Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
352 I was going to propose to you that day.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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352 I was going to propose to you that day.

"Thank you for today."

Pei Ge thanked Zhou Zhuoyang softly after they alighted from the car.

"Ge Ge, don't leave just yet," he said. He hurriedly opened the door to the driver's seat and quickly got off upon seeing her indifferent expression.

His actions stunned her, and she looked at him in confusion.

"Ge Ge, let's go; don't bother with him," Tang Xiaoyu urged once she saw him alight from the car as well.

She had been overseas during Pei Ge's period of heartbreak, but she still knew of how deeply her best friend had loved this man with the way the latter cried over his disappearance.

This was why she only felt hatred for this jerk who had abandoned her best friend.

"Ge Ge, I have something important to tell you." Seeing Tang Xiaoyu's look of deep loathing on him, he earnestly requested this to Pei Ge.

At his serious expression, Pei Ge turned to address her mother and best friend, "Mom, Xiaoyu, you head up first; I will follow in a bit."

Tang Xiaoyu did not want to go but was made to do so by Zhang Manhua, who was by her side.

"Let's go first, Xiaoyu."


Once their voices faded in the distance, she indifferently regarded the man. "Whatever you have to say, say it."

He saw how distant she was, and his heart felt an unexplainable pain.

They were once so in love and happy.

Her smiles were all for him.

Today, however, as they stood face-to-face, they were no different from two strangers.

"Ge Ge—"

"Cousin-in-law, we are not that familiar, so please call me by my full name," she interrupted curtly.

"… Pei Ge," he pursed his lips and corrected himself, his voice showing a hint of sadness and reminiscing.

"Cousin-in-law, if you have anything to say, please say it quickly, or I'm going now," she said apathetically.

Seeing her detached expression, he could not help but recall a saying: 'When love is gone, care is also no more.'

She really did not love him anymore.

It did not matter if he had money or not; she just did not like him anymore…

With this thought in mind, he could not resist asking, "If you knew I am rich back then, would you have second thoughts about cheating on me?"

This question had always been plaguing his heart.

She was rendered speechless by his question.

She had always thought that he truly loved her in the past, but when they met each other again years later, she realized that her first love had never once trusted her.

During their time together, did this man even trust her a bit?

"These are things of the past; you are now my cousin-in-law. If you wish to talk about this, then I think it's best that I leave." As she moved to leave, he blurted out.

"Be careful of your second uncle."

His low voice caused her to halt her footsteps.

She looked over her shoulder and regarded him with confusion. "What do you mean by that?"

What did he mean by that warning? Why must she be careful of her second uncle?

"You… Just keep a distance from him these few days." He bit his lower lip lightly and did not explain further when he saw how anxious she was.

"… I know. Thank you for reminding me." She looked at him deeply and suddenly had a wild guess, but that guess was one she did not wish to dwell on or believe.

Did he ask her to stay away from her second uncle because of what had happened earlier at that dinner affair when the real estate project was brought up?

"I'll go up now." Her emotions were now in turmoil after hearing his advice.

It seemed that everything had changed since her departure from Pei Family Real Estate.

Her cousin and second uncle had somehow become strangers and made her feel afraid now.

Seeing that she was going to leave, he clenched his fists tightly and exclaimed, "Pei Ge, I was going to propose to you that day!"

"…" Her frown deepened at his words.

"… But I saw you with another man." He smirked.

The funny thing was that despite his grimace and ridicule, his heart had never let her go.

He hated that she worshiped money and that she had second thoughts about him, yet deep down, he also considered how things could have happened differently if he had revealed his identity sooner.

He even regretted not feigning ignorance and not revealing his identity as he continued with his proposal.

These were his inner desires that could never be realized, though.

His current self was already more mature. He had already let down one woman; he did not wish to hurt another.

"Zhou Zhuoyang, whatever is in the past is in the past. I have long let go, and I hope that you would also let go. You are now engaged to my cousin." While she knew that their breakup was probably Pei Shishi's doing, the matter had already developed to a moot point. She no longer liked him, and she could not be bothered to tangle with them anymore.

"I know." He bit his lower lip more firmly and looked at her with disappointment when she did not even look back.

She might not have Pei Shishi's good looks or brain, but she was the one he held dearly in his heart.

From time to time, this woman would resurface in his heart and fill his thoughts.

She did not look back at him even once and her steps remained steady as she slowly walked toward her building block.

When she walked up the stairs, she expressed the words she had been keeping in all this while.

"It's up to you whether to believe me or not, but I've never once looked at another man when we were dating."


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