Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
349 You had your nose done in Japan, right?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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349 You had your nose done in Japan, right?

The mood of those in the living room turned a little sour because of that matter about Zhou Zhuoyang's family; fortunately, Zhang Manhua and Pei Ge were not the type to harp on things.

Thus, under Liu Yan's persistent and purposeful leading, the mood quickly eased.

Seeing that Zhang Manhua and Liu Yan had resumed their pleasant talk, Tang Xiaoyu could not help but remark to Pei Ge, "Our mom is so big-hearted. She can actually quickly discard her annoyance and have a happy chat with your second auntie."

"We are one family, after all, so we don't need to be calculative." Pei Ge gave her a resigned look.

While they were at fault for making things awkward today, the situation was at least not at a dead end as Zhou Zhuoyang's family could not make it today, so her mother could only turn a blind eye to it. They were, after all, still family.

"Heh…'One family', huh." She mirthlessly nudged her lips and seemed to disagree with her words.

Pei Ge, who was used to her attitude, merely smiled lightly.

They continued to chat in the living room until the sky turned dark and Pei Zhenghui arrived.

"Ah Hui, you are finally back. Elder Sister-in-law and Ge Ge have been waiting for so long." Liu Yan got up off the sofa to welcome him with a smile when he entered the living room.

He handed over his office bag to the housekeeper and looked toward Pei Ge and Zhang Manhua. Greeting them, he directed his attention to Tang Xiaoyu, who was by Pei Ge's side.

"This is?"

"Oh, that's Mr. Tang's daughter, our elder brother's friend who opened a toy factory. Her name is Tang Xiaoyu." Before Zhang Manhua could introduce Tang Xiaoyu, Liu Yan quickly did it for her.

He nodded his head in acknowledgement and then amiably asked, "It's Xiaoyu, huh. How is your dad recently? I trust he is doing fine?"

"My dad is fine and healthy," she faintly raised her eyebrow and replied curtly.

One could really not tell that he used to be an unemployed bum when he acted like this.

The world was truly full of mysteries and miracles.

"Mhm, I really didn't expect for you to stay in touch with Ge Ge even now." He chuckled.

"Of course, I will stay in touch. Ge Ge is my best friend, after all." She smiled lightly in return. She seemed to be wearing a mask the way she was behaving right now, which was very different from the usual her.

"Ah Hui, where is our daughter?" Noticing that their daughter was not with him, she quickly asked this.

"Shishi and Zhuoyang are slightly behind. They'll be here soon," he replied.

"Oh, I see. We can begin having dinner, then." Liu Yan nodded and smiled at him.

"Yes, let's start eating." The head of the household, Pei Zhenghui, nodded and turned to walk into the dining room.

"Let's go to the dining area to have dinner. I am already famished." Liu Yan hooked her arm through Zhang Manhua's with a grin.

Pei Ge was startled by Liu Yan acting intimate with her mother.

What's wrong with second auntie today? Why does she seem very passionate and welcoming of me and my mother?

"The weasel is paying a chicken a New Year's visit. Something is definitely not right here," Tang Xiaoyu whispered to Pei Ge once she saw the latter staring wonderingly at Liu Yan and Zhang Manhua's backs.

Pei Ge did not comment on this and only silently glared at her best friend.

Everyone following behind Pei Zhenghui reached the dining area when Pei Shishi and Zhou Zhuoyang arrived.

"Elder Auntie, Ge Ge!" Pei Shishi excitedly greeted them the moment she came in.

Zhang Manhua smiled at Pei Shishi's excited greeting.

Pei Ge, who loved her cousin the most in the past, only lightly smiled at their entrance.

"Hm? This must be Tang Xiaoyu, right?" Pei Shishi smiled at Tang Xiaoyu, who was sitting beside Pei Ge.

"Hm? Shishi, you actually still remember your Uncle Tang's daughter?" Liu Yan looked at her daughter in shock.

"He he! It's been many years, so I of course don't remember. Just that I know Ge Ge has only been keeping in touch with Tang Xiaoyu all these years." Her lips slightly curled up as she gently spoke these words.

Those who did not know better would assume that she was really close to Pei Ge.

However, the astute Tang Xiaoyu, who had been living overseas for years, could tell the meaning behind her words.

What did she mean by Ge Ge only keeping in touch with me? She's clearly implying that Ge Ge only has one friend.

Tang Xiaoyu glanced up at Pei Shishi and eyed her coldly.

She laughed once she saw her face, though.

"Ho, Sister Shishi, you had your nose done in Japan, right?" Tang Xiaoyu was smiling until her eyes narrowed into slits, yet this smile never reached her eyes.

Pei Shishi's expression froze at this, and she quickly refuted her insinuation, "I haven't had a plastic surgery."

"That's right, Xiaoyu. You, child, are so humorous. Our Shishi is all-natural. She doesn't need any plastic surgery." Liu Yan tried to diffuse the situation for Pei Shishi by laughing it off.

Tang Xiaoyu only snorted and nudged her lips. "Natural? Is that so? It doesn't look like it. Sister Shishi's nose bridge wasn't this high in the past."

"You can never tell what a girl will look like when she grows into womanhood." Liu Yan chuckled as she looked at her, but the affection in her eyes were gone by now.

"Xiaoyu, stop it." Pei Ge could feel the air in the dining area getting heavier and quickly admonished her best friend softly.

"He he! Sister Shishi, don't mind me. I just have a colleague who went to Japan for plastic surgery and her nose looks exactly like yours." She knew she should not push it, so she quickly apologized to her once she noted the grim faces of Pei Shishi family.

Tsk! I would bear her surname if she really didn't go under the knife!


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