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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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354 Must Be Shockingly Beautiful

When Pei Ge heard Ji Ziming's voice through the phone, all her sleepiness flew out the window.

She sat up in the bed and asked nervously.

"CEO Ji, do you need me for something?"

She swallowed her anxiety as she recalled yesterday's incident.

"Who's calling at this ungodly hour to interrupt our sleep?"

Before he could answer, Tang Xiaoyu asked unhappily from beside her.

Only then was Pei Ge reminded that her best friend was still sleeping next to her. Quickly leaving the bedroom, she continued her conversation with the man on phone in the living room.

"Early? It's almost nine," he coldly rebutted, sounding equally unhappy as her friend.

"Sorry, CEO Ji, I slept late last night," she replied softly.

"Slept late? Where did you go last night?" he asked coldly.

Her mouth twitched at his question. Did a boss have to be so involved with his subordinate's private life?

"Nowhere; just chatted with a friend," she vaguely answered, asking in return, "CEO Ji, why did you call? Is there something you need?"

"Did you forget what I told you before about having someone coach you on social etiquette?" he replied with a question.

When the question reached her ears, it was as if lightning had struck her silly.

"Ah?" She had honestly forgotten about this matter.

"Come to the office now." He did not care if she had forgotten about it and merely issued this order to her rather tyrannically.

"… CEO Ji, it's the weekend," she weakly reminded.

"Mhm, I know," he coldly informed.

"… So it's a rest day," she directly said through gritted teeth. This annoying person really likes to exploit his employees!

"There is time now because it's a rest day," he said with a shrug.

"… CEO Ji, sorry, I'm not free today," she straight up declined when her point seemed not to have gotten across the man's brain.

He had got to be kidding her. How could she let him ruin her precious weekend? Her best friend finally made a trip to the country, and the time she could spend with her was already tight; where would she squeeze in this social etiquette training thingy?

"…" He was miffed by her rejection.

Others would fight for a chance to be trained in this field, yet this woman dared to reject it outright, instead.

"If you don't come—" He did not get to say 'dock your pay' as she quickly interrupted him.

"Dock my pay, right? You go ahead, sir; dock whatever amount you want. I am just not free during this period," she said, feeling annoyed. Though her heart ached at the loss of her salary, her best friend was still more important!

For a while, silence reigned.

"Is it because of that Tang Xiaoyu again?" he eventually asked.

"Mhm." She did not hide the fact and even volunteered more information. "She finally made a rare trip to the country…"

"… Alright, I know; I'll make an exception this time." He gave in after a pregnant pause and then hung up.

She blinked in confusion at the sound of the phone's dial tone.

This annoying person actually let her off so easily? Moreover, from his words, it seemed that he was not going to dock her pay…

Tang Xiaoyu, whose sleep had been disrupted, walked out of the bedroom and promptly saw her friend blankly staring at the hand phone's screen.

"Haaa… Ge Ge, what are you standing there in a daze for? Who just called? Haaa…" she asked between yawns.

At her voice, Pei Ge collected her thoughts.

"Ah, CEO Ji called about something."

"Haaa… It's already the weekend, yet he's still not giving you some quiet," she complained as she yawned again.

"Mhm, I'm his assistant, after all," she explained with a smile.

"True. It seems that your company's CEO Ji is a workaholic." Her brain was not fully awake yet, so she was not her usual inquisitive self.

"Oh, you two are up just in time for breakfast; come over and eat."

Zhang Manhua, who had exited the kitchen at this time, smilingly beckoned the two over for breakfast when she saw that they were awake.

They had an enjoyable breakfast and then the two friends went out.

The pair did not go shopping to a mall this time and, instead, visited a place to reminisce about their past.

As they saw their favorite hangout in their youthful days, Pei Ge's heart was filled with blissful nostalgia.

She then thought of that class reunion her friend had mentioned before.

"I actually slightly miss them…" she admitted to her as they sat on the park bench.

Tang Xiaoyu shook her head wryly upon seeing her face full of reminiscing.

"You want to attend the class reunion? Sure."

"Yi?! Really?!" she exclaimed in shock. Her friend was so against her attending the reunion previously.

"Mhm. When you slim down, you can attend it." She smiled as she stared at the tranquil lake.

"…" She was left momentarily speechless by her reply and then eventually muttered, "By the time I slim down, the class reunion will have ended."

"He he! When you slim down, don't even mention the high school reunion, I'll even organize a primary school reunion for you." She smirked when she heard her downcast tone.

"…" She was truly stumped now.

She looked at her arm with her mouth twitching and then pouted.

I'm afraid that class reunions are out of the question for me in this lifetime!

However, as the saying went, life was full of uncertainties; the Pei Ge of today could not have imagined that she would one day be an extraordinarily slim beauty.


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