, ghosts will exist if I believe in you, she spat inside as she pressed her lips in resignation. "Sigh… You think too badly of everyone."

"I think too badly of people? They are clearly the ones with terrible personalities. If I were to really think too badly of them, I would long think of Uncle Pei's death being related—" Tang Xiaoyu promptly shut her mouth at this, and a vexed expression crept into her face.

Oh, no, I got agitated by Pei Ge's words and nearly said something inappropriate.

Tang Xiaoyu's unfinished words made Pei Ge feel flustered and exasperated.

With red and sorrowful eyes, she glared at her friend. "Xiaoyu, if you continue saying such unlucky words, you—"

"Okay, okay, okay. Ge Ge, I admit my mistake. Sorry; I definitely won't speak nonsense when we go in later, alright?" Tang Xiaoyu's heart ached for her best friend when she saw her face become maudlin and quickly moved to placate her.

Of course, she did not mean what she said.

Hng! This lady here won't speak nonsense, but if that family tries to start a fire, I won't let them off so easily as well!


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